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  • Kindle Edition
  • 61 pages
  • Pocket Prayers
  • Max Lucado
  • English
  • 08 April 2019

About the Author: Max Lucado

With than 130 million products in print and several NYT bestsellers, Max Lucado is America s bestselling inspirational author He serves the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he lives with his wife, Denalyn, and their mischievous mutt, Andy His next book is publishing August 2018 and is titled Unshakable Hope.https www.facebook.com maxlucado

Pocket Prayers When The Chaos Of Our Daily Lives Becomes Overwhelming, Where Can We Turn For Peace And Rest Best Selling Author Max Lucado Points To The Source Of All Hope And Strength In Pocket Prayers, Which Contains Forty Guided Prayers And Complementary Scriptures For Any Situation This Pass Along Companion To Before Amen Serves As An Outreach Tool For Ministries And Churches, Offering Simple Encouragement For Those Who Struggle To Pray.

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10 thoughts on “Pocket Prayers

  1. Jalynn Patterson says:

    About the Books Thomas Nelson is releasing a series of six Pocket Prayers books from best selling author Max Lucado When the chaos of our daily lives becomes overwhelming, where can we turn for peace and rest Max Lucado points to the Source of all hope and strength in each Pocket Prayers book Each volume contains 40 simple prayers specifically written for graduates, friends, moms, dads, teachers, and military families These small books offer simple encouragement for those who struggle to pray.My Review It is nice to have at my disposal a group of several gift sized books full of prayers for any occassion and any type of person And these type of books make the best gifts along with some herbal tea, a candle, and one of these books you can really be coined as the best gift giver In this collection you have Prayers for Grads, Prayers for Friends, Prayers for those in the Military, Prayers for Moms, Prayers for Teachers, and Prayers for Dads Considering those that we know or may cross paths with these are quite the collection and should cover just about any individual Each prayer book contains 40 very simple, light hearted prayers With each one there is also a Bible passage Another neat thing in these prayer books is that each group of prayers are divided into sections such as in the military life book some of the sections or headings are Prayers for Protection and Guidance and there is another that is for Perseverance and Faith So as you can see these simple little prayer book have you covered especially when you need some fresh ideas on the prayer front Handy little books to have in the prayer closet and they make great gifts Disclosure This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

  2. C Joy says:

    Wonderful prayers for most needs They brought me serenity and joy while reading and reflecting on them.

