The Ripening Time

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 236 pages
  • The Ripening Time
  • Alistair Mair
  • English
  • 28 May 2017

About the Author: Alistair Mair

An award winning author of ten novels, latterly published by William Heinemann Ltd, Alistair Mair was President of Scottish Pen from 1965 1970 The Alistair Mair literary estate is represented by Camilla Shestopal of Peters Fraser Dunlop, to whom all enquiries should be addressed.About the author Born of mixed Highland and Lowland parentage and brought up in Ayrshire, Scotland, Alistair Ma

The Ripening Time The Ripening Time Revised And Adapted By Catherine MacLeod From The Original Novel By Alistair Mair, First Published By William Heinemann In Released In Paperback As The Tomato Man, HeinemannAlistair Mair S Novel Examines The Conflicts Of Parent Child, Husband Wife Relationships In All Their Hypocrisy, Durability And Underlying Violence He Has Made A Magnetically Readable Novel, Touching And Frightening By Turns, With All The Authentic And Baffling Twists Of Human Behaviour Vintage Editorial Reviews Of The Ripening Time, A Tenacious Piece Of Realism The Sunday Times Strong And Subtle Characterisation Admirable Authenticity Sunday Telegraph Since The Author Worked As A Doctor In Scotland He Must Know His Own Folk, But It Comes As A Shock To Sheltered English Readers Observer As An Observer He Is First Rate His Characters Too Are Splendidly Defined The Illustrated London NewsGlasgow, A Time Of Bright New Beginnings The Gorbals Tenements Are Being Demolished And Gleaming New Estates Are Carving Their Way Through The Green Fields That Surround The CityTom, Raised In A Glasgow Tenement, Is A Sheltered, Self Contained Lad Who Drifts Through Life While His Widowed Mother Worries About His Inability To Find The Right Girl Then Mary From The New Easterton Estate Takes Him In HandSurrounded By All The Sparkling New Appliances Of Hire Purchase Matrimony, The Recession Begins To Bite Long Hours, Loneliness And Cruelty Lead Tom To Drift Off In Another Direction, Down The Garden To The Safe Haven Of His GreenhouseA Man Needs A Hobby, And Surely Gardening Never Hurt A SoulThe Original Hardback Novel The Ripening Time And The Paperback Entitled The Tomato Man Are Out Of Print But Can Still Be Found In Abe Books Or On Through Quality Collectors Bookshops Worldwide

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14 thoughts on “The Ripening Time

  1. Áine says:

    Extraordinary writing.The Tomato Man by Alistair Mair, in its most recent incarnation by his daughter Catherine MacLeod is a gem The writing and the characters span three generations of MacLeods and the authors do not spare any character They now live in my mind with an unvarnished reality as seen by a third person narrator They are plain, but complex, unembellished folks and well reflect working class life in Glasgow from the WWII era of Thomas MacLeod, the father, to the 1963 life of Thomas MacLeod, the son The writing is fine, understated and elegant and captures nuances brilliantly When Jessie sighed and took her hand away, Thomas the younger felt the loss of it like a wound The small brass nameplate which says Tom Macleodstill clearly, though twenty seven years of polishing had blurred the definition of the letters than twenty two years of widowhood had blurred her memory of the man whose name it had been This enduring brass nameplate becomes a metaphor for Thomas himself as he emerges as a man to develop his own ideas, crippled relationships and, of course, his own garden The comparison to DH Lawrence by the prior reviewer is apt There is a fatalism and inevitability here as the characters play the roles for which they have been groomed.

  2. brenda kelly says:

    I ordered sample of this book after reading daisy chains of silence,soon as I finished sample had to order it Enjoyed everything about this book and found the characters real and flawed I quite literally gasped towards the end at the unexpected turn of events.when I m kept reading my kindle for two hours on Christmas eve neglecting my mummy Christmas duties this tells me I m hooked Will def check out other books by this aurthor

  3. says:

    Exquisite that s the one word that describes this finely remastered masterpiece If you yearn for the immersion that every now and then an author can provide, this Sixties based classic will not disappoint.