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  • 07 June 2018

About the Author: Justin Richards

Justin Richards is a British writer He has written many spin off novels based on the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, and he is Creative Director for the BBC Books range He has also written for television, contributing to Five s soap opera Family Affairs He is also the author of a series of crime novels for children about the Invisible Detective, and novels for older children.

Doctor Who The TARDIS Arrives In The CAGE Not A Trap, But The College Of Advanced Galactic Education, One Of The Most Prestigious Academic Institutions In Colonised SpaceNot A Trap Or Is It The Doctor S Here To Receive An Honorary Degree In Moral Philosophy But There S Something Rotten At The Heart Of The Medical Facility Someone Is Operating On The Students Someone Without A Conscience Someone With Access To A Sidelian Brain Scanner A Technology That Hasn T Been Invented YetThat Someone Is The Ruthless Time Lord Scientist Known As The Rani In Her New Incarnation But Will The Doctor And Peri Recognise The Rani S Hand Before Her Trap Is Sprung

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10 thoughts on “Doctor Who

  1. Michael says:

    In the fifteen or so years that Big Finish has been releasing stories, they ve brought back just about every classic Doctor Who villain and monster imaginable There are a few exceptions which up until this release included the Doctor s old nemesis, the Rani But I suppose if the Swarm can get a sequel, then it s about time the Rani made her debut in the Big Finish audio universe.And like the previous installment in this trilogy, The Rani Elite is a case of a lot of potential squandered A lot of this comes from the simple fact that the story includes the Rani s name in the title but then follows the classic series pattern of keeping the villain s identity hidden until the cliffhanger for the first episode I can t help but feel that the story squandered not only a potentially great cliffhanger but also the entire first installment of this story in a holding pattern, waiting for the Doctor and Peri to put together what the audience already knows the Rani is back.The Doctor is invited to a university to receive an honorary award Suspicious, the Doctor sets the TARDIS to arrive a day early and begins to stick his nose into things to find out what s going on Turns out the Rani is on hand and she s got a nefarious scheme that is, quite frankly, too much like the plots she used in her two television appearances to really be all that interesting Once we get past the big reveal, the story feels like it s just mimicking the two classic series serials that featured the Rani and not really doing anything new or interesting with the character It s another case of Big Finish s desire to emulate the classic series so much that the story squanders its potential to do something interesting or new with the material and characters.Honestly, having heard the title of this one months ago and based on a character s name in The Widow s Assassin, I thought this story might reveal that the Rani had somehow been playing games with the Doctor and Peri for this entire trilogy of stories Or it could be that I m putting thought into connecting the dots on these stories than the writing staff is But can you blame me when a character in Assassin is named Princess Derani This loosely connected trilogy started with a solid story and ends with a whimper It s nice to hear Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant together again But overall I can t help but come away from this story and trilogy feeling like this was a huge missed opportunity.

  2. Jamie Revell says:

    The difficulty with using the Rani as a Doctor Who villain, and, presumably, the reason that it hasn t been done very often in the tie in media, is that it s hard to distinguish her from the Master While there are some differences in motivation, to be honest, the main distinguishing feature in the TV series was that she happened to be a woman Which makes it unfortunate, perhaps, that this play was released just a few weeks after Missy s big reveal on TV And doubly so that, here, they chose to give the new incarnation of the Rani a Scottish accentIn fact, the part was written for original Rani actor Kate O Mara, who sadly passed away before it could be recorded She was replaced by Siobhan Redmond, whose portrayal of the character is calm and collected, reminiscent of Delgado s Master than Gomez s However, bereft of what otherwise would have been the draw of O Mara s reprise, the choice of this being the Rani, rather than the Master or, indeed, any other random villain is blunted Redmond is good in the role, and there are some harks back to the Rani s two TV appearances, but, without knowing who the part was originally written for, it s hard to see the point.The story is, for the most part, quite leisurely, with the Doctor and Peri wandering around a future university trying to uncover, and then foil, the Rani s plan to perform dastardly experiments on the students To be honest, I wasn t really clear what her end game was it s pretty obvious how she plans to get there, and what her accomplices mistakenly think she s up to, but less so what she actually expected to achieve For the story, in this case, the means matter than the objective.I will say that the play is well performed and well made, and that Redmond is particularly good in it But there isn t much to the plot, which feels rather like filler, and doesn t really stretch the title character, or do anything to expand her mythos That probably wasn t the point when the script was written, but, shorn of its original selling point, it turns out that the story doesn t have much left to fall back on.

  3. Gabriel Mero says:

    Yes Yes YES Finally, a Rani story I feel like the Rani is a criminally underused villain While this version came off less malicious and cold as her TV counterpart played by Kate O Mara, the Rani still remains the baddest renegade Time Lord bitch ever.

  4. Christopher Buchanan says:

    First, let me say Siobhan Redmond has a very sexy voice I could listen to her read a menu with that accent I m digging her as the Rani and hoping we get plenty Colin and Nicola were brilliant as ever and the rest of the cast was good too The story was a bit of a let down though It drags a bit in the beginning and the cliff hanger at the end of the second episode could not be cheaper The Rani s plan seems to be a variant of her scheme in Time and the Rani She s only had 2 outings, can t we do better I d have gave it a lower rating for the writing but the performances, production and continuity fun make it quite enjoyable despite it.I m interested to see what Big Finish does with the Rani Most of the other recurring character like the Doctor, the Master and many of the companions have their futures set in the TV show so you know they won t get killed or go postal or whatever The Rani however, is open ended They can go anywhere with her Possibilities abound.

  5. Edward Butler says:

    The performances, direction, etc are as usual superb here my only complaint was that the story felt a bit slight, though I suppose that it serves nicely as a reintroduction of the Rani, from whom I suppose, and hope, we ll be hearing in further stories.

  6. Steven says:

    The return of the evil time lady, the Rani.

  7. Debra Cook says:

    The Rani is taking old people and making them young again by putting them in young students who die from the procedure Can Peri and the doctor stop her.

  8. Lauren says:

    It s such a shame that we never got a story with Kate O Mara, but Siobhan Redmond is wonderful in the role, and I m looking forward to hearing from her next year.

  9. Richard Harrison says:

    Interesting to hear a new Rani Now we have a Doctor, Master and Rani who are all Scottish, wonder if there s something in that