  3. Fan Zhang, CFA, Ph.D. says:

    Overall, this is a very good guidance for prayer Because I believe that the heart of the author is true, pure and genuine The only problem is that it is clear that faith is not strong enough in some prayer, in the sense that there are many redundant words on ourselves but not on God This is inconsistent with the spirit of Bible As Bible said Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind Luke 10 27God must come first, never ourselves Day 1Father, you have made me your child through your Spirit In your kindness you adopted me and delivered me from sin and death Remind me today what it means to be your child and to be free from that law It is so easy for me to live my day on my own terms Help me to live it in light of your grace.I pray for my friends and family Help them experience your love as their father and feel their inheritance in your spirit.Thank you for accepting me as I am but not leaving me the same.In Jesus name, amen.Day 2Abba, thank you for sending a helper to direct my steps You know everything and will guide me in your will.Help me to know your will Keep me on the path you have set for me Give me the desire to stay true to that path, and forgive me for the times I have already strayed from you.Be with my friends and family who are at a crossroad and don t know what to do next May your spirit guide them and make the best decision clear.Thank you for caring about the details of my life, for not believing any request is too small.I pray this in Jesus name, amen.Day 3 Father, you are above all, know all, and see all You are my father, who close to me and understands the challenges and temptations of my life Be nearer me today and whisper reminders that you are holding me, your child.My friends need you today Would you show them that you are even closer Thank you for hearing me and listening to my pleas.It s in Jesus name I pray this, amen.Day 4God, you are my father who gives all good things I have life because of you, and there is no one like you.I ask that you would deepen that truth in my heart today Point out my idols and the things I worship apart from you, that I would remember you alone are my God.Give my friends and loved ones freedom from their idols as well so they can fully enjoy being part of your family Help them know that you are their only creator and nothing on this earth has ownership of them.Thank you for loving us, your creation, even when we go astray.In Jesus name, amen.Day 5 Dear God, you are the Father who provide for hungry and defend the weak.When we feel attacked, would you remind us that you protect us Please defend those who are afraid and feel forgotten Show up in our lives today and remind us that we are your children and you are our Father.Thank you for giving us a spiritual family that can never be taken away.I pray this in the name of Jesus, amen.Day 6Everlasting father, you are the mighty God You sent your Son and performed the final sacrifice, and you deserve all of our praise.I need your help today I am a sinner and am feeling the weight of my sin Show me what your Son s birth means for me in this moment.Give grace to those who have not accepted your Son and do not know the freedom he gives.Let them see that you are their loving Father.Thank you for loving me not just yesterday or today but always, I am grateful.In your Son s precious name, amen.Day 7Dear father, you are good Your ways are perfect and above my own You deserve my full obedience and my worship You are my teacher and authority because of your goodness.Humble me today when I choose my way over yours Use my prideful moments as an opportunity to teach me and redirect me.Show my friends that your goodness is important than their desires Provide them with encouragement to seek your good and upright way.Thank you for your constant instruction and concern for each step of my life.In the name of Jesus I pray these things, amen.Day 8God, you are abounding in forgiveness and mercy and goodness I cannot understand in this life I worship you with my heart and soul.As I sit in regret and guilt over past sin, remind me of your forgiveness Please let me feel your mercy Fill me with it so I can give it to others I encounter today.Walk closely with my family so they can know your grace Lift their burdens and point their faces toward you.I give you thanks for the grace I do not deserve and your mercies, which are new every morning.In Christ s name, amen.Day 9Father, you created all things simply with your words One word from you and your power is evident I am amazed by you.I need your power in my life, God Would you show me your power in my life today God, for those who have a small view of you, show them how mighty and enormous you actually are Help them to find comfort in that knowledge.Thank you for sending your Son, who has made our relationship with you possible.It s in the all powerful name of Jesus that I pray, amen.Day 10Merciful father, I see that you are good I fear you and am humbled when I look toward your face You bless me when I don t deserve it.Lord, bring me close and remind me what it s like to be in close relationship with you.Would you be with all those who are lonely right now Surround them with a loving community and fulfill all their needs.Thank you that I don t need anything when I am in you.In the name of Jesus, amen.Day 11 God above, there is no one like you You are the one, the Alpha and Omega.I need to know that you have gone before me I see all solutions for the problems I m facing Because I know that you are not perplexed by the struggles I face and you show me the way by your all knowing power.Be near to my family and friends who are suffering Because you are greater than anything they face.Thank you for your perfect will May it be done in my life as I seek you.In your name alone, amen.Day 12Dear Father, your blessings are perfect All that you give is good From creation to the end, your gifts bring life to this earth.Teach me to accept what you ve given I may not always understand circumstances, but show me how they are blessings and give me gratitude for all of your gifts.Rain your blessings on my friends and family today Give them hope whatever they face May they recognize that the good and perfect gifts are from you.Thank you that your blessings never end You