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  • Kindle Edition
  • 340 pages
  • Unexpected
  • Dulaney-Glen
  • English
  • 05 December 2017

About the Author: Dulaney-Glen

We are Dulaney Glen K Dulaney J Glen, sisters authors.K Dulaney was born, raised, and still resides in the Mountains of North Carolina She is the proud mother to an amazing little boy, and happily married to her high school sweetheart Dulaney attended Southern Universities and obtained her Bachelor s Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Family Studies Her passion for reading and

UnexpectedIan Wasn T Ready To Meet Grace Holtsen In No Way Was He Prepared For Her But Can You Ever Be Ready For Fate To Step In Can You Ever Be Ready To Meet The One Person Who Will Change Your Entire Existence Ian Knew That Grace Would Change Everything He Was Used To, But Something About Her Made It Worth It For The First Time Somebody Seemed Worth The Risk Will Ian Jump And Let Fate Wait For Him At The Bottom Hoping That It Can Somehow Save Himhoping That Grace Can Somehow Save Him I Don T Think Grace Is Like Most Girls Maybe That S The Thing That I Can T Put My Finger On Maybe For The First Time, I Ve Met A Girl That S Unlike Anyone That I Ve Ever KnownGrace, A Single Mother And Owner Of A Nashville Recording Company, Met Ian Paul, A Recent College Grad And Her New Employee The Moment He Entered Her World, It Turned Upside Down She Knew Better Than Anyone That A Relationship With Ian Would Never Work He Was Never Supposed To Fit Into Her Life, And She Was Never Supposed To Show Up In His But What Happened Between Them Was Something Than Either Of Them Ever Anticipated Grace Was Unprepared For How Bad It Would Hurt When They Were Faced With Something Far Unexpected He Stole The Rest Of My Heart Tonight I Know That No Matter What Happens Tomorrow, Or Days From Now, I Ll Never Want It Back I Could Never Give It To Someone Else

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10 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Floe (TheRandomFlo) says:

    I m such a HEA junkie I love this book It feels real, you can easily relate to what each character feels I love all of them Another thing I love is Grace and Nina s friendship If I am a single mother and I got a Nanny Nina with me, it will all be worth it.Recommended to everyone who enjoys an emotional but easy read You would not want to put this book down.Happy reading

  2. Lucinda Claire says:

    Unexpected was, in a word, a surprise I generally select books based on the synopsis, but I was not fully prepared to be as thoroughly delighted and utterly affected as I was Unexpected virtually hits the ground running Literally, from the Prologue, I was intrigued But then the book takes off in a completely different direction, and I found myself on a charming and entertaining journey of friendship and evolving love Throughout the reading, I kept recalling the Prologue and couldn t imagine how the authors were ever going to get back around to resolve what was left hanging As I continued to get farther into the story, and the reality of where it was all going began to hit me, I read page after page pleading with my Kindle, Oh no Please no To say that the plot twist was unexpected may be a bit clich given the book s title, but there s no other way to express it Unexpected is a love story a beautiful, romantic story of finding the one unexpected person who you could never imagine not being with It s also a reminder that it s important to sometimes keep things light and in perspective, and not take life too seriously At its heart, however, Unexpected is a story of learning to be yourself and trusting your instincts, no matter what unexpected obstacles life puts in your path Dulaney Glen created characters that I immediately connected to Ian Paul and Grace Holtson have an authentic, real quality that left me wishing I had real friends like them Ian is charming, and funny, and a true southern gentleman Grace is quiet, and self contained, and honest to goodness lovely in every way To say that I was pulling for them from the start is an understatement, and as if the characters of Ian and Grace aren t wonderful enough, the authors also give us Nina and Andrew Nina is the crazy, quirky, politically incorrect nanny to Grace s 12 year old son, Milo Nina is unpredictable, impulsive and downright wacky She s also Grace s best and closest friend Despite her inappropriate comments and outrageous antics, anyone would be fortunate to have a friend as devoted as Nina is to Grace Andrew and Ian have been friends since college If Nina is wacky, then Andrew is blatantly daft, and he and Nina together yes, together are indisputably, well weird, but in such an utterly endearing way I m really hoping we ll see and hear from all of these characters, because they have endeared themselves to me Their dialogue is fresh and genuine, and there is a natural quality that never seemed forced or artificial Ian and Grace relate to one another in such an effortless and authentic manner Coupled with the unpredictable eccentricities of Nina and Andrew, I m left with this conclusion Unexpected is undeniably unforgettable.

