Feeding Consuela

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  • Feeding Consuela
  • Dennis Gaunt
  • 19 January 2018

About the Author: Dennis Gaunt

Dennis Gaunt has been an avid student of the scriptures for as long as he can remember He s one of those people in the ward that knows how many weeks are left until the Isaiah lessons in Gospel Doctrine, and who counts down to them as if it is Christmas He studied history and English literature at the University of Utah, and is always on the lookout for an opportunity to insert obscure pop cul

Feeding Consuela Consuela The Spider Is Hungry, And When A Young Man Decides To Make Her His Pet And Feed Her Every Day, She Grows Bigger And Bigger But Consuela The Spider Is Also Venomous, And The Danger She Represents Grows Bigger And Bigger As WellAuthor Dennis Gaunt Explains How Satan S Temptations Are A Lot Like Consuela The Spider Often They Start Out Small, But Grow Bigger And Bigger In Our Lives The We Feed Them Using Examples From The Scriptures And Real Life, Dennis Gaunt Gives Us Advice To Help Us Avoid Becoming Entangled In Satan S Web Of Lies, And How To Use The Atonement To Remove Satan S Venom From Our Lives

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11 thoughts on “Feeding Consuela

  1. Heather says:

    This talk was well thought out He used the feeding of a spider as an example of what we do to our addictions It seems harmless at first, then the spider begins to grow and your thinking about the spider You can t wait to find his next snack and feed him again plus, he s poisonous Why would you want something so dangerous at your front door Spiders have different types of venom So too does Satan have different ways to Reel you in and trap you.Amalickiah from the Book of Mormon and Lehonti are people that he also mentions.

  2. James Biser says:

    This is a very good story about paying attention to what is important Some missionaries found a spider and entertained themselves by feeding it Without realizing it, they spent time and attention nurturing a poisonous pest That was time and attention that was needed elsewhere Bad habits and addictions happen to individuals the same way.