Domain of the Voord

[Read] ➶ Domain of the Voord ➳ Andrew    Smith –
  • Audio CD
  • 120 pages
  • Domain of the Voord
  • Andrew Smith
  • English
  • 17 March 2019
  • 9781781783368

About the Author: Andrew Smith

There is than one author with this nameDr Who script writer

Domain of the VoordKINDLE Domain Of The Voord Author Andrew Smith The Doctor, Susan, Ian And Barbara Land On The Planet Hydra, Where Admiral Jonas Kaan Leads A Vast Flotilla Of Ships Trying To Elude The Vicious Race That Has Invaded And Occupied Their World But His Ships Are Being Picked Off One By One, Vessels And Crews Dragged Underwater By An Unseen Foe.The Time Travellers Find Themselves Pitched Into Battle Against The Voord, The Ruthless Enemy They Last Encountered On The Planet Marinus As They Take The Fight To The Very Heart Of The Territory Now Controlled By The Voord The Stakes Get Higher First They Lose The TARDIS Then They Lose That Which They Hold Most Dear And That S Only The Start Of Their Troubles.In The Capital, Predora City, They Will Learn The Truth Of What It Means To Be A Voord And That Truth Is Horrifying.

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10 thoughts on “Domain of the Voord

  1. John Chronakis says:

    We can expect a double length audiobook with Carole Ann Ford and William Russell to at least be easy on the ears Both actors handle their characters voices, and several besides, very enjoyably.Visiting Hydra, a planet dominated by a vast archipelago, our heroes promptly lose the TARDIS to the depths of the ocean, and are left in the middle of a sea battle against the Voord, initally a shallow, throwaway villainous race from the early adventures of the series Here they are given a lot depth, as we explore their customs and origins It s very pleasing to depart from the trope of one dimensional villainy, as the Voord are delineated into several factions, some not unsympathetic with the Doctor and his companions As the main antagonists of the story they are understandably corrupt, but even so their dignity and ethics shine through, on a personal level.In fact, we learn much about the culture of the Voord invaders than we do about the people of Hydra, which come out as bland, with a few exceptions In this light, it was difficult to decide whom to root for The Voord showed clear superiority, having taken over all land and leaving the locals to wander the seas on a navy flotilla But one wonders if the Voord don t actually deserve to rule over the generic Hydra people In the end, the overbearing fascism of the Voord makes them uns...

  2. Anne Barwell says:

    1st of the early adventures range and a hybrid between the main range with full cast audio and the narrated style of the Companion Chronicles Good story with a lot of depth, that doesn t shy away from difficult questions Definitely D...

  3. Jamie Revell says:

    The obvious problem with doing audio plays rather than novels or comics featuring any of the first three Doctors is that their actors are no longer with us Up until 2014, Big Finish dealt with this by using their Companion Chronicles format, audiobooks narrated in the first person and told from the perspective of one of the companions With this new series, they expand that a little The stories are still narrated, and, to that extent feel like audiobooks than full blown plays, but the narration is in third person, and much of the story is told through dialogue provided by a small cast of actors, and so is not solely seen from one person s perspective They are also double the length, allowing for a complex narrative.This very first offering features the original line up of the TV show, with William Russell delivering the Doctor s lines as well as Ian s, and Carole Ann Ford speaking as both Susan and Barbara Three other actors round out the cast, providing five main guest characters between them As the title indicates, it is a sequel to the first season TV story The Keys of Marinus, only the second story to actually feature a monster , in the form of the titular Voord.Although we know virtually nothing about them from the screened episodes, writer Terry Nation intended the Voord to be interstellar conquerors, and that s the theme...

  4. TheTimeScales says:

    A favorite and essential Big Finish in my collection.This writer gets it and actually expands on the Voord I actually watched The Keys of Marinus again after decades due to this rendering Love it Originally I suppose that I objectively rated this 4 5 on my integer scale, not quite pushing masterpiece, but really after all I listened to, the length and what you get, this is pretty a perfect dream release for fans wanting early adventures For those who grew up with the dawning VHS era for example where hardcore fans collected Pertwee forward and especially re runs of the 3rd 5th in the 80s, jumping forward in time to when amazingly we have all these audio releases to sift through and continue to have them available good, bad and sometimes ugly due to writing mostly , it is pretty fantastic today that we get valid, authentic perfect first Doctor releases Russell and Ford get my deep thanks as well as the writer, etc.These are too rare and they shouldn t be.In retrospect, this adventure was a blast and as the french would say id al I hear the Voor...

  5. Derelict Space Sheep says:

    42 WORD REVIEW Fifty years on, Andrew Smith succeeds in upgrading the Voord from the kooky wetsuited villains of Marinus to a threatening, believable race Voiced by original ever young companions William Russell and Carole Ann Ford, the story carries itself with a becoming stateliness.

  6. Chris says:

    Felt like a true first doctor episode That said not the most engaging story The first doctor is a bit of an asshole grumpy old man.

  7. ArwendeLuhtiene says:

    3.5 5 review coming soon

  8. Christopher Buchanan says:

    Well, they did a fairly decent job of making the the Voord actually interesting However, the story isn t particularly imaginative Also, the First Doctor seems a bit out of character in this with his level of unqualified interference and militaristic solution to things It is well produced however and I love the hybrid audio book audio play style they do with these It makes things run a bit smo...

  9. Edward Butler says:

    William Russell does such a fine job recreating William Hartnell s Doctor that my only regret here is that we don t get of him These Early Adventures stories from Big Finish have turned out very well, definitely recommended They ...

  10. Debra Cook says:

    The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian land on a planet that has been taken over by their foo the Voord They think they can escape but are then separated Can they get back to the Tardis.