Treasured Secrets (The Coveted Saga, #1)

Free ↠ Treasured Secrets (The Coveted Saga, #1)  By C.M. Owens –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 210 pages
  • Treasured Secrets (The Coveted Saga, #1)
  • C.M. Owens
  • English
  • 02 January 2017

About the Author: C.M. Owens

C.M Owens only writes romance, but she s a sub genre whore.

Treasured Secrets (The Coveted Saga, #1) Her Blood Paints Her A Target, Whereas His Marks Him The Enemy, But Together They Could Be The Key To Changing It All Aria Weislen Fought Hard To Stay In Her Rainforest Home Deep In The Heart Of South America, But She Was Forced To Go Back To The States To Join The Rest Of Her Family Grayford, Massachusetts Is Almost The Polar Opposite Of Her Sweet Jungle Escape, But It Does Have One Thing Her Old Home Never Offered Tallis Verdan The Sight Of Him Leaves Her Unbalanced And Almost Incoherent Stolen Glances And Accidental Grazes Leave Her With A Fever Almost Every Time But His Mixed Signals Get Her High One Second Before Leaving Her To Plummet The Very Next In A World Full Of Secrets, Looks Can Be Deceiving Even Her Own Reflection Has Been Hiding The Truth Of What S To ComeIt Doesn T Take Long To Realize Why Tallis Sends Her On Such Highs And Lows His Blood, His Ties, And His Secrets Rival Hers And When The Reality Aria Has Known Shatters To Make Way For The Fantasy She Never Believed, It All Spirals Out Of Control It S Her They Want, But He Ll Stand In The Way YA Paranormal Romance Not Suitable For Anyone Under The Age Of

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10 thoughts on “Treasured Secrets (The Coveted Saga, #1)

  1. Raine says:

    BlahI usually love C.M Owens books, but I wasn t too much of a fan of this book I know the main characters are in high school, but it was just say to juvenile for me So much teenage drama It wasn t the best start to this series serial.

  2. Hollie says:

    I would have declared this book a DNF early on but at the time I didn t have another book on hand so I stuck it out This turned out to be a complete waste of time I have read some of this writers other work and liked them, but this book pretty much just sucked from beginning to end The writing had a juvenile feel to it The plot was similar to dozens of other books in this genre Ive read Even the characters felt cardboard like Throw in some insta love and this hot mess of a book is what you get At least it was free, but I still wouldn t recommend this one to anyone Sorry

  3. Monica says:

    Ok so I was a little disappointed in this book I love C.M Owens her books are fun filled with fantasy and romance This one didn t seem to flow right and there some editing problems I m not sure if this is a YA novel, but it just didn t seem to have the same Umph that her other novels have.This won t stop me from reading C.M Owens she still a great voice for PNR.

  4. Laura says:

    I dont think i could ever give C.M Owens less than a 5 star, i loved this book and will be carrying on the series but there is no smutt, i think its a fab book for a younger adult, the authors storyline is still as amazing as ever i literally finished the last page bought the next book and carried on, Tallis is the swoonworthy heartthrob, Aria is ok she s a bit one dimensional, but im not sure if that s down to shock, after her first kiss she seemed to get alot interesting but that s next book.The story basically follows Aria as she finds out her true descendants and learns to deal, lots of boys and insecurities.not the best Owens book but still an amazing read

  5. Bob says:

    It s obvious that fans of C.M Owens are enad of anything she writes, but after reading this book I can t say much positive.Please, if you are a fan of hers, don t come looking for my head This is a critique of her writing of this book alone I am not being critical of her story telling ability, though this story needs polishing, nor am I being critical of her.In no particular order, I think the thing she needs the most is an editor An editor would have eliminated using two different tenses in a sentence, eliminated grammatical errors so egregious I almost stopped reading Also, an editor would have eliminated using the wrong, similar sounding words i.e., your for you re.If Ms Owens writes with word, she personally could eliminate these errors by making sure both spell check and grammar check are on.I ve just purchased a book from another of her series I hope I have positive things to say.

  6. Mckenzie Baker says:

    I loved this book Its about a girl who falls for this guy that is protecting her from her true self that is yet to come They start to hang out and he starts to like her back She tells him she love him and he freaks out he loves her back but he s scared to get close Each time they get really close, he pulls away He doesn t want to hurt her, and the only way he thinks he can prevent that is leave To break the bond they have She is devastated and heart broken Reading this book make me want to like scream, laugh, and freak out at the same time I love it I am starting to read the next book I cant wait to see how she handles his leaving, and the drama that will happen when he come back I am hoping he comes back and they fall in love

  7. Sarah says:

    I couldn t bring myself to finish this book The characters weren t likable or well developed, and the plot was jerky and didn t flow well at all The storyline went from too little going on to too much going on to I don t even care what s going on any Overall this book felt like a chore to read, and I agree with someone else that said it felt too much like a YA novel.

  8. Daphne says:

    Generally an easy read and I enjoyed the story line It could do with further editing as some of the similar sounding yet incorrect words had interesting images popping into my mind i.e pennants vs penance

  9. Dani Dearing says:

    It s definitely not my favorite Owens book The protagonist seemed a little desperate, whiney, and immature She didn t seem like the heroine type I just had my hopes higher going into this book because of how much I adore her other books.

  10. Dace says:

    5 very subjective and very fan girly stars A Disclaimer I m a fan of C.M Owens I enjoyed this book A lot You can tell it s one of authors early works, but I like it all the same It has many grammar mistakes and there are places where you get confused, it feels like sentences are cut and you don t get all the information you need, and at the same time sometimes, you get too much information you actually don t need BUT I really felt the story, like all C.M Owens works, it made me feel I was in tears, I was smiling, I was laughing, I was frustrated, I was in love This book gave me so much emotion and I want to read the next ones so so much And that is why 5 stars Although it s not the highest quality book I have read, I m able to overlook it because of the emotions I get out of the book I don t see point reading the perfect book no grammar mistakes, no spelling mistakes and textbook plot , if it doesn t make you love the characters and cry with them I don t read books to read perfectly composed words , I read so I can get lost in the story And I m so lost in this one, I couldn t put this book down and I ve already almost finished the next one in the series If you can overlook grammar and spelling mistakes and you are looking for emotions in the book, this is one for you.