Renovation (Haunted Series Book 11)

[KINDLE] ✽ Renovation (Haunted Series Book 11)  Author Alexie Aaron –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 341 pages
  • Renovation (Haunted Series Book 11)
  • Alexie Aaron
  • English
  • 17 May 2018

About the Author: Alexie Aaron

My idea of a great vacation is a porch swing, view of the water and a pile of books to read.Once upon a time I wonder if those words spoken to, or read for the first time, were the catalyst for the spark that lit the fire within us To write and tell a story the way each of us does is a gift and a responsibility We sometimes toil hours with an idea, or even just one sentence, not knowing if anyo

Renovation (Haunted Series Book 11) It S Do It Yourself Season And The DIY Projects Are In Full Swing With Enthusiastic Homeowners Tearing Down Walls, Sanding Old Floors And Waking Up Ghosts It Should Be Called DYI For Do Yourself In, Mia Commented As The Calls For PEEPs Flood The Switchboards And Crash Their Computers Or Did Something Else Crash Them Meanwhile, Angelo Searches For The Soul Of His Lost Friend If There Is The Faintest Possibility That Father Santos Is Still Alive, Angelo Pledges To Find Him, Even If It Means His Own Demise Pick Up Your Hammer, Or Box Of Salt, And Join Mia, Murphy And PEEPs As They Navigate The Dangerous Territory Of Home Renovation Renovation Is The Eleventh Novel Of The Haunted Series, Following The Middle House Return To Cold Creek Hollow.

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10 thoughts on “Renovation (Haunted Series Book 11)

  1. Alexie Aaron says:

    This is the eleventh full length novel of the Haunted Series It s do it yourself season and the DIY projects are in full swing with enthusiastic homeowners tearing down walls, sanding old floors and waking up ghosts It should be called DYI for do yourself in, Mia commented as the calls for PEEPs flood the switchboards and crash their computers Or did something else crash them Meanwhile, Angelo searches for the soul of his lost friend If there is the faintest possibility that Father Santos is still alive, Angelo pledges to find him, even if it means his own demise.Pick up your hammer, or box of salt, and join Mia, Murphy and PEEPs as they navigate the dangerous territory of home renovation Renovation is the eleventh novel of the Haunted Series, following The Middle House Return to Cold Creek Hollow.

  2. Dixie Nettles says:

    MORE I would love this haunting series to be continued I ve read every book and almost feel like part of the family.Having a Ted Mia child with special talents would be interesting

  3. Pam Duncan says:

    Seriously hooked I am so enjoying this series Best ghost stories I have read in ages It would be fascinating to sit down with Alexi and chat Oh the conversations we would have Keep up the good work You make my lunches at work speed by Not to mention waiting in lines

  4. Lori Mills says:

    More good stuffI can t believe this is book 11 and started the series about 3 4 weeks ago I can t say much since I don t want to spoil anything for you I just love the PEEPS and their ghost hunting adventures Now to book 12.

  5. Maxine says:

    How many brilliant stories can Alexie Aaron come up with Many I hope I don t know where she gets the ideas from, but each book is individual, different and new with the warm comfort of regular characters who develop through each new novel what could you ask for perfect

  6. Mariea Prevatte says:

    Another good one Yes this was another good book I have stopped becoming surprised by her imagination and humor I have come to expect it I can t wait to start the next book.

  7. Glenda says:

    good series

  8. Michele bookloverforever says:

    2 household of ghosts plus a haunted computer reread february of 2017..still funny, sad, tragic, violent, loving

  9. Laura says:

    I love this series.this whole series is a lot of fun You get pulled into a great unreality Fun plots and great characters.

  10. Dan Deluca says:

    Entertaining Not as much humor or horror until the second half of the book But still good. Onto the next book.