Dialogues with Talking Heads

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Dialogues with Talking Heads
  • James Beamon
  • English
  • 09 November 2019

About the Author: James Beamon

I write what ifs because well, what if I didn t

Dialogues with Talking Heads They Say The Only Sure Things Are Death And Taxes But Death Doesn T Have To Be A Certainty With The Right Technology Especially If There Are People Itching To Ask The Dearly Departed Questions About Their TaxesDr Hugh Torquato S Business Is Post Mortem Communications, And Business Is Booming Sometimes The Dead Are The Only Ones With The Answers, And The Trick Of Getting Them To Speak Is A Closely Guarded Trade SecretBut The Revolutionary Technology Hugh Uses On The Job May Not Be The Only One Out There With A Wicked Cutting Edge When A VIP Dies In A Manner Both Unnatural And Inexplicable, Hugh Finds His Hands Full Trying To Unravel A Locked Room Mystery That Even The Dead Can T Figure Out

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8 thoughts on “Dialogues with Talking Heads

  1. Anatoly Belilovsky says:

    But I ve never heard of James Beamon, I hear you say.Well, now you have, and here is what I have to tell you Beware You will think this is an awesome story and you will beg for and you will Google him and find most of his work as short stories included in anthologies and you will buy them all, compulsively.He s that good.Of this novelette, I will say this if you find LA CONFIDENTIAL and WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT playing at the same time and yo can t decide which one to watch, go read DIALOGUES instead.

  2. Karina Steffens says:

    I am delighted to present to you this gravely witty Science Fiction novelette As the ebook designer and mostly honorary editor, you might be justified in calling me biased But I m also very proud to be involved in its production If you like black humour spiced with the thrill of mystery, a dash of romance, and an array of compelling characters all bundled in a wicked Sci Fi package then I would highly recommend you check it out.