give them to us at unexpected times.In Jesus name, amen.Day 13Almighty God, you speak and it is done Your words are true They are powerful and they bring life.Would you give me a desire for your words Sometimes I feel anxious but do not turn to scripture I am fearful yet forget to ask you for protection I am weak but reluctant to ask you for strength Renew my desire for your constant help and remind me to return to your Word.Make your word close to my friends in need today Please bring to their minds the words they need for encouragement and direction.Thank you that the Bible is all I need Thank you for giving it to us as a gift and a guide May I never take that for granted.In your name I pray this, amen.Day 14 Dear Father, you are the Prince of Peace and the great I Am You are my helper and my redeemer.I am so grateful that I can come to you and present my requests at any time Thank you for giving me peace and rest even in the hard times Give me the strength and the desire to work for your glory.Help those who are carrying especially heavy burdens right now They need your power and peace that goes beyond our understanding.In the name of the Prince of Peace, I pray, amen.Day 15Dear God, you are above all and worthy is your name.I humbly come before you, confessing that I am a sinner I need your forgiveness Would you replace the guilt, replace the shame I feel Be near to my friends and family who have secret shame they are afraid to reveal May you give them a trusted friend and confidant and a sense of your forgiveness in their lives.Thank you for taking our cares and burdens upon yourself Thank you for promising to always care for each of us.In Jesus name, amen.Day 16Father, you are the Healer and Miracle Maker You can give sight to the blind and a voice to the voiceless.Would you heal my body I am in pain and need the healing only you can give Give me an optimistic outlook despite my weaknesses.For my family, please bring them miraculous healing in body and mind Strengthen their faith and encourage them.I thank you that you always hear my cries for help.I pray this in the name of the great Healer, amen.Day 17Dear God, your faithfulness is sure and steady Your being is whole and complete.When I feel incomplete, like there are holes in me, I try and fill them with things that are not of you But you have called me to something greater Show me what that is and allow me to find fulfillment in you.Protect my friends hearts who have been in destructive relationships They feel broken and frightened Mend their wounds and give them peace.I give thanks for your faithfulness It is my rock When everything feels shaky like sand, thank you for being solid.In Jesus name, amen.Day 18Father God, you redeem me from my sin You have taken it far away from me You are perfect love.Help me as I search to find worth I feel so unworthy of love at times, and I need your help to discover where my true worth is.Be strength for my friends who don t believe their sin is taken care of and are walking around with unnecessary weight on their shoulders.How can I thank you for your sacrifice How can I express my gratitude for my freedom My words don t seem enough, but I thank you that you ve healed and rescued me.It s in Jesus name I pray, amen.Day 19Father, you re a God of reconciliation and redemption You are capable of than I could ever ask or imagine.Would you be my helper today Turn my sadness into joy and draw me out of the darkness.Please protect my family and comfort their hearts Show them what joy is.Thank you that you want only the very best for us and won t leave us alone in our misery.In Christ s name, amen.Day 20Father in heaven, you are the God of King David and my God too You reign forever and over everything.Bring me peace when I am overwhelmed I don t know how I can accomplish all of the things I need to get done Light my path and show me the activities and obligations I can say no to Help me release the burdens that preoccupy my mind and keep you at bay Come near.God, please hear the cries of those who feel overwhelmed as they serve you Many of them don t feel your presence right now in their lives Remind them of your faithfulness.Thank you for your nearness and consistency Thank you for hearing my cries no matter where I am.In Jesus name, amen.Day 21Father, you have the power to control the sun and the moon You are the everlasting light.Help me to see a light at the end of my tunnel Sometimes I can barely remember what light looks like or what it feels like to have simple joy Help me to focus on you even in the darkness.Support my friends as they suffer losses like miscarriages, death, and illness When these trials plague those I love, I feel so helpless Would you show off your light in their lives Thank you, God, that you are our rock and healer and that you will bring our mourning to an end.In the name of the everlasting Light, amen.Day 22Dear God, you are ever faithful and true to your promises You know what we will ask before we ask it, yet you listen to your children.I ask this day that you would open my eyes to those who are in need around me So often I m blind to the struggles of my friends and family, but I don t want to stay that way.I pray for my family who needs you Help them to ask and seek and knock, as you ve promised to respond to their cries, Lord.Thank you for answering our prayers, even when the answer is not easy to hear.In your precious name, amen.Day 23God almighty, you are capable of healing all diseases, parting the seas, and raising the dead to life I worship you and praise you.Father, heal my sickness too Bring me relief and help me not to focus just on my own needs.Give strength to my friends who are sick and in pain Cradle them now and heal them.Thank you that you hear us Thank you that Jesus healed those who were laid before him and that you still bring healing today.In the name of the almighty God, amen.Day 24Father, you can wipe out the strongest army, move mountains, and create the earth out of nothing Your strength and loving kindness know no end.Remind me of your power now Be my strength in all situations.My friends come to me for help sometimes Help them to look to you first and always.Thank you for being on our side and fighting for us.In Christ s name, amen.Day 25Dear Father, you meet all of our needs You are