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  • 03 February 2019

About the Author: Jon R. Meyers

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Pink Planet Epub Pink Planet Jon R Meyers Welcome To Hopesfall, MA A Place Where Strange Things Occur And A New Action Packed Video Game Titled Pink Planet Has Just Hit The Shelf Watch Milo S Life Unravel At The Seams As He Finds Out His Girlfriend Kat Is Cheating On Him With His Arch Nemesis, Brad Will He Believe His Best Friend S Accusations Before It S Too Late For Heartbreak Will He Ever Reach 6900 Points In One Hot, Sweaty Sex Combo To Unlock A Bonus Scene With One Of His Favorite Pornstars Of All Time, Molly Methhead Pink Planet Is A Modern Day Vintage Sleaze Paperback With A Bizarro Twist Brought To You By The Fine Folks Over At Riot Forge.

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10 thoughts on “Pink Planet

  1. Janie C. says:

    I don t play video games I tried one once It was a race car challenge, and I didn t know how to use the controller My car stood still while the other cars sped off Finally, I was able to get my car to move smack, right into the sidelines I think people died Epic fail I never tried THAT again.Milo, the antihero of this book, is an expert gamer He is on cloud nine when he buys his copy of Pink Planet, an interactive ultraporn video game starring the inimitable Molly Methhead Milo drops out of real life almost completely, eager to reach the climactic score of 6900, which will allow him to spend virtual sexy time with his ultimate starlet Meantime, Milo s homeboy, Flea, is busy shadowing Milo s girlfriend, Kat, who is being a bad girlfriend She is having affairs with a league of gentlemen and not so gentlemen 47 of them, to be exact Flea wants to save his boy from a world of...

  2. Kirk says:

    When I was little, kids in my town used to huddle together at the playground and joke about sex We d lie constantly, infusing everything we loved with nudity Did you know that if you beat Double Dragon six times in a row, you get to see your girlfriend s boobs That s nothing There are whole games about boobs They keep them behind the counter Yep I saw them once Yeah My uncle has one I played it once when he fell asleep There were boobs all over the place We d go on, lying like that, pretending we were in the know We had no idea We had no idea about Nintendo games like this There s part of me that s glad we didn t know Our weird ideas were best left to the imagination, because that was limitless Double Dragon boobs were never 8 bit in my head Somehow real world resolution was spliced onto the NES screen in my mind.Those imaginary games grew with me until I saw the real thing for myself Custer s Revenge was pure garbage The NES titles were terrible Thus the perfect dirty video game remains the holy grail of every adolescent male gamer in the United States And it is highly likely that the only place you re going to find that game is in Jon Meyers Pink Planet Pink Planet is nostalgic fantasy transported directly from the collective im...

  3. William Pauley III says:

    Girlfriends are weird, right I mean most of the time they want your complete and total attention, yet never want to do anything you want to dowhich makes the whole giving your complete attention thing difficult In Jon Meyers book PINK PLANET, the author firmly raises his middle finger to unsupportive girlfriends you supportive ones are cool as hell, by the way, but know that you are rare fish in a vast sea, at least in my experience The book tells the story of a guy named Milo who is obsessed with a porn star named Molly Methhead Ms Methhead is the star of the new video game Pink Planet, which causes Milo s head to nearly explode, seeing as how video games are just as important to him as she is But of course, real world problems keep distracting him from his obsessions His girlfriend is sleeping around on him, and while this annoys him, he still can t help but think of Molly and his...

  4. Frank says:

    PINK PLANET is not erotica PINK PLANET is smut It is shameless, unapologetic smut Author Jon R Meyer presents his ode to 60s era smut pulp and it feels so wrong and reads so right.There is really no reason to like PINK PLANET as much as I did There are technical editorial concerns, yet it is still readable There are questionable character motivations and yet I find them largely believable And WTF with Snouk the giant spider He seems almost thrown in there as an excuse to call the book bizarro, and yet he s lovable and acceptable like a character in a movie you know is only there so they can sell toys of it.Despite all the shortcomings, I loved this story It s whimsical Its real when it s not over the top Its entertaining to read video game play in prose form, quite a feat Under it all, its solid story telling.If you like your fiction rough around the edges, read this If you like a story ...

  5. Nick Cato says:

    A no holds barred tribute to sleazy paperbacks of yesteryear with just the right amount of weirdness I read this riotous romp in one sitting and then took a long shower.

  6. Rich Jr. says:

    I became familiar with Jon R Meyers when we both had stories accepted in Dynatox Ministries Feet An Anthology In the infamous foot fetish anthology, Meyers first introduced the reader to his slutty Molly Methhead character.Whereas Molly was just one of many conquests by the podiatry loving protagonist in the short story Allie, the female character takes on a prominent porn star role in the author s Pink Planet bizarro adult novel.If you grew up during the era prior to video consoles and the Internet, like I did, then you understand that there was really only one obsession in post pubescent adolescence Hell, except for Playboy and National Geographic magazine, there wasn t even much porn readily available prior to the Internet.But now a days, the passion of adolescents to achieve some level of carnal knowledge, with someone whom they re attracted to, is no longer the sole driving force of their youth Now the basic obsession with physical sex is split between video games and online porn It is this modern technological conflict that serves as the basis for Pink Planet The main character Milo, a college dropout who still lives with his mother, has a girlfriend named Kat, but he neglects her in favor of playing video games.When a new game is released that is focused on pornography and features Milo s favorite porn star Molly Methhead, the relationship with Kat becomes even distant Thus, while Milo spends weeks trying to conquer this new game, Kat goes out and...

  7. D.F. Noble says:

    Raw and filthy weird fiction with a pure smut core Meyer s writing style in this is straight forward, almost a conversation Like you re sitting there with the guy sharing a bowl or drinking some brews I found myself laughing at parts, cringing at Milo s girlfriend stirring up some old memories from my early twenties, ha and just generally appreciating how fun this ...

  8. Donald Armfield says:

    And who said you couldn t read a porno mag Meyers writes smut that you can picture and maybe even pop a boner.When Milo s day comes to get his dirty hands on a copy of Pink Planet A simulation video game of sexual desires full filled with the flick of the wrist and bashing the right buttons If completed just right he has a chance to see his all time favorite porn star Molly Methhead in action.But what is going on behind his back while he is tied down by Pink Planet all nighters will give his collection of porno mags even love.Maybe she just wasn t the right girl after all Or maybe he should of put the controller down for a bit With the help of his best friend who rides a giant tarantula both ends come to a joy as the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER and a cheating girlfriend comes to re...

  9. Keith says:

    Pink Planet by Jon R Meyers is the story of Milo, who is obsessed with porn and an actress names Molly Methhead the star of a computer game called Pink Planet Milo may have a cheating girlfriend but he is interested in unlocking bonus scenes in his game Underneath all the filthy humour and gut laugh worthy si...

  10. Missy says:

    Awesome storyline Great writing A spider as a means for travel Hahaha Loved it Jon knows his gaming I was not impressed with the editing.