  3. Literati Literature Lovers says:

    Robbie s Review As a reviewer I find that some books are hard to review and some books are easy From the very appropriate title through the Un named chapters and plot twists to the unexpected ending, authors and Sister Act Dulaney Glen made this review very easy We know from the brief prologue of their debut novel that something devastatingly unexpected is coming yet, from chapter one we are drawn into an unlikely and unexpected love story between Ian Paul and Grace Holtsen that is touching, funny, and erotic.I have to say this story is gut wrenching Since it is a romance, I was expecting the characters to connect, fall in love and bed and hopefully make their way to a HEA I was not expecting how much I would love not just Ian and Grace, but their friends Grace s best friend Nina, who is also her nanny, is a definite candidate for the BFF Hall of Fame Ian, on the other hand, has a whole band literally of friends each one of whom has a style and quirks of his own Grace s son Milo will steal your heart and Nina s choice of roommates will make you laugh out loud Of course, one of Ian s friends is a perfect match for Nina and their antics lend a lightheartedness to the story even as readers anticipate the dramatic revelation that will make Ian and Grace question not only their relationship but the whole foundation of their lives.Unexpected is an easy read that will be satisfying on many levels The characters are very likable and the story offers plot twists that are unexpected without being implausible Actually the only thing unexpected about this book is how much I liked it I, for one, am expecting great things from Dulaney Glen

  4. Duda says:

    I m glad I found this book here on goodreads, because this story is incredibly good The story is sweet, and at the same time is so down to earth, that I could feel what the the characters where going through, it js a really emotional read, because besides all the laugh out loud moments, there are some twists in the final half of the book, that left completely shocked, and it was so beautifully written, that this book became one of my favorites It s completely worth reading if you re looking for an original and adorable love story.

  5. Amber Clark says:

    This book was awesome It made me laugh my tail off at Nina, day dream about Ian, be jealous of Grace, and then cried my eyes out some sad tears some happy Unexpected is true to it s title You have twist and turns that make you not want to put this book down It s written by two sisters and I can t wait to read from these ladies Out of 5 stars I would give this book 4.

  6. Speck says:

    I really liked this book It was recommended by a friend and I am glad she did I love Ian.love GraceMiloNanny Nina haha and Andrew It was just a good story with everything I enjoy in a book but I couldn t predict the twistit was shall I say unexpected Loved reading this book from these sisters and I cannot wait to read what else they write

  7. Elizabeth says:

    This book had everything I love A great love story, great chemistry and a twist that I didn t see coming So many books have come predictable this book is not o e of them The prologue had me hooked Ian and Grace are a great example of being able to overcome hardships Their best friends made me crack up Great book

  8. Alisha Young says:

    Such a captivating storyKept my attention til the end I look forward to would really like to see a continuance

  9. Kim says:

    Find this review and on my blog

  10. Marianna says:

    Read this and other reviews at A Lust For Reading I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.Grace is a single mom of a 12 year old boy and owner of a successful record label in Nashville She is wound a little too tight and according to her best friend Nina she is an uptight tootie Ian is young and handsome and just moved to Nashville with his friends the band members of Queen City He s drawn to Grace the minute he sees her at the gas station Who knew the beautiful stranger was also his new boss The attraction between Grace and Ian is so strong and they spend weeks just talking and getting to know each other The she learns about Ian, the she falls And her walls are falling with her Ian has never felt this way before and is he scared that Grace will break his heart.Unexpected, starts off with a prologue in the future showing an absolutely shattered Ian All I was thinking was what the hell did she do to him As we go back and start at their beginning, we are part of a sweet and special friendship and love Ian might be six years younger at 22, but he acts much mature.Just as their relationship blossoms and Ian even starts bonding with her son, Milo, there is a huge twist that I did not see coming till the last minute It changes everything and shatters the tentative love they have started But Grace refuses to give up on them The only question is, has Ian already let go One of the great pluses of this story is the funny supporting characters Not only do we have outrageous Nina but also the equally outrageous Andrew, Ian s best friend and roommate Some of the banter between Ian and Andrew was hilarious and I really enjoyed Andrew s quirky personality Why are you pumping random girls gas Why are you not pumping random girls gas Touch It could be payback Payback for what For when I lied to you the other day about hearing that Tupac was actually alive That they had seen him in Brooklyn and they had surveillance vidoe to prove it I turn back and look at Grace, who s staring at me intently I whisper into the phone, Yeah, fuck you for that That was cruel I have a slight obsession with old school rap. This was really a great book and a nice Unexpected surprise It was fun and silly and sweet and sexy and heartbreaking The only reason why I didn t give it 5 5 stars is because I was disappointed in the ending I would have liked to have seen a in depth epilogue giving us a glimpse into the future of Grace and Ian.