Haywards Reach

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  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Haywards Reach
  • Thaddeus Howze
  • English
  • 01 August 2018
  • 9780971994379

About the Author: Thaddeus Howze

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Haywards Reach Hayward S Reach Is A Series Of Short Stories Told By The Last Survivor After An Unexpected Cataclysm Destroys The Birthplace Of Pan Humanity And Its Attendant Species Glendale Mokoto, Now As A Scout Of The Corvan Empire Which Rescued The Remnants Of Pan Humanity, Has Time On His Hands And Uses It To Study Temporal Records In Which The Entire History Of Old Earth Is Embedded Looking Though Time And Space He Reminisces About An Earth That No Longer Exists.In These Tales, Mokoto Studies Both The Past And The Future Of Pan Humanity, Its Allies And Enemies, And Learns Even In His Current State Of In Humanity What It Really Means To Be Truly Human.Hayward S Reach Is Divided Into Four Sections The Fables Of Old Earth Stories About Humans As We Might Remember Them Still Struggle For Survival Against A World Which Only Seems To Be Under Their Control Instead A Hidden Reality Is Just Beyond The Sight Of These Early Humans, A Reality Which Affects The Ultimate Destiny Of The Species.A Time Of Troubles The Quest For Wealth And Power Affects The Choices Of Both Man And God Alike Dark Pacts Are Often Made In Order To Satisfy Avarice And The Innocent Are Its First Victims.Entering The Penumbra Tales Of The Darkest Nature A Descent Into Depravity, Deprivation And Destruction Each Tale Reinforcing The Horror Of The Last But Even In This Time, A Single Hope Always Flickers, A Voice Brave Enough To Claim Victory, At Least Some Of The TimeThe Diaspora Of Earth The Final Tales Of The Human Species After The Destruction Of Earth Six Adventures Of Pan Humanity S Struggles In A Hostile Universe, Alien Than They Imagined With Creatures Whose Powers Are Only Hinted At, Capable Of Altering Matter And Energy Which Hint At Even Recreating The Earth, For A Price.

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11 thoughts on “Haywards Reach

  1. N. K. Hampton says:

    Just not my kind of stories.

  2. Milton says:

    An interesting collection of stories Howze displays a wide range of knowledge as he tells the tale of humans through his eclectic group of stories A good debut by a new science fiction writer.