The Freebie

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 26 pages
  • The Freebie
  • K. Rowe
  • 09 February 2017

About the Author: K. Rowe

I m just finishing up 20 years in the Air Force I write a variety of genres military thriller, romance, sci fi, supernatural thriller, horror, and fantasy.You can find me on Facebook

The Freebie New The Freebie Author K Rowe Mark Has Saved Up Every Penny The Last Four Years He S 18, Just Graduated High School, And Is Still A Virgin But That S Gonna Change, Because He S Heard Stories Of A Wonderful Place The Red Light District In Amsterdam With Passport In Hand, He Makes The Trip And Realizes He S In A Haven Of Sex The Women Are Beautiful And There S Plenty Of Them He Just Needs To Find The Right One To Bust His Cherry He Wants One That Looks Like His Dream Slut Maya.As He Walks Through The Streets, He Sees The Women In Their Tiny Little Display Windows He S Hard And Uncomfortable On This Hot Summer Night Then He Sees Her, She S Beautiful, Just What He S Been Looking For But He Chickens Out Until The Next Day Mark Finally Makes The Arrangements It S Then That He Tells Her He S A Virgin She Takes Pity On Him, Gives Him The Time Of His Life, And Is Nice And Doesn T Charge Him A Thing Mark Gets To Live Out His Wildest Fantasy.

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8 thoughts on “The Freebie

  1. Thom Swennes says:

    Mark Hall is a young man on a mission This recently turned eighteen youth has testosterone levels that are off the chart This, combined with an overly vivid and active imagination leads him to the sex Mecca of the world Amsterdam Amsterdam, sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North because of its many interlocking canals, is well known for its tolerance toward sex and soft drugs I ve lived in Holland for than forty years and can attest to the assertions and descriptions about this country in this book At night, instead of the TV test picture I grew up with as a kid, in Holland sex is freely promoted and advertised Almost every town has its share of sex and coffee shops an ambiguous name for a store selling weed Sex isn t hidden away in a closet like a dirty secret shared shamefully in private but rather as a natural part of life I must admit that it impressed me when I first moved here in the early 70 s but time has taken its toll and now I hardly notice it.Although the premise and facts are sound, the scenario is unlikely The women in the windows, through both attractive and enticing, are far from being goddesses sex or otherwise Like all women of t...

  2. Regencyfan93 says:

    I couldn t get past the sex to tell if there was a story here.