Chasing Filthy Lucre

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  • Chasing Filthy Lucre
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  • 06 October 2019

About the Author: Jarrett Rush

Are your mid 30s too late to try and live a dream I certainly hope not, because that s what I m doing For as long as I can remember I ve wanted to be a writer It wasn t until I met my wife that I got serious about publication She gave me the push I needed to try and make my dream a reality.I m a genre writer My stories typically involve normal people dropped into a bad situation That may be

Chasing Filthy Lucre Chasing Filthy Lucre Pdf Author Jarrett Rush Weber Rexall Knows That In New Eden Cash Is King That S Why, Whether It S Fighting In An Underground Bare Knuckles Boxing League Or Doing Security Work For A Friend, He Ll Take Whatever Job He Can When One Of Those Security Jobs Goes Violently Wrong, Rexall Is Forced To Get Involved Than He Ever Wanted.This 21,000 Word Novella Is The First In A Series.

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10 thoughts on “Chasing Filthy Lucre

  1. Michele Collins says:

    Book Title Chasing Filthy LucreAuthor Jarrett RushPublisher Sixtwentyone PressASIN B004SHFK2OReviewed by Michele Tater for The Couch Tater ReviewThere is only one class in the community that thinks about money than the rich, and that is the poor The poor can think of nothing else Oscar WildeSomehow the youth movement was elected to run things and the old government fell apart RomaCorp then becomes the supplier of everything, but in order to get these goods you must have cash Weber Rexell is always after the all mighty dollar, no matter what the job entails Hence when the stuff hits the fan as he is working one such job, he takes on another opportunity as a data runner for the greater good He is not alone in this task and if it is successful it will change the lives of everyone That is just a small look into the world that Jarrett has made Want to see , then get the bookI found this action packed book a fantastic futuristic story It is just a tease into the future Jarrett has creat...

  2. E.R. says:

    My biggest complaint about Chasing Filthy Lucre is its length At 46 pages it comes in like a novelette or novella, but is still good The story of a distopian future was well thought out The characters were enjoy...

  3. Paul says:

    I really enjoyed this and look forward to the next one Combines some of my favorite elements of Philip K Dick, William Gibson, and Richard Stark.

  4. Sarah (SB) ღ says:

    ok, 2 stars isn t really fair It was a very promising start and I m not much into short stories I wish there was to it.

  5. Jim says:

    Nice and tight new millenium novella, filled with gritty characters and action.

  6. Karen Siddall says:

    In a grim future America, one company, RomaCorp, provides all goods and services to the city of New Eden The city had become what it was after a bunch of young idealists had taken over the in situ government with theories that sounded good on paper but, in practice, failed after a mere eighteen months The leaders of New Eden had come on television one day and said everyone was just on their own Now the population of the city was scraping by in a dirty existence to fund their next hookup to the wire

    Weber Rexall had been a soldier and then a cop when the collapse happened Now he eked out a living doing exhibition fights where sometimes he played the part of the winner, sometimes the loser Tonight he s paired against Johnny The Kid Berger, and is scheduled to be the victor.

    Between his appearances in Raul s basement fight ring, Rexall sidelines as a bodyguard for a data runner named Carroll Carroll s shop downloads critical or sensitive data into human data runners, and Rexall escorts them to the recipient of the data where it is uploaded and removed from the human carrier, a financially beneficial exchange for both the runner and the escort.

    Rexall, impressed with Berger s skills, includes him in this lucrative endeavor, but their very first job doesn t go well, leaving the data runner dead, Carroll near death, and his shop destroyed by RomaCorp With the he...

  7. Steve Umstead says:

    When a greedy corporate power threatens the status quo in Weber Rexall s town and he s tasked to do something about it, nothing will stand in his way.Tough guy Rexall, his underground fighting ring cohort Berger, and a synthetic Serve O named Simmer are just three of the incredibly interesting characters Rush writes into Chasing Filthy Lucre, the first part in a novella series, one that entertains right from the first page.Rush seamlessly blends cyberpunk technology and post apocalyptic settings with deep characters the reader can truly feel for The tech itself is fascinating without giving anything away, when Rush describes the hothouse and its patrons, the remarkable imagery he puts together could easily have been pulled from a scene in today s world The scene descriptions, such as the underground fighting and the package delivery scene again without giving too much away are rich, and really paint a detailed picture in the reader s head...

  8. Patrick Trotter says:

    As a fan of both sci fi and mystery, I was both excited and suspect of how this would work To my surprise, this mix of William Gibson and Raymond Chandler worked quite well As a novella, it did offer some depth, as well as a punchy thread of a story I found the characters both believable and entertaining without the overbearing nature of a Dickens persona The story was quite interesting, and this particular setting could yield a lifetime of short stories, or several full length novels I would love to see this universe developed .In fact, that was my only real complaint, is that it was over before I wanted it to be.Great story, cool characters, and a nice, if unintentional thumb of the nose to the o...