The Poetic Art of Seduction

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  • Paperback
  • 48 pages
  • The Poetic Art of Seduction
  • Clarissa O. Clemens
  • English
  • 12 August 2019
  • 9780615458076

About the Author: Clarissa O. Clemens

Poetry probably saved me thousands of dollars in therapy when my marriage ended about a decade ago I captured the poems pouring out of me on paper to be able to process all the emotions that I was feeling from the loss Grief, anger, hope, regret, utter sadness, and a revived libido all played out through lyrical verses of poetry.After sharing my poetry with close friends, they convinced me that

The Poetic Art of SeductionThe Poetic Art Of Seduction Free Author Clarissa O Clemens Terrapin Have You Ever Struggled To Say The Right Sexy Thing To Set The Mood For Love Clarissa O Clemens Has Done The Work For You With Her Collection Of Kinky Yet Classy Erotic Poems This Collection Of Seductive Love Poetry Is The Perfect Foreplay For Every Couple Imagine The Hottest Sex You Have Ever Had Put Into Wordsthis Would Describe The Poetry Of Ms Clemens Let Clarissa Set The Stage Of Seduction For You And Your Lover This Is The First Volume Of Clarissa O Clemens Sexy Poetry Book Series, The Poetic Art Of Seduction Be Sure To Also Check Out Volume 2 In Addition To The 28 Seductive Poems, Clarissa Has Picked Out 11 Seductively Sexy Photos To Complement Her Poetry And To Provide Visual Stimulation Every Bedroom Should Include A Copy Of The Poetic Art Of Seduction

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10 thoughts on “The Poetic Art of Seduction

  1. Sarah Stein says:

    I ve actually never read a book filled with poetry alone It was an immaculate read Loved the explicit detail The photos after certain poems was a great touch.

  2. Athina Shaw says:

    Clarissa is a true erotic poet Her poems are food for the mind and soul A selection of sensual and erotic poems that leave you melting and longing I devoured Clarissa s poems in one night and was in awe of her work I found my self smiling through out with her clever and subtle way of making my body and soul ache i...

  3. Andy Wilkins says:

    Ms Clemens erotic poetry teases to please Her words simply flow from the page, full of suggestion and arousing intrigue Yet never once does she need to spell anything out each recital leaves you smiling, in full comprehension of the picture she is painting for you I found myself lapping up her wor...

  4. Cecily Bonney says:

    I have a lot of favorites in this book I loved all of them and I am so reading them to him when I hey home

  5. Tanisha Campbell says:

    Perfect to be read out loud to a lover Great writing

  6. Anna says:

    What you have here is a collection of erotic poetry and erotic images I think the author does a good job of writing short, succinct, poems that definitely evoke erotic thoughts and feelings Reading a couple of these alone or with a partner can certainly set a mood There are definitely some words and phrases that get used repeatedly, but overall I found this collection enjoyable The photographs are a nice touch and serv...

  7. Sabine789 says:

    I liked it but compared to other books, i wasn t that touched by it.It s written very well for the style though.I guess it s a question of taste in that case.