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  • 11 October 2018

About the Author: Anthony de Mello

Anthony de Mello was a Jesuit priest and psychotherapist who became widely known for his books on spirituality An internationally acclaimed spiritual guide, writer and public speaker, de Mello hosted many spiritual conferences.The few talks which he allowed to be filmed, such as A Rediscovery of Life and A Way to God for Today, have inspired many viewers and audiences throughout the United St

AwarenessAceasta Este O Chemare S V Trezi I E Posibil S Nu V Da I Nc Seama C Dormi I Cei Mai Mul I Dintre Noi Suntem, N Cea Mai Mare Parte A Timpului, Somnambuli Con Tien A Ne Deschide Ochii Este Modul N Care Antony De Mello Ne Spune Cu Bl Nde E,dar Cu Mult Fermitate E Momentul S V Trezi I

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10 thoughts on “Awareness

  1. Courtney says:

    This is one of the personally challenging books I ve ever read It made me think hard I wanted to sit down and argue with this guy I didn t like how it was written I didn t like what he said about people and selfishness and being and love, but I can t stop thinking about it The time passes, the I think thiss asshole is on to something The Pope must have thoght so too, since he EXCOMMUNICATED HIM FOR WRITING IT.

  2. Tom LA says:

    You guys are such idiots Just look at you all Fretting about, worrying, stressing about everything But hey, I have the key to take all of your stresses away Yes, I do Look closely in my eyes, though, because before you have the chance to ask me what that key is, and why I m not explaining it properly to you, I m going to slam a little cute story in your face that is going to distract you from the fact that I have actually just told you nothing at all Voil Clap Boom It s magic I m giving this trickster s book 2 stars and not only 1 because there are some snippets, here and there, of interesting, good stuff mainly the quotations from the Fathers of the Church The vast majority of the book s 184 pages, however, are filled with vague, KahlilGibrany, NewAgey, PauloCoelhoey banalities and platitudes De Mello sometimes hits at some profound spiritual concepts, sourcing from induism, buddhism and christianity, but it s all done in a very simplistic, conversational and superficial way Mostly, he keeps blurting out empty slogans like a Jesuit Tony Robbins Wake up He will write sentences like One of the signs that you ve awakened is that The horror, the horror His main missteps are his over rationalization of life and his posing as the wise guru Here is a perfect example When my own mother got cancer, my sister said to me Tony, why did God allow this to happen to Mother I said to her My dear, last year over a million people starved in China because of the drought, and you never raised a question He s probably lucky his sister didn t have a knife in her hand at that moment Anyway, I bet he was an extremely charismatic individual to be in the same room with But this book is wishy washy, bland tripe.

  3. Joel says:

    I picked up this book at a monastery in Northern California about 10 years ago and have kept it close ever since.De Mello, espousing no religious agenda, contends we ve been brainwashed as to our typical ideas of love and happiness This untypical priest his writings were denounced by the Pope says our attachments, illusions, conditioning and general unawareness keep us anxiety ridden Maybe the Pope didn t like de Mello s appreciation of the prostitute scene in Fellini s 8 1 2 The author says, If we really dropped illusions, we would be alert The consequence of not doing this is terrifying and unescapable We lose our capacity to love If you wish to love, you must learn to see again.How can you love someone whom you do not even see Do you really see someone you re attached to And once we have the awareness he asks, Can you imagine the relief when you don t have to impress anybody any Oh, what a relief Happiness at last You no longer feel the need or the compulsion to explain things any Read this book and feel free.

  4. Anita Louise says:

    My favorite spiritual book Anthony de Mello helped me to understand, I m an ass, you re an ass He tells us we re all sleeping, and he clobbers us over the head with a wake up call.

  5. S.Ach says:

    How to write a best selling spiritual self improvement book Challenge peoples thoughts Destroy their beliefs, no matter what they are Tell them how miserably they are leading their lives, what scoundrels and idiots they have been all through Yes, people love to hear that Probably, that s the reason they have taken up that book course A perfectly happy person would seldom pick up a spiritually enlightening book Ask them tough questions What is happiness Who is I What is life s goal You don t have to offer any intellectual answer Just ask the questions and say nay to their fragmented answers Now, tell them the things they already know, in a suave manner, with lots of funny anecdotes that they can relate to or laugh about Quote some philosophers gurus of the past Know Thyself , Desire not, Suffer not If you can fuse the ideas of different cultures belief systems, you become a rock star And finally conclude with something like, Live in the present Don t think about the past , Transform yourself if you want to see a change in the world , Be aware of your surroundings , and you will see people nodding around That gives the hope to people who still believe that there is much to life than the wretched mechanical life they are clinging on to P.S If you have already read J Krishnamurthy or Osho s books, you can safely avoid this book And if you haven t read those books, then read those first.

  6. Randy says:

    Awareness, Anthony de Mello s most popular book, is a beautiful bridge between Western and Eastern spiritual thought de Mello was a Roman Catholic priest who grew up in India, and his intimate familiarity with both traditions combined with a deep understanding of world mysticism provide seekers of a Western background i.e., Christian a thought provoking introduction to Eastern spiritual thought After his death in 1987, de Mello was censured by the Vatican s Defeneders of the Faith headed at that time by Joseph Ratzinger, the current Pope Consequently, his books are not allowed to be sold in official Roman Catholic bookstores All the reason to read them

  7. A says:

    Book that tought me that I am not my emotions, and to wake up, which I haven t really done, because I have too many snooze buttons.

