The Garden Princess

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  • The Garden Princess
  • Kristin Kladstrup
  • 09 January 2017

About the Author: Kristin Kladstrup

Kristin Kladstrup is the author of the middle grade novel THE BOOK OF STORY BEGINNINGS and the picture book THE GINGERBREAD PIRATES She lives near Boston, Massachusetts.

The Garden Princess Dig In To This Middle Grade Fantasy Featuring A Horticulturally Minded Princess, A Beautiful But Evil Witch, And A Magpie With A Shameful Secret.Princess Adela Is Not A Typical Princess She S Neither Particularly Beautiful Nor Particularly Graceful, And She D Rather Spend Her Days Digging New Plots For Her Garden Than Listening To Teatime Gossip But When Her Friend Garth Is Invited To A Garden Party Hosted By Lady Hortensia Whose Beauty Is Said To Be Rivaled Only By The Loveliness Of Her Gardens Adela Can T Resist Coming Along, Even If It Means Stuffing Herself Into A Too Tight Dress And Donning Impractical Shoes But The Moment Adela Sets Eyes On Hortensia S Garden, She Knows Something Is Amiss Every Single Flower Is In Bloom In The Middle Of October Not Only That, There Is A Talking Magpie Flitting About The Garden And Stealing The Guests Jewels Is It Possible That Hortensia Is A Witch And The Magpie An Enchanted Prince And What Of The Flowers Themselves Will Adela Get To The Root Of The Mystery And Nip Trouble In The Bud Before It S Too Late

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10 thoughts on “The Garden Princess

  1. Brandy Painter says:

    Originally posted at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.I am always excited when a new princess tale comes out I unashamedly love them Garden Princess by Kristin Kladstrup is a lovely new addition to this genre.Garden Princess has an old fashioned fairy tale feel to it There are enchantments that most be broken and an evil witch who must be defeated Adela is not an average fairy tale princess though She is not beautiful or graceful and her greatest love is making things grow in her garden She doesn t have much interest in courtship or marriage At least not yet She wants to explore the world and see as much as she can first Adela is accessible and sympathetic from the beginning Through a bit of luck she is able to discover what Hortensia is doing with the guests invited to her garden party and realizes that if something is going to be done she must do it I loved when she realized she wouldn t be rescued and had to rescue herself and set out to do that She does with the help of a Magpie who is actually an enchanted thief named Ned I love when a story has a noble thief so this was an added bonus for me Ned is a wonderful character and I really liked how realistically clueless he was a Magpie, and how Adela began to rekindle his human thoughts and emotions.The rushed and somewhat sudden nature of the romance kept me from enjoying this as much as I otherwise might have I also felt that Ned s actions after leaving the garden made little sense I understand he was feeling insecure after what Hortensia did to him and that he wanted to find his mother, but I don t understand his need to go about it as he did It seemed to me that it was just so the story could last a bit longer before a final resolution was reached The end dragged a bit for me as a result.This is a book that everyone should have on hand for young princess story enthusiasts With an excellent main character they can identify with and cheer for it is sure to be enjoyed.I read an e galley made available by the publisher via NetGalley Garden Princess is a available for sale now.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love fairy tales This one was not disappointing Good story line, great characters I will be saving this one for when my little girl gets old enough to read it to her Thank you for my ARC copy here on goodreads.

  3. Ella J. says:

    This was a good fair tale story It has similarities to the 12 dancing princess fairy tale.

  4. Nicola says:

    A charming story in the vein of a traditional fairy tale though without traditional gender roles The princess is active, intelligent, and far interested in botany and travelling than in finding a husband She needs to keep her wits about her when she and her friends are captured in an enchanted garden A tale of love, kindness, and true beauty The story provided an opportunity for a sequel although I don t think one was written I d like to read by the author but some of her works have been published too long ago for our library to consider purchasing currently All that glitters is not gold Often have you heard that told.Many a man his life hath soldBut my outside to behold.Gilded tombs do worms enfold.Had you been as wise as bold,Young in limbs, in judgment old,Your answer had not been enscrolled.

  5. Pam says:

    This book has the feel of old fashioned fairy tales princess, villain, balls, etc This princess loves to garden and is happiest when she s among her plants She invites herself to a mysterious garden party and, of course, magic and evil happen there The hero is a flawed young man who has been changed into magpie by the witch.The story moves a little slowly and the characters are a bit one dimensional but it pushes beyond the damsel in distress message.

  6. Miss Amanda says:

    gr 4 6 261pgsPrincess Adela would rather be working in her garden than attending a garden party, but when her best friend gets invited too, she agrees to go with him Princess Adela discovers that the garden is actually under an evil spell, one that she must break if she ever wants to return home.Interesting story I would recommend this book to readers who enjoyed her other books including The Nutcraker Mice

  7. Rachel says:

    Some of it was typical Loved the flowers gardening aspect of it view spoiler I love how dandelions were mentioned a lot and how she turned into it I thought it was strange how suddenly she was falling in love with Edward I expected of a traumatic feeling going on after the garden party, not so easily getting back to normal life and about why the witch did what she did hide spoiler

  8. Naomi says:

    Simple story about a princess saving the day and then getting her prince The I m not like other girls trope was heavy handed and, though I think it was supposed to be empowering, very much not in line with current feminism Probably would have been daring in the 80s, but that was 30 years ago Fun enough, but not a read I d recommend.

  9. Nicole says:

    I would give this 4.5 stars It was such an adorable and creative story I loved that it taught being brave and kind was just as important as being beautiful Such a unique storyline one I had never read I love princess books.

  10. Michelle says:

    An early elementary school child would probably really enjoy this book Cute story line, but plot was very simple and didn t really keep you guessing or anything.