Corroborating Evidence

[Ebook] ↠ Corroborating Evidence  Author James Welsh –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 418 pages
  • Corroborating Evidence
  • James Welsh
  • English
  • 07 August 2019

About the Author: James Welsh

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Corroborating Evidence book, this is one of the most wanted James Welsh author readers around the world.

Corroborating Evidence Epub Corroborating Evidence Author James Welsh Terrapin Corroborating Evidence Is The Result Of A Fourteen Year Investigation Into A Series Of UFO Sightings Which Took Place During December 1999 Author James Welsh Became Eyewitness To A Series Of UFO Encounters In Glasgow, Scotland Which Motivated Him Into Making An Official UFO Report That Began What Was To Become, The UFO Investigation Of The Millennium On August 31st 2012, He Discovered The Hidden Presence Of A Cloaked UFO On NASA S STS103 Hubble Servicing Mission Images Up Until Now, Anomalies Captured On NASA Footage Have Been Dismissed As Ice Crystals And Space Debris This Object Cannot Be Categorized Quite As Easily And Will Leave NASA With A Lot Of Explaining To Do I Ve Certainly Not Seen A Better Documented Book On UFO Sightings Ron Halliday Except From Review By Author Malcolm Robinson James In An Unusual But Quite Knowledgeable, Way Dedicates His Book Not Only To The British Ministry Of Defence, But Also NASA Never A Straight Answer And Also The Whitehouse, And The United Nations General Assembly However, James Is Quick To Point Out Though That His Book Is For The People Of The Earth His Final Dedication Goes Out To The Memory Of British UFO Researcher Graham Birdsall, Who Sadly Is No Longer With Us Graham Was A Big Inspiration To James And Helped Him On His Road Of Discovery James States That The Main Reason Why He Wrote This Book Was To Unveil The Secrecy That Surrounds The UFO Enigma And In His Own Small Way, Hopefully Provide The People Of The Earth An Insight Into How Big The UFO Phenomenon Really Is In His Own Words James States I Feel We Are Being Sold Extremely Short The Cover Up Of The Existence Of Life Elsewhere In The Universe Is The Cruelest Form Of Control Over Mankind To Deny Us The Right To Know Is Wrong We Are Sentient Beings And We Deserve The Truth And Who Can Argue With That The Introduction To The Book Is Written By A Very Dear Friend Of Mine, Ron Halliday A Fellow UFOlogists Who Was With Me Right From The Start Of My Research Group Strange Phenomena Investigations Ron Has Played A Big Part In UFO Investigation In Scotland And Was Always There To Lend Support To James James Goes Into Great Detail Here In His Book About His UFO Sightings And The Fact That He Had Witnesses With Him All Told Here With Factual Clarity Whilst One Might Argue That What Was Seen Above The City Of Glasgow Might Have Been A Helicopter James And His Friends Will Tell You Different And You Ll See Why In The Reading Of These Accounts After The Section Of James S UFO Sightings, James Then Informs The Reader About Those Early American UFO Sightings From The 1940 S, He Mentions The Infamous Condon UFO Report And Man S Journey Into Space His Book Follows A Chronological Timeline For These Entire World Wide UFO Reports Including Very Briefly, A Mention Of One Of Scotland S Biggest UFO Event, The A70 Incident Apart From The Main Thrust Of The Book Which Details The Hubble Telescope And Space Shuttle UFO Sightings The Book Is Full, And I Mean Full Of Worldwide UFO Sightings At The End Of The Day, This Is A Fine Book, A Book That Is Not Just About UFO Sightings In Scotland, But A Look At The NASA Space Program Where Not Everything Is As It Seems There Are Solid References To Where The Reader Can Obtain Further Facts And Numerous Links To You Tube For You To Find The NASA Video Footage That He Refers To A Fine Book Then, A Fine Read And Worth Your Attention For The Enormous Implications That It Suggests Malcolm Robinson Strange Phenomena Investigations The Full Review Is Available At Www.corroborating

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9 thoughts on “Corroborating Evidence

  1. Keith Scott says:

    This book is great, the reaction of the UFO community for the book was amazing and it lives up to its reputation The author James puts his own UFO experience and the reaction to his report by the MOD, so people look out, there s something out there

  2. James Welsh says:

    This book took 14 years to research, compile and write It is an honest candid account of a man from Glasgow Scotland who experienced several close encounters with UFOS and was thrust into researching the matter further for himself Reviewed by Scottish UFO author and InvestigatorMalcolm RobinsonStrange Phenomena Investigations 1979 Scotland as a nation has seen than its fair share of UFO sightings and author and UFO witness James Welsh brings his own sightings to bear in this book Here we have a book written not just about James s own personal UFO experiences but importantly informing the reader of UFO sightings surrounding NASA s Space Program but so the UFOs seen around the Hubble Servicing Mission STS103.James has always held a deep fascination for UFOs, however, that was taken to a different level when back in December 1999 he was witness to some incredible UFO sightings This set James out on a mission to find out what the hell these objects that he had been sighting really were and whilst doing so, it became apparent that similar UFO sightings to what James had witnessed were being seen across many of the continents of this planet James in an unusual but quite knowledgeable, way dedicates his book not only to the British Ministry of Defence, but also NASA Never a straight answer and also the Wh...

  3. Alyson Dunlop says:

    James Welsh has clearly spent a great deal of time and effort, not just getting the story of his important and significant sightings out to the public, but also in corroborating his sightings with similar global sightings that occurred at the same time He has done an extensive investigation for the reader s benefit, with a massive bibliography for easy online research This book functions as an ideal reference book for researchers Corroborating Evidence deserves to be published by a reputable publisher who can improve on the structure of the book, but apart from that, Welsh has produced a book to be proud of and any serious investigator and researcher should get a copy The price does not justify the amount of...