SEAL Combat Boarding Manual

SEAL Combat Boarding Manual MOBI ä SEAL Combat
  • Paperback
  • SEAL Combat Boarding Manual
  • Paladin Press
  • English
  • 16 October 2019
  • 9780873646864

About the Author: Paladin Press

Book publishing firm founded in by Peder Lund and Robert K BrownThe company publishes nonfiction books and videos covering a wide range of specialty topics,including but not limited to personal and financial freedom, survivalism and preparedness, firearms and shooting, various martial arts and selfdefense, SEAL Combat PDF/EPUB ² military and police tactics, investigation techniques, spying, lockpicking, sabot.

SEAL Combat Boarding ManualUS Navy SEALsare the best in the world at secretly boarding, assaulting and securing enemyoccupied ships and oil rigs This exclusive manual outlines their techniques and equipment for subsurface, surface and airborne ops Packed with neverbeforepublished photos of frogmen, breachers, snipers and assaultteam members SEAL CombatPDFEPUB ready for action.

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