Panty Raid (Lotus Bay Mysteries #0.5)

[ Epub ] ➞ Panty Raid (Lotus Bay Mysteries #0.5)  Author Lorraine Bartlett –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 27 pages
  • Panty Raid (Lotus Bay Mysteries #0.5)
  • Lorraine Bartlett
  • English
  • 16 October 2019

About the Author: Lorraine Bartlett

lives in Rochester, NY, with her husband and three cats.

Panty Raid (Lotus Bay Mysteries #0.5) KINDLE Panty Raid Lotus Bay Mysteries 0.5 Lorraine Bartlett Tori Cannon And Her BFF, Kathy Grant, Get Together For A Girl S Weekend Of Wine, Cookies, And Laughter, But There S Also The Specter Of A Panty Pincher Hanging Around The Laundry Room Of The Complex Where Tori Lives Kathy Thinks They Can Catch The Culprit Red Handed In A Panty Raid This Mini Mystery Introduces The Two Main Characters Of The Upcoming Lotus Bay Mysteries With Baited Breath Arrives Fall 2014.

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10 thoughts on “Panty Raid (Lotus Bay Mysteries #0.5)

  1. Sabine says:

    A great little mystery that is just long enough to keep you busy on your lunch break or in a waiting room.Tori and Kathy having a girls get together and trying to solve the mystery of Tori s disappearing panties A fun mystery and a surprising outcome.

  2. Scott says:

    Short story that serves to introduce a new mystery series from Bartlett that I believe is coming out soon Her strength as a writer has always been her character development and the relationships that her characters develop between each other so.the short story format doesn t lend itself...

  3. Linda says:

    This story is a preface to With Baited Breath and gives a little flavor to the friendship between Kathy and Tori Friends since college, they have had less time to spend together due to distance and jobs And then Kathy receives a call from Tori, asking her to come visit and help solve a little mystery about sone petty larceny in her apartm...

  4. John Presler says:

    Tori is a school teacher and a tutor She works hard and has a live in boyfriend who works nights, tending bar Understandably, the different schedules have put a strain on their relationship.Tori uses her evenings pretty much as any other school teacher does She grades her student s papers, cleans house and does the laundry The laundry facility is in the basement of her apartment building For some reason, Tori s panties are disappearing during the laundry process The only other lady in the building is older and somewhat larger than Tori, so it s unlikely that she would be taking the panties.When Tori s boyfriend takes a weekend away, Tori calls her former college room mate for a girl s weekend After dinner, the ladies decide to find out who is stealing the panties and why.How will the ladies figure out who is taking her clothes and why What will Tori do if when she finds out who is responsible This is a very interesting take on a real pro...

  5. Amy says:

    Panty Raid is the prequel to Lorraine Bartlett s new series The Lotus Bay Mysteries.Kathy and Tori are best friends who have kept in touch as each has gone on with their lives.Tori asks Kathy to help her solve the problem of her disappearing underwear.Lorraine has a way of br...

  6. Linda says:

    Tori Cannon and Kathy Grant are best friends who haven t seen each other for a while When they get together this time they have the usual fun eating, laughing and drinking but while doing so they are also looking for whoever is st...

  7. Sue Ross says:

    Panty Raid is the prequel to Lorraine Bartlett s new series It s a good foundation for the books to come I love Lorraine s writing style You can become totally immersed in the plot to the point where you can see, feel and smell the scenes To me that is...

  8. Linda Smatzny says:

    This is a very short novella to introduce the characters of a new series The main characters are Tori Cannon and Kathy Grant best friends since college The new series is Lotus Bay This story is about discovering who is taking Tori s panties from the laundry room It was a very quick easy read.

  9. C-shaw says:

    This wasn t as good as the Booktown mysteries I don t much care for the Tori Cannon and Kathy Grant characters Too much description Leave something to my imagination Lorraine Lorna, you can do better than this.

  10. Glenda says:

    prequel to Lotus Bay Mystery serieswill try the first book