L'Armée furieuse

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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • L'Armée furieuse
  • Fred Vargas
  • English
  • 07 September 2019
  • 9780143123125

About the Author: Fred Vargas

Fr d rique Audoin Rouzeau often mistakenly spelled Audouin Rouzeau She is the daughter of

L'Armée furieuseA 1 French And Italian Bestseller From The Three Time Winner Of The CWA S International Dagger Award.More Than Ten Million Copies Of Fred Vargas S Commissaire Adamsberg Mysteries Have Been Sold Worldwide Now, American Readers Are Getting Hooked On The Internationally Bestselling Author S Unsettling Blend Of Crime And The Supernatural As The Chief Of Police In Paris S Seventh Arrondissement, Commissaire Adamsberg Has No Jurisdiction In Ordebec Yet, He Cannot Ignore A Widow S Plea Her Daughter Lina Has Seen A Vision Of The Ghost Riders With Four Nefarious Men According To The Thousand Year Old Legend, The Vision Means That The Men Will Soon Die A Grisly Death When One Of Them Disappears, Adamsberg Races To Ordebec, Where He Becomes Entranced By The Gorgeous Lina And Embroiled In The Small Normandy Town S Ancient Feud.

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10 thoughts on “L'Armée furieuse

  1. Agnieszka says:

    Another volume from my favourite mystery cycle As expected I ve got everything here what so charmed me up in the previous books Interesting, if a bit contrived at times intrigue, well drawn protagonists that feel to me like old friends now and additionally some historical details to further exploration.Jean Baptiste Adamsberg keeps being chimeric and distracted or as Vargas puts it is shoveling clouds but fortunately has still strong support from his team Retancourt is very helpful even though seems to perfectly know her boss this time strained the law rather badly Veyrenc, who frequently speaks in verses his grandma used to read him Racine in his childhood, and with whom our quirky commissaire clashed in previous tomes finally decided to return to the squad causing rather great anxiety to Danglard And that in turn allowed Vargas to show that even bestowed with genius mind and always tower of calm and reason inspector has his flaws either His jealousy put him in great danger what almost costed him life, like his saviour as well.Fred Vargas is an historian and in the novel conjures up the old legend on ghostly riders, the Furious Army that foretells deaths to ones and big troubles to others I ve found the story very much to my taste and as usual well written and highly entertaining But I may not be very reliable in this case, I m afraid I simply am in love with the series.

  2. Jim Coughenour says:

    As this latest book from Fred Vargas already has over 100 reviews, I ll only say that it s an excellent addition to the Adamsberg series All the usual elements are there the slight, persistent suggestion of supernatural forces, the likeable members of Adamsberg s team, each with his or her distinguishing quirk, a Gallic playfulness with words and themes, a solicitous love for animals in this story a mistreated pigeon and a hound who loves sugar , and a genuine affection for its curious cast of characters Vargas s stories are all about atmosphere and the mysteries of human personality, starting with the super intuitive cloud shoveller Commissaire Adamsberg It was a pleasure and a puzzle to read from the first page to the last.By chance I got this book before a recent trip to Montreal, where I picked up the French edition in a bookstore I took the opportunity to work on my French by reading a chapter at a time in L Arm e Furieuse, before hopping back to the English Generally one thinks of French requiring words than English to say the same thing but Si n Reynold s delightful translation actually amplifies Vargas s swift prose, making it lucid for the English reader while retaining the whimsy of the original.

  3. Nancy Oakes says:

    Super book, on the shortlist for this year s International Crime Dagger award as always, my overly wordy self got the better of me, so if you want a longer version of this discussion, you can find it here otherwise, here s the shorter one As our hero Adamsberg is pondering the strange case of a man who killed his wife with breadcrumbs, a woman from Ordebec, a small town in Normandy, comes to him with an even stranger tale, prefaced with the words People are going to die He has to pry the story out of her, but eventually it comes down to the fact that a man in Ordebec had disappeared some three weeks earlier, on the night her daughter Lina saw The Furious Army, known also as the Ghost Riders She saw this army of the dead, of the putrified dead, an army of ghostly riders, wild eyed and screaming, unable to get to heaven, which carry along some living men or women, who are heard shrieking and lamenting in suffering flames As it turns out, Lina had seen the missing Herbier with the Ghost Riders, and now he s gone While unenthusiastic at first, Adamsberg eventually decides to go to Ordebec and see what s up with this ghostly army which encompasses the bulk of this very compelling mystery but in the meantime, he also has to deal with a local pyromaniac named Momo who is in the hot seat for allegedly setting fire to a car with someone inside When it s discovered that the dead man is the head of a leading industrial group and evidence points toward Momo, the pressure is on from high for an arrest Adamsberg knows this is not Momo s work, and likely a frame, but he has to discover the identity of the real guilty party before Momo is sent to prison and enlists the help of his newly discovered son.A compelling set of mysteries to be solved can be found in this novel, but what really makes this book is the characters, including a family of geniuses Adamsberg meets in Ordebec The author s imagination must have been running on overdrive in dreaming up these people And Adamsberg s newly found son is also an interesting character as well.The solution is a wee bit rushed, but it s the getting there that will keep you reading Highly recommended, although maybe a bit on the lighter side for avid crime readers who enjoy edgy mystery novels.

