Cool Animal Names

[PDF / Epub] ☃ Cool Animal Names  ✑ Dawn Cusick –
  • Hardcover
  • 80 pages
  • Cool Animal Names
  • Dawn Cusick
  • English
  • 19 December 2019
  • 9781936140398

About the Author: Dawn Cusick

Dawn Cusick is blessed with many talents She combined her writing and artistic skills and spent nearly twenty years working an in house author and editor for a craft book publisher, producing titles such as Tabletop Fountains, The Michaels Book of Arts and Crafts, and multiple editions of Quilt National Her fascination with science and nature has now led her to create children s science books.

Cool Animal Names Kids Love Silly Names Almost As Much As They Love Weird Animals Once A Child Is Old Enough To Recognize The Difference Between A Leopard And A Frog, The Idea Of A Peacock Frog Is Funny And Intriguing Does It Look Like A Peacock Or A Frog Does It Have A Tail Or A Beak And What About A Skunk Tiger Beetle Does It Have Stripes Like A Tiger Or Worse, Stink Like A Skunk Every Page Of Cool Animal Names Invites Laughter And Discovery With Of The Most Bizarre Animals On The Planet Zebra Tarantulas, Zebra Fish, Zebra Butterflies, Zebra Mice, Zebra Finches, And Zebra Sharks All Have Zebra Like Stripes, While Leopard Seals, Leopard Sharks, Leopard Toads, Leopard Tortoises, And Leopard Geckos Have Leopard Like Spots Discover Weird Animals Named For Their Behavior, Such As Wolf Spiders, Panther Chameleons, And Ant Lions That Stalk Prey The Way Their Large Mammal Namesakes Do, Or Animals Such As The Elephant Shrew And Elephant Fish That Were Named For Their Trunk Like Appendages Watch For These Cool Animals Mosquito Fish, Parrot Snake, Scorpion Fly, Rhinoceros Beetle, Spider Monkey, Alligator Turtle, Monkey Moth, Peacock Shrimp, Wolf Eel, Tiger Snake Eel, Elephant Shark, Scorpion Fish, Camel Spider, Panther Chameleon, Goat Owl, Goat Moth, Worm Lizard, Elephant Octopus, Kitten Moth, And So Many Kids Are In For Hours Of Fun Seeing This Strangest Collection Of Animals Ever

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12 thoughts on “Cool Animal Names

  1. Tisha says:

    I love non fiction books, and am thrilled when a book is well written You can learn about all kinds of animals with odd names Tiger Leeches, Flea Beetles, Foxface Rabbitfish, etc and there are great explanations of why they are so named There are wonderful photographs to accompany the text, but I wish there were a few photographs for illustrative purposes like some of the moths that are named after characteristics you can only see when they are caterpillars, and there s not a photo of that stage A great book for kids to peruse