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  • Erfyl
  • Alexa Chipman
  • English
  • 23 June 2017

About the Author: Alexa Chipman

Maudelayne, has been nominated for eight Parsec awards including twice as a finalist, wrote the maritime history book Lady Washington Age of Exploration Merchant Vessel and has had several papers published in Silver Leaves Journal Her latest book is Supernova from the House Jaden Series.

Erfyl An Ancient Race Of Beings Has Conquered Earth, And Can Influence Our Minds By Mere Thought The Only Problem Is We Don T Know It When Erfyl Discovers Their Secret She Is Marked For Death, Unless She Can Reclaim A Mysterious Island That Bears Her Name

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12 thoughts on “Erfyl

  1. April Sadowski says:

    Alexa is a great tale spinner and Erfyl will keep you on the edge of your seat Erfyl has nice pacing and I couldn t help but laugh at some of the references It was worse than forming a PUG with n00bs she mentioned because I know all too well what she is talk...

  2. Mercy says:

    Loved the book, very entertaining, profoundly engaging Can t wait for the next book in the series

  3. Karl Orbell says:

    Quite some time ago, I came by this author in a very obscure way I was playing a boardgame online, The Palaces of Carrara I think and watched a walkthrough video to get acquainted, by the author of this book I thought she did a great job, so went to see if she had any other reviews and found a series of videos about Lord of the Rings The reviews were chapter by chapter and I watched a couple at random, having read the books, my favourite character in those books is Treebeard, so I skipped to that review She got emotional describing the world of Fangorn and the trees and I thought, here is someone I like, she is creative and has a good heart There was an indication she was an author on said videos, so I promptly discovered books and ordered some Took me a year or two to arrive at one on my strict schedule, but here I am This book is about a girl called Erfyl, she is a geeky, cosplaying, MMO playing lass who gets embroiled in a secret conflict between unseen forces, hidden corrupting voices that tempt and alter peoples emotions to their own ends She has friends to help her defeat these malevolent forces, people she plays games with in a guild online nice that she knows gui...