A Dragon Forsaken

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  • A Dragon Forsaken
  • Krystal McLaughlin
  • English
  • 15 February 2018

About the Author: Krystal McLaughlin

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Dragon Forsaken book, this is one of the most wanted Krystal McLaughlin author readers around the world.

A Dragon Forsaken Reading A Dragon Forsaken By Krystal McLaughlin Nature Explore.eu In A World Of Mystery And Magic, Daphne Is Unique.Unlike Her Friends, Who Have Awakened To The Magic Inside Of Them, Daphne Was Born With It Daphne Was Born A Dragon.When Her Past Begins To Resurface, Forcing Her Into A Web Of Lies And Deception, She Is Forced To Accept Unexpected Alliances And Risk Everything For The Sake Of Love Something That She Swore She Would Never Let Into Her Life.As The Newest Installment Of The Enchanted Island Series Unfolds, She Ll Learn That Nothing Is Ever What It Seems, And When Webs Get This Tangled, Everyone S Fate Hangs In The Balance, And Nothing Is Coincidence.

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10 thoughts on “A Dragon Forsaken

  1. Stephanie says:

    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review actually as you may know I was given both in a read to review on Goodreads and after reading book one and knowing that this one was told from an alternate point of view form book one, I found that both exciting and a little refreshing I get all the same characters but told through someone else s perspective that was a big plus for me I must also mention the beautiful cover it drew me in a was perfect for the book, both books have great covers but for me this one wins I found this one a bit exciting and a bit drama filled since all the tension from both books comes to a head, as it is all connected and in a large climax many details are exposed and some questions answered as to how they all found each other and managed to end up in this cluster of crazy with all such a different experience There was also much heartbreak and betrayal, not only for Daphne but a few others as well.Daphne starts out a bit to cocky and it gets her into a lot of trouble although as this book proves all of our choices lead us somewhere and ...

  2. Heather Kirchhoff says:

    Wow I loved this book as much as the first one It s amazing I was once again hooked from the beginning, and couldn t stop reading I ve had to tear myself away from the book several times since I started it yesterday, even though I really didn t want to I can t wait to see what happens next

  3. Lee Mavin says:

    this is a great read A fresh mixture of fantasy and adventure Good sequel to A witches lottery

  4. Chasity says:

    I was definitely sucked into A Dragon Forsaken it was an absolutely amazing read I was first introduced to these characters in The Witches Lottery , the first book in the Enchanted Island Series I really enjoyed that book and immediately fell in love with those characters This book revolves around Daphne the dragon Daphne was introduced in the first one but she played a very small role and I didn t really gravitate towards her This book however blew my mind Daphne has become my favorite character in the series Her story is absolutely captivating, tragic and yet beautiful The story was written beautifully and I loved how nothing that happened in this story was coincidental, everything happen for a reason and it all tied together in the ending I didn t see any of that coming Daphne is such a strong character she wants to take on all her problems herself and refuses to ask for help because she does not want to ask for help.However she finds out the hard way that she does need help and that she s not all alone she has a family, a bigger one that she realizes I love Daphne and I really enjoyed her story She always wanted to be normal and now someone is messing with her life, and she is turning into the monster she always feared she would become.Daphne is my kind of heroine, she is fierce, kick...

  5. Brob says:

    Ok here s the good stuff The story was well written The plot is very interesting and isn t predictable I felt like the logical points in the story were there but with a twist I did not at all see the ending or some of the later events coming in this story Kudos for surprising me The one negative thing I have is that, for me, Daphne was a really hard character to identify with and get into I found this book to be not quite as easy of a read as The Witches Lottery I think that happens in a series like this though I got really attached to the characters in the first book and then had trouble leaving them behind Daphne is also a really tough independent character so we don t get to see as much of her personality because she is putting up a front for everyone There are vulnerable moments but for the most part she does have some of the cold unmoving heart that dragons are known for in mythology With that said, I really liked with Krystal did with the love story I won t give it away but it really made me happy to s...

  6. Aisha says:

    The second book in the Enchanted island series is seen through the eyes of Daphne, the dragon At first I found this rather annoying as I wanted the story to continue from Sophia s point of view However reading the story through Daphne made me like her character It was also necessary to make the plot line work.Through the book you learn about Daphne s background, the history of her ancestors and you are able to understand the character The story starts with her trying to find her half sister, which is actually what the whole book is centred around Drew Sophia s brother also goes missing as he too is looking for someone When D Daphne finds her way back to the island she ends up in a fight with Mitch and leaves to continue her quest That has to be the saddest part of the entire book, O I sat there thinking you are going to regret saying t...

  7. Pamela Todd says:

    In A Dragon Foresaken, the second instalment in The Enchanted Island series, the story this times follows Daphne on her mission to find adopted sister, Anna Daphne is an orphan hazards of being a dragon As a child she bounced around foster homes, never settling long enough to make friends or any kind of connection But then she met the Hensley s and she thought she d found a home Until tragedy tore them apart On her travels to find Anna, Daphne makes a few odd alliances A few beloved characters from the first book of the story crop up, much to my delight A Dragon Foresaken was intense than The Witches Lottery For one thing, there was way action Daphne was a kick ass character with incredible strength and power very reminiscent of Buffy But like Buffy, Daphne has her flaws Like insisting she can handle everything alone But like the Scoobies, Daphne s friends are just a...

  8. Alexis Villery says:

    A Dragon Forsaken picks up where The Witches Lottery left off and we follow Daphni, the dragon, as she searches for her long lost sister, Anna Daphni struggles because she is the only one of her kind has a secret that she must keep others from discovering for fear that they will see her as a monster As the story progresses, Daphni discovers that things are not as she had once thought and she needs the help of her friends to save her life.Although A Dragon Forsaken follows The Witches Lottery, it doesn t tie up any lose ends left from that storyline While, this book can be read as a stand alone it contains some spoilers of the previous book I enjoyed this story and the twists and turns are quite unpredictable I never saw the end coming at all I finished it almost in one sitting because I just had to know what was going on While I enjoyed A Dragon Forsaken, some of the techniques used ...

  9. Kari says:

    A Dragon Forsaken is the second in The Enchanted Island Series I wrote a review of the first one, The Witches Lottery, here This one picks up pretty much where the first one left off Daphne is on a search for her adopted sister, Anna She is also a dragon, or at least has some of the characteristics of a dragon I liked Daphne s character She has had a tough life, without much love and acceptance and has always felt she was incapable of being loved Through her search for her sister, she learns a lot about her past and about herself In the end, I agree with the choice she makes It was the right one Just like the first book, this is a good YA read I felt it was a little serious than the first one, but still very enjoyable I definitely recommend this one I look forward to the next book in the series Kari note I read an complimentary copy of A Dragon Forsaken supplied courtesy of the author I was not compensated in...

  10. Janna Marie says:

    A Dragon Forsaken is FIERCE, SUSPENSEFUL, EXCITING The book was full of moments that had me sitting on the edge of my sit, wondering what was coming Many times, the book delivered shocking twists and turns in the book It definitely kept me interested Daphne is officially one of my favorite book characters She is beautiful, strong, honest and just plain kick ass Daphne projects herself as a tough as nails woman, though, has a refreshing soft spot She remains fierce in her journey to find her sister, never straying from her mission Her determination is admirable Daphne and Mitch, poor lovesick Mitch, have an interesting relationship While, it is obvious they care about each other, Daphne remains honest in lacking the same feelings as he.Daphne and Teagon are HOT, HOT, HOT I absolutely adore Teagon As silly as it is, I found myself envious of her at times Teagon could melt just about any woman s heart Daphne better not screwed that relationship up, bec...