Blood of Kings

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  • Blood of Kings
  • Andrew James
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  • 01 July 2019

About the Author: Andrew James

Andrew was born in London and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Trinity College, Oxford After two years of studying law, he eventually decided to become a barrister I spent twelve years defending people on every charge from murder and terrorism down to assault Addressing juries and getting results was very satisfying but in the end, the need to write was stronger By now Andrew ha

Blood of Kings Blood Of Kings Read Author Andrew James It Is 530 BC And Cyrus The Great Has Carved Out The Largest Empire The World Had Ever Seen, Making Persia The Undisputed Superpower Of The Ancient World But There Is Treachery Afoot, And Cyrus S Life Is In Danger When Darius, Dispossessed Prince Of The Royal House Of Parsa, Tries To Save The King Of Kings, He Is Arrested And Falsely Condemned For Treason.In A Fast Paced Tale Of Love, Betrayal, War And Revenge, Blood Of Kings Sweeps The Reader Up On An Epic Journey From The Mud Brick Cities Of Ancient Persia To The Burning Heart Of Pharaoh S Egypt.Packed Full Of Dramatic And Authentic Battle Scenes, It Recreates The Sweat, Blood And Fear Of Ancient Warfare, As Persia Smashes Egypt S Army And Brings The Reign Of The Pharaohs To A Violent End.But It Is Also A Book That Will Delight Herodotus Fans, Bringing The Ancient Greek Historian S Characters To Life Like Never Before, As It Follows The Doomed Lost Army Of Cambyses Into The Libyan Desert, Marching Towards A Fate That Would Baffle Archaeologists For Millennia To Come.

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10 thoughts on “Blood of Kings

  1. The Idle Woman says:

    There isn t a huge amount of historical fiction out there about Ancient Persia, but I was interested to stumble across this novel about the rise to power of Darius, father of Xerxes and founder of the Achaemenid royal house Considering my present interest in that family, it had to be read but it made for an uneven and occasionally frustrating novel While the battle scenes and landscapes are vividly described, the characterisation is occasionally weak and the romantic elements seem to ha...

  2. Gordon Doherty says:

    Blood of Kings was an impulse buy and a holiday read for me I picked this volume from the many in the Kindle store because it promised everything I fancied at that moment in time a desert tale of ancient empires and grand scale war It was the same impulse that drove me to write Legionary Land of the Sacred Fire I wanted to travel into the deep, unforgiving sands and imagine that I was trekking through the fiery wastes, short of water, armour grating on my skin, knowing a hidden enemy might sweep over the dunes at any moment James novel delivers just such atmosphere in buckets in the Egyptian desert and the leafy, cool relief of the oases, and in the icy, rocky mountains of northern Persia too he put me right there The premise following King Darius rise to power and charting his part in the campaign which saw an army of tens of thousands of Persians vanish mid desert has not been tackled in historical fiction before at least, not that I am aware of , and this only lends kudos to James for crafting such a detailed, vivid and immersive account of this virgin territory The historical detail is well observe...

  3. peter eells says:

    Excellent novelWell researched and written, a thoroughly believable story based on old manuscripts and carvings This has brought the era to light.

  4. Beverley says:

    Loved this book, I couldn t put it down

  5. William B Baran says:

    I found the story of ancient Persia very interesting There was a weak romantic subplot which didn t seem to add much to the story I had this novel for a while and I am glad I finally got to reading it.