perfect love, perfect joy, and perfect peace.When I look to fill my needs outside of you, draw me back to you Remind me that you are all I need Keep me from turning to old habits and destructive patterns.Do the same for those who are struggling with addiction Bring them to their knees so that they may see and know you.Thank you that you are the God of second, third, and 100th chances You don t give up on us.In your name I pray this, amen.Day 26Heavenly Father, your love and acceptance don t stop You are the well of grace and love that I must draw from daily.Help me today to love those who are hard for me to love Humble me in their presence and show me a side of them I ve been too prideful to see.Be with those people and protect them Whatever past pain or hurt is causing them to lash out, bring it to the surface and heal them.Thank you for your redemptive nature and your ability to break down walls among your children.Through Christ I pray, amen.Day 27 Dear God, holy and mighty one You are worthy of all praise, all honor Your steadfast love amazes us each morning.Be with those who feel inadequate and doubt if anyone cares about us When they question our value, give us a deeper sense of worth in Christ, and Christ alone Help us hear your truth in our heart and give us strength.Thank you that we don t have to fight for our worth because you have already called us your children.In Jesus name, amen.Day 28God above, you have torn the veil You have conquered death and made a way for me to have a relationship with you.I forget so quickly that I can talk to you anytime Allow me to turn to you today with each step, question, and difficulty.Surround my friends and family with your forgiveness today Remind them that you are eager to forgive them Help them let go of any guilt they cling to.Thank you for making us your ambassadors on this earth.In the name of Jesus, the One who knew no sin, amen.Day 29Heavenly Father, I sit here in awe of all that I should thank you for You are so much bigger and greater than I could ever understand.Give me reminders to be grateful today Don t allow me to miss the small or big blessings around me Fill my heart with gratitude.For my friends who struggle to pray, would you give them a desire to know you Teach them to pray, as you re teaching me to.Thank you for Jesus Thank you for loving us Thank you for the gift of grace.In Christ s name, amen.Day 30Oh, Father, you multiply the loaves and fishes You perform miracles that you alone are capable of You speak all there is into being.Help me experience your mighty power today Show me that you are capable of than I could ever ask or imagine And when I see your power at work, help me be grateful for it.I pray for everyone who feels there is not much to give thanks for right now Fill their hearts with inexplicable gratitude, for you are still good I give you thanks for your almighty power and kindness In Jesus name I pray, amen.Day 31Father, you are so worthy of it all my attention, praise, worship, and love Your works are amazing, beyond anything I can even express.Help me be a light that shines toward you today It is often hard for me to stand out from the world and be different Give me the courage to make your goodness known and to never be ashamed.Please give peace to my friends who are standing up for you and as a result have found themselves friendless or with few who understand them.I thank you for your wonderful works and all that you have done and will do.In the glorious name of Jesus Christ, amen.Day 32Dear God, you are the true judge and the true righteous one You are known throughout the earth.Help me to recognize the injustice around me that I m blind to Help me to see my blind spots Show me how I can help where I m needed most.Be with those around the world who are suffering and being taken advantage of Raise up someone to speak on their behalf.Thank you for being my advocate and allowing me to dwell in your presence.In the just and righteous name of Christ, I pray this, amen.Day 33Father, you are good You sent your Son for us and you are merciful to us daily, moment by moment, even to the final cost.Remind me today of your sacrifice, keep it close to my heart Make me not only thankful for but a vessel of your grace Don t let your grace stop with me, but show it to others through me.Be with my friends and family who do not believe in you and have hard hearts Let them know the promise of your good news.Thank you for the depth of your love You sent your Son to die a sinner s death so that I could be redeemed Thank you that you want to have a relationship with me through Jesus Christ.In his precious name, amen.Day 34God, the beauty of this earth reminds me of you The sea, forest, and mountains are your creation, a reflection of your power and goodness.I pray that you would put godly counsel in my path Give me the courage to seek mentorship and discipleship Don t let me depend on my own wisdom but on yours and those wiser than I.Be with those who have absent family members and feel abandoned Show them that you are their great Father who is able to fill that lonely place.Thank you for your faithfulness and the gift of friendship Thank you for bringing people into my life to encourage me to draw near to you.In Jesus name, amen.Day 35Good father, You are able to abolish all suffering.Remind me of your promises today May I walk in them and not the promises of man When others let me down, allow me to see your face and be comforted.For my family, I pray you would bless them today, than they can even ask for themselves Surprise them at every corner and build up their faith.Thank you that you gave us Jesus through whom all power is given Thank you that when we ask, you hear our cries.It s in his name that I always pray, amen.Day 36My God, you are the one who spoke and still speaks You are the one who came and still comes.Give me a discerning heart toward the Holy Spirit Teach me to hear Teach me to be still and silent to know when you are talking Give me silence today.Point my friends and family in the direction of your truth As they are trying to decide which way to go, give them the strength to choose your way above their own.Thank you for the hope we have in you and that we have eternity to look forward to.In the name of the Son, who is heir to all things, amen.