  4. Julie says:

    Adamsberg finds his way through to the end of another intrigue, with the perspicuity of Sherlock Holmes, the natural genius of Miss Marple and the eccentricity of Hercule Poirot Mind you, as Vargas presents him, he is probably of a Columbo in his idiosyncratic fashion sense rather than a fashionably dapper Poirot The end result is always charming, for I can find no other words that suit the peculiar charisma that Adamsberg sports and indeed that are imbued in all the main, and recurring, characters I can do no better justice to Adamsberg and inherently Vargas than to offer her own words I ll be back, he always said, as if it was highly possible that one day he would go away and never come back He went out of the room with a lighter step than usual and escaped into the street He knew that he had been struck stock still all of a sudden, like one of the Ordebec cows, and had lost about five or six minutes of the meeting Why, he couldn t say, and that was what he set out to discover by walking the pavements He wasn t troubled by these sudden gaps in his consciousness, he was used to them He didn t know the reason for this one, but he knew the cause Something had passed through his mind, like the bolt from a crossbow, so fast that he hadn t had time to get hold of it But it had been enough to turn him to stone It was an experience like that time he had seen the sparkle on the waters in the port of Marseille, or the poster on a bus shelter in Paris, or when he d been unable to sleep on the Paris Venice express And the invisible image which had flashed across had drained the watery morass of his brain, bringing along with it other imperceptible images attached to each other as if in a magnetic chain.The magnetic chain which falls into place for Adamsberg happens, inevitably, after he s walked his way through it, quite literally walking through an entire Paris night, bouncing his intuitions back and forth in his entire body, like some crazy, bedevilled pin ball wizard At the end of it all, sure of mind, and slightly rumpled of body, he emerges with his prey firmly grasped in his sights Just unbelievably delightful to follow Vargas s process This is the best one yet in the Adamsberg series.

  5. Tanja Berg says:

    Although this book took an extra ordinary amount of time to get through and had some boring strecthes, the ending was utterly satisfying Detective inspector or whatever the French equivalent is Adamsberg has three cases going in addition to the one at the start of the book There is the case of the tortured dove, the industrial magnate that has been burned to death and an infamous arsonist framed for the murder and the main story, which is the ghostriders of Ordebec The witness of the ghostriders sees victims riding with them and these victims then die untimely deaths Four people with a poor track record are expected to die in Ordebec and Adamsberg must stop the avenging horde, or rather, a modern day murderer Quite fascinating There is certainly a lot going on, I could quite frankly have done with fewer plots I did like the dove a lot though It was probably the most endearing of the characters presented.My main problems with this book was translation I read it in Swedish since I can t read French The translation was stilted and felt wrong most of the time I know this book is supposed to funny, but it simply didn t come across because of the language Some paragraphs I didn t understand at all and since reading comprehension is one of my strong suits, it s probably not me This book is probably fantastic in French and considerably better in English than what I experienced in Swedish This is a common fault though, and the reason I avoid translations if I can help it, particularly translations to Swedish The quality can be dismal since the volumes are so small.

  6. Katie says:

    I have never read any other Commissaire Adamsberg mysteries, though Goodreads tells me that this is the ninth book in the series I also have very, very little familiarity with the mystery genre But I had loads of fun reading this book and I got rather attached to its weird cast of characters At first glance they seem almost too eccentric Adamsberg s crack team is made up of a narcoleptic, an intellectual who spontaneously comments on the situation in rhyming verse, an intellectual who s mostly drunk and can quote 11th century manuscripts from memory, and a woman who is so imposing in her impressiveness that all the characters feel the need to mention it any time she comes up in conversation This should probably be ridiculous But for some reason it works, largely because Vargas takes her characters and their quirks very seriously they re not used for comic relief, and she s clearly thought about the negative side effects of their eccentricities as well This makes them feel like real people, regardless of how weird the lot of them are It s not high literature, and there are a couple of occasions where the pacing dragged or felt a bit rushed But on the whole it s very well done, a lot of fun, and is a good place to turn if you re looking for a solid, character driven mystery I d like to read another from the series at some point.

  7. C Valeri says:

    OK, said Danglard I fell in the shit And I m in it up to my neck It happened to me before you, remember that Yes So you re not the only one The difficult bit isn t falling in, it s cleaning oneself up afterwards Adamsberg Metaphorical shit, by the way Fred Vargas nails another amazingly quirky and absorbing Adamsberg novel with a great translation by Sian Reynolds I love the quirky characters who all have their own little thing or characteristic that they repeat, both the recurring characters and the new ones The two storylines were balanced perfectly and connected just enough I had not a clue who the Ordebec murderer would turn out to be and was left guessing the entire time You really get absorbed into the world of the book S Os to St Therese of Lisieux too, represent

  8. Peggy Warren says:

    A group of eccentric characters combined with a network of sub plots weaving throughout the main storyline create a slightly long winded but entertaining murder mystery I especially enjoyed the funny, dry and sometimes dark humor quips that would pop up at most unexpected moments.

  9. Sue Dix says:

    I have reached the end of another amazing Commissaire Adamsberg mystery Once again, I am faced with the challenge of describing the indescribable We start with murder by bread and advance to pigeon abuse, a ghost army, a six fingered man, deception on a massive scale, fire, sugar, and so much You will not be disappointed This is my favorite series because it is so, so odd and so, so well written.

  10. AdiTurbo says:

    Marvelous So much than a suspense novel, though there s plenty of suspense in it But the character Oh, the wonderful characters Adamsberg, the protagonist, is intellectually humble, though he has every reason not to be He is a humanist, who accepts everyone as they are, and knows how to take advantage even of their disadvantages, for everyone s benefit, not just his own He has nothing stereotypical about him, and feels like a living human being The plot was fantastic too I will be reading anything by Vargas that I can lay my hands on from now on, the the better.