7 Scorpions

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 534 pages
  • 7 Scorpions
  • Mike Saxton
  • English
  • 10 January 2019

About the Author: Mike Saxton

Mike Saxton grew up in Vernon, CT He attended Eastern Connecticut State University starting in 1996 He became a Resident Assistant starting his Sopho year The following year, he met and started dating Amy, and the two would be married after graduation Mike earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Eastern and following graduation, he was hired full time as a Residence Ha

7 Scorpions The War Against The Grand Army Raged For Over A Year And A Half Despite Their Valiant Efforts, The Rebels Of Militia 28 Are Losing With Dwindling Supplies And Eroding Hope, They Have One Last Chance The Recent Discovery Of A Weapon Long Thought Lost Rekindles Their Ambitions Of Eventual Victory If Only They Can Get To It Before Night Viper S Past Comes Back To Destroy Them With His Massive Ziggurat Almost Complete, The Dictator Zodiac Is Poised To Unleash His Final Solution Upon The Shattered Remnants Of Humanity The Pawns Are Maneuvered Into Place And Secrets Will Be Revealed That Will Change The Face Of The Rebellion Forever Who Is Zodiac What Was The Purpose Of Project Scorpion Most Important, Will The War Ever End 7 Scorpions Revolution Is The Sequel To The Award Winning 7 Scorpions Rebellion Praise For 7 Scorpions Rebellion The Characters Are Multi Layered And Completely Believable The Plot Is Frighteningly Realistic You Ll Find Yourself Believing This Could Actually Happen I Did Norma Beishir, Bestselling Author Of Angels At Midnight And A Time For Legends 7 Scorpions Rebellion Is A Fine Pick And Very Highly Recommended For Science Fiction Fans Midwest Book Review The Story Is A Balls To Walls Roller Coaster With A Few Weird Twists Thrown In For Good Measure If Your Science Fiction Tends To The Independence Day Mad Max Part Of The Spectrum, This Is Going To Be A Fun Trip The Next Two Books Should Be A Great Read Sacramento Book Review Plenty Of Action And Characters That Are Real Enough For Us To Have Genuine Concern For Them Marty Shaw, Reader Views

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11 thoughts on “7 Scorpions

  1. Joann Buchanan says:

    A few weeks ago, I opened my door to go take my daughter to school and what should be sitting on the steps in a little square box but 7 Scorpions Revolution I picked up the box and raced into the house to open it I felt like a little girl on Christmas Day and Santa had delivered early.Once again I was taken away into a world that was filled with possibility and wrapped up in this small band of renegades who refused to go down without a fight The story opens up with a break in to a secret location Part of the dialogue I giggled at right off the bat was, Vincent s in trouble again To which was replied, He s always in trouble, Already absorbed into the story because of the first book, Mike did a good job at letting the readers know what had happened in book 1 and maintained the forward movement of the story.I also noticed a lot of growth, not only with the characters, but in Mike s writing as well His use of the English language not only has become fluid in the story telling, but it also swept me away into a world where by the end I was thinking, WOW this could really happen.In this book you will find a few new characters and some of the minor questions from book one left behind, are answered Mike once again takes you on a fast paced adventure that reads like it should be a video game with lots of action Though I don t want to give away too many of the twists and turns of this fast paced fun to rea...