The Bloody Medallion

PDF / Epub ☂ The Bloody Medallion  Author Richard Telfair –
  • Paperback
  • 157 pages
  • The Bloody Medallion
  • Richard Telfair
  • English
  • 14 May 2018

About the Author: Richard Telfair

pseudonym of

The Bloody Medallion My Name Is Montgomery Nash And I Am An Agent In The European Section Of The Department Of Counter Intelligence Most Of Our Work Is Done In Teams And My Partner Is Paul AustinWas Paul Austin, I Should Say His Battered And Beaten Body Was Found Yesterday I Still Can T Believe It For Three Years We Ve Lived And Thought As One Man We Ve Been Tortured, Betrayed, Starved We Ve Saved Each Other S Lives Many TimesWell, Paul S Dead Now And I Have A Mission To Find His Killer And Force Him To Die The Ugly Way My Best Friend Did

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8 thoughts on “The Bloody Medallion

  1. Aidan says:

    During a brief break between missions, super secret agent Montgomery Nash gets a mysterious call from his partner, who soon turns up dead When he and Nash are both suspected of being double agents, Nash goes on the run, and gets involved with a secret communist group that spans all over the word If James Bond was meant to be the United Kingdoms Mike Hammer, then I would suspect that author Richard Telfair intended Montgomery Nash to be the United States James Bond As in, Nash works for a secret agency, and travels all around the world trying to stop communism But, unlike James Bond, Nash carries a.45 at all times and even ends up with three by the end of the book , and, at least in this book, is set out to avenge the death of someone close to him This book was a moderately fun read I particularly liked the very beginning of the book, where Nash is being interrogated and injected some weird truth serum stuff, and there s plenty of gunplay, but it goes into a plot that I really never cared for the main character having to infiltrate the evil organization and play their game Although he isn t trying to impersonate a real member that he killed Nash is just trying to pass himself as a member , it s still not a plot line that holds my interest, especially when the hunt for Paul s killer is put to the side while Nash is planning a bank heist All the same, the book is well written, and there were quite a few scenes I enjoyed I recommend it if you find it for a good price and need a time waster.