Wrath of the Highlander (The MacLomain Series: Next Generation, #3)

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 254 pages
  • Wrath of the Highlander (The MacLomain Series: Next Generation, #3)
  • Sky Purington
  • English
  • 09 August 2017

About the Author: Sky Purington

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Wrath of the Highlander (The MacLomain Series: Next Generation, #3) Bookstore Owner And Ghostwriter, Cadence Wants Nothing Than To Be Part Of The Unending Draw Between Her Broun Heritage And The Medieval MacLomain Clan When An Unexpected Claddagh Ring Appears On Her Finger, The Distant Past Soon Becomes Her Future Though Sure She Was Brought Back In Time For Another Man, The Laird S Cousin Soon Draws Her Eye, Then Her Every Thought Recently Widowed By A Traitorous Wife, Malcolm MacLomain Has No Use For Love Merciless, He Swears Revenge On His Enemies And Embarks For War When Courageous And Persevering, Cadence Becomes Part Of His Endeavor His Broken Heart Starts To Mend Caught In An Unexpected Journey Of Forgiveness And Discovery, Two Worlds Collide And Heal Despite The, Wrath Of The Highlander Available Now Mark Of The Highlander Book , Vow Of The Highlander Book And Wrath Of The Highlander Book Coming Soon Faith Of The Highlander Book And The Final In The Series, Plight Of The Highlander Book Also Available The MacLomain Series Early Years Books Available In A Boxed Set And The Original MacLomain Series Books Available In A Boxed Set

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10 thoughts on “Wrath of the Highlander (The MacLomain Series: Next Generation, #3)

  1. Becky says:

    These stories build and build and become fantastical with each book Magic, romance, time travel, highlander goodness, soul mates, what could you ask for These stories will have you tumbling back in time with the Broun women and make you feel like you are in ancient Scotland Buy these books but start with the first set and get ready to travel back to a time of magic, mystery, battles with good vs evil, true love and highland weather, times and hardships I swear I smelled the ocean air as descriptive as this author is with these tales

  2. Rosemary Hughes says:

    We find Malcolm and a Broun lass, whom we have only heard about, in previous episodes, Cadence, do a dance around each other There is another couple, Sheila and Malcolm s lost brother, but again losts of turmoil and magic happening Fast paced and hectic, with hot and heavy sensual encounters It all races to the war between good and evil.I write this after reading this story as part 3 of The MacLomain s Series Next Generation.

  3. Pamela says:

    I love this series that is a time traveler series between the modern day, and 1450 in Scotland This book talks of Cadence who is a bookstore owner, and a fellow witch to her sister, and cousins.They all have magical rings, that when matched up with their true love, they will shine, and get hot They will also add magical forces to the couple when touched to her loves birthmark.The problem begins when Malcolm turns out to be her true love, but Sheila has her eye on him, and Cadence has been dreaming of a red haired Scottish lad for a while now This book takes place on the brink of the war with theHamilton Clan, who has kidnapped the laird s sister Torra It has dragons, warlocks, wizards, hot and sexy highlanders, passion, and a good fantasy storyline I love all the couples, and all the surprises that come their way Malcolm is not looking for love, but when the ring sparks a connection there is little either can do, but go for the ride Malcolm is of the Mc Lomain clan, and they seem to be drawn to the Brouns It seems even their Laird Colin is married to one The time travel part is quite fun..one minute Cadence is in the tub playing with her new ring, and the next she is falling over a cliff, and into the water in ye old Scotland Malcolm has to dive in to save her, and of course since she was nude in the future, well lets just say his plaid came in extra handy These are great adventures that keep you guessing It can be brutal during the clashes, with the broadswords and knives, and daggers They all seem to possess a gift, or talent of some kind, which I also like.This is book three.start with book one so you are not lost.

  4. Kyjuliano says:

    I was given a ARC of this book for an honest reviewI ve loved this series ever since I first read Calum s curse and I couldn t wait for Malcom s story to come out At the end of Vow of the Highlander I was looking forward to reading about Malcolm but I really didn t think Sheila was the right Broun for him I was so excited when I found out that Malcolm was going to be taking his journey with Cadence.The MacLomain series has everything you need for a good story Super hot Scottish men in kilts who share a destiny which unites them with strong women The ability to travel through time to find their one true love They fight together for the good of the clan with the help of Gods, wizards and warlocks Will they be able to save the dragon and their people from the Evil in their midst Sky does a wonderful job of bringing back characters from other books in the series in a way that makes it interesting for someone who hasn t read the other stories in the series and like a homecoming with some of your favorite people if you have.Malcolm is the grumbly bear you just know has a heart of gold and I was so happy that he finally found himself a good woman who would love him and heal his heart so he could love again I highly recommend this story and all the books in the MacLomain series.

  5. Kat Green says:

    WRATE OF THE HIGHLANDEABSOLUTELY LOVE MalcolmI ABSOLUTELY loved the continuation of Braden and Leslie s story into the brooding Malcolm and the stunningly beautiful, spirited redhead who turns into yet another Broun, a cousin I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Scottish love stories with some exciting Paranormal thrown in This entire series is a delightful read Ill be onto Sheila s story in a matter of minutes Sky Purington has done an outstanding job on all of these stories keeping the continuity and mystery of the adventures going

  6. Emily Finch says:

    3.5I enjoyed this one a bit than the last It s definitely an enjoyable read.