  4. antony says:

    This is a very nice book of Christian prayer Each prayer is proceeded by a biblical text that underpins and empowers the prayer being presented The prayers are short, only a few paragraphs at the most This book is good for browsing.The author is a real human like you, he makes that clear in the introduction where he says Hi I m Max, I m a recovering prayer whimp, I doze off when I pray The book is not encumbered by deep, dusty pages of philosophical, blabber after the short introduction it gets straight to the business of offering you real life prayers Not the kind of Hollywood style prayers of exhaled personalities but prayers of thanks, praise and petition If you like praying, reading prayers, or you want to start, then this book is for you.

  5. Rebeccah Brown says:

    I have the deepest respect for Max Lucado and there are many things within each of his books that touch and teach me This book, the same is true Initially I felt the prayers should have been categorized in some way After letting that go and chilling my heels a bit, I found that any prayer selected was purposeful and meaningful without need for labeling One of the lovely points of this book is to open yourself fully and find peace in prayer It is a keeper.

  6. Debra Hahn says:

    You are not alone As long as we have prayer, we are always only a call out to GOD Whenwe pray we grow closer to him, and our faith grows stronger in us as wellas the peace in side our spirits This book has many simple prayers in all every day life It helps us to grow into a stronger prayer life day by day Tohelp us attain the fellowship walk we want with our Father in heaven Makingus stronger in our Christian walk with GOD.Debra H.

  7. Laura Cundiff says:

    I love this book of prayers Whenever I open it to read a prayer or two it always seems to be just what I need I immediatly went back to the begining after finishing Its a great way to start or finish your day.

  8. Brooke Fradd says:

    I often struggle with prayer, and they suggested prayers in this book made for a good starting point On the mornings that I didn t feel moved to pray, the Lucados words guided me to seek God no matter my feelings I really liked and appreciated this resource.

  9. Kelly says:

    This is surprisingly good I love Max Lucado, but it s rare that I find something that I think will help me get a better handle on prayer I think I m going to be spending a lot of time going back through this one.

  10. laura b. hollenbeck says:

    Very helpfulThese prayers have been so helpful in my prayers and in my life They helped me to pray for others To get my prayers and actions directed in the right way to go Very thankful for this book.