The devil and Lisa Black

The devil and Lisa Black ePUB Í The devil  PDF \ and
  • The devil and Lisa Black
  • Russ Martin
  • 09 April 2018
  • 9780867210323

About the Author: Russ Martin

Is a wellknown and Lisa Epub author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The devil and Lisa Black book, this is one of the most wanted Russ Martin author readers around the world.

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10 thoughts on “The devil and Lisa Black

  1. Bobby Stringini says:

    The Devil and Lisa Black is both a prequel and direct sequel to Russ Martin's The Desecration of Susan Browning. If you haven't read Desecration, you may find yourself a tad bit lost for a chunk of this book.

    The story follows both Lisa Black, a minor character from the first book, in the years leading up to Susan's story, as well as Father Al Crabbe's life in the months after the first book ended. While I did enjoy this book, it wasn't as melodramatic and fun as Desecration was.

    Lisa's story, the more interesting of the two, was to me, tragic. Her journey into being pulled into the sexually satanic web was disturbing, and horrific without being overtly graphic. I felt for her as the book went on, and really wish there was another book to continue her journey. Also, because this section takes place before the previous book we are able to spend some time with the wonderfully wicked Wanda, and her few scenes were delightful.

    Al's portion was more frustrating, but to reveal as to why would reveal spoilers. His story more or less book ends Lisa's, with a few breaks in the middle of the novel to move things along. Al is a decent character, but considering everything he has witnessed he is surprisingly dense.

    Still, I'm enjoying exploring Russ Martin's books, and am looking forward to starting The Possession of Jessica Young. If you can find an affordable copy of this book (and there are a few out there) give it a read.

  2. Angela Carvajal says:

    I was thirteen years old when I was drawn to the book. Yes there are real human evils that can make the devil shake in his own bodily waste! I loved it was my first adult book I read. And I have to admit I was bit by the reading bug. As I started to grow up and really see the world, it was parallel for me to write. Through all I'd been through at such a young tender age, I found myself understanding everything that had happened and why and to JUST LET GO. I'm not perfect nor have I ever been. Who ever says it or acts like their lives are NO just the opposite. But to be honest, with myself and to know myself has been the growing experience alot of old immature people don't understand. They are the STUCK ONES. Usually still living in the past. Very sad. That's what makes us all different strong to face, or weak and run or drink,drugs. Then when their young lives and loves are all gone then now lonely have to remember have to see. Now can they ever grow up emotionally, mentally? That's a big ??????? This book at 12 years old did have a huge impact on my life at that time and things other 12 y/o girls are clueless to. It was good for me to get lost in this book being my first and not my last.

  3. Michael says:

    A pulpy, sex-filled book that reminds us that the devil is bad, but men are the world’s real evil.