  8. Zach says:

    Awareness ReviewWell, I must really love this book I ve read it 3 times in my life There was a time in my life where I wanted to wake each day with a favorite quote I chose 52 different quotes one for each randomly drawn card from a deck from 5 6 books, with about 10 of the quotes from this one The reading this most recent time in an effort to better understand the culture of India, where I am now working with several of their citizens Anthony de Mello brought Buddhist parables, Hindu philosophies into Christian spirituality So there is a fine mix of a Catholic template with an overlay of Eastern mysticism At times in this life, I reach out from the Puritan work ethic and strict quid pro quo level of spirituality to someone who is saying, not this, not this Try this DeMello quote from the middle of the book When you said, I was a success, you were in error you were plunged into darkness You identified yourself with things You re going to cling to them, you re going to be worried that they may fall apart, and that s where your suffering comes in That is what I meant earlier when I said to you, If you re suffering, you re asleep suffering is a sign that you re out of touch with the truth I am told that the Catholic Chuch, under the writings of future Pope Benedict, issued a notification questioning if de Mello went too far in his belief system Along the line of the only knowing is unknowing the less identification with the world, the better For most of society, I would believe this to be true But isolation can go too far Speaking of all of reality as illusion doesn t leave a person much to grab a hold of Here is the full Bishop Ratzinger notification Nowhere does it say that he s some sinister, dangerous writer though I think he s a refreshing change from a life of immersion.http web 2006111505What I get into from de Mello is his easy grasp on what might be the most common U.S habits This one s kind of fun, because it poker at India adapting to American habits In India, many of our poor people are starting to get transistor radios, which are quite a luxury May as well be a smart phone Everybody has a transistor, you hear, but I don t have a transistor I m so unhappy Until everyone started getting transistors, they were perfectly happy without one Until somebody told you you wouldn t be happy unless you were loved, you were perfectly happy The frolicking short 2 3 page chapters made the book especially amusing Like a good homily, you get a soundbite to catch your attention, a couple of Buddhist parables to twist your assumptions a little and then a drumbeat of his different themes which stretch through the book This style is made effective through some level of repetition that I m sure some readers find frustrating Quit telling me to release myself from the dependencies of the world in 57 different ways I get it already But most everyone does not If you ask a person if they could give up their established way of life right now and accept that the suit of armor known as your body is temporary, could most do it De Mello wants to wear you down to the point where you could give it all up for a better reality.But the book seems to have an ephemeral quality to it Most of what I ve seen of self help books have anecdotes of current people in current situations for the therapist psychiatrist to draw off of De Mello chooses the timeless metaphors, leaving the book to read like a New Testament set of readings and accompanying homily Where is the mention of current Presidents or Prime Minister or Social Issues It s refreshing that he steers clear of politics or personal struggles and moves to the struggles that we must all go through I can imagine for some readers though, this book will seem like an exploration of Mars for solutions to problems on Earth It s out there a bit, with the spray of allegories.So, one of the frustrating parts of working through the Eastern mysticism is the continued theme of if you meet the Buddha on the road, shoot him as if to say if you are trying to find the truth, you had better believe that what you find won t be the truth But unlike my typical experience of Eastern philosophy, this one seems to point to a way forward rather than just where NOT to find the truth He points to a model of viewing what is happening to oneself as the me , where there is an additional, eternal I who is looking on as the omniscient observer The me can be in pain, can be confused, can be divided, can be feeling elation, but each is transient and the forever I knows that all of it is the experience of being alive I kind of like this.What I liked even better are the concepts introduced on the last pages, beginning with the Chapter Saying Nothing About Love A taste of the destructive powers of drugs, a taste of the human bodies insatiable need for approval, appreciation, attention and then a treatment on the nourishment of life You might be surprised by what you see here.

  9. Donna says:

    Considering the length of Awareness 184 pages , it s taken me a long time to read what I have of it As a matter of fact, I haven t quite finished it, but it s due at the library and I m taking it back It s taken a long time to read, partly because the book is a collection of meditations and, of course, the whole point is to take time to reflect on them In addition, though, I have to say that, like a dictionary, it offers very little in the way of plot There s just one message in each of its little commentaries and vignettes letting go It s a pretty important lesson probably one we need to master at some time or another, for the sake of sanity so I suppose it bears repeating Up to a point.The trouble is that Anthony de Mello, S.J., was clearly a personality one of those rare individuals who exudes energy and charisma and what we used to call in the 60 s good vibes He was a popular leader of retreats and conferences, where he communicated his ideas to people through the spoken word, not the written word He died fairly young and very suddenly, before he had a chance to compile and edit his own writings Consequently, it seems that those who loved and worked with him have gathered every scrap of wisdom, every utterance he left behind, and captured them for posterity The result, in this book, is a patchwork quilt of loosely stitched anecdotes, parables, and exhortations.I was eager to read something by de Mello because I ve heard him described as a philosopher One of my all time favorite authors, Teillard de Chardin, was a Jesuit philosopher, so I rather hoped to find penetrating analysis and eloquent language such as I remember from his writings But if Teillard s prose had the rich intricacy of, say, Handel s water music, then the writing of de Mello is the lone, sweet melody of a Pied Piper.If you happen to be interested in de Mello, his brother s Web site offers many insights into the nature of the man and his life.

  10. Garland Vance says:

    I hated almost every minute of this book but had to read it for a class de Mello combines Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and New Age worldviews mixed with a dose of radical individualism to create a spirituality devoid of any significant beliefs except for the fact that we don t need other people if we are aware of ourselves.Throughout the book there were sentences and sometimes paragraphs that I thought were insightful But I continually found myself wishing that I was finished with this book FINALLY, I am Don t waste your time.