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  • 14 March 2019

About the Author: Sandra Vasoli

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Je Anne Boleyn (Volume 1) book, this is one of the most wanted Sandra Vasoli author readers around the world.

Je Anne Boleyn (Volume 1) Over The Next Days, As I Went About My Business, The King Was Rarely Far From My Thoughts Finally, Admitting To Myself That My Mind Was Constantly Preoccupied With Images Of Him, I Decided To Spend Some Time Alone In My Chamber Attempting To Sift Through My Sentiments For The TruthGain Unprecedented Access To One Of History S Most Tumultuous Love Stories In Sandra Vasoli S Riveting Debut Novel, Je Anne BoleynSixteenth Century England Witnessed A Roiling Tide Of Changes Most Of Which Were Fueled By The Scandalous Romance Between King Henry VIII And Anne BoleynThe First Volume Of This Two Part Series Tells The Story Of What Really Happened From Anne S Own Point Of View In Sumptuous Detail, Je Anne Boleyn Recounts The Moment The Lovers First Met, As Well As The Powerful And Climactic Consequences That EnsuedScrupulously Researched, This Fictional Memoir Welcomes Readers Into The Head And Heart Of One Of History S Most Misunderstood Women Learn How Much Anne Valued Her Female Friendships, Her Desperate Desire To Bear Children, And What Lay Behind Her Instinctive Mistrust Of Cardinal WolseyReaders Will Gladly Come To Know Anne Boleyn Like Never Before

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10 thoughts on “Je Anne Boleyn (Volume 1)

  1. Janet Wertman says:

    This is a beautifully written, first person account of Henry VIII s courtship of Anne Boleyn The book begins at their first real exchange, and ends at their marriage.I read it both as a Tudor fan and as someone who seeks to write about them As a Tudor fan, I loved the details the author included Vasoli did an immense amount of research she even visited the Vatican to inspect Henry s actual love letters and it really showed As a Tudor author, I appreciated things like Vasoli s choice of Lady Margaret Wyatt as a companion to Anne, someone that Anne could talk to and get out of her own head Few others in Anne s life could have fulfilled this role as well.Bottom line I loved the book.I have to admit, I wasn t sure I would I have had Anne Boleyn s voice inside my head since I was eight years old, and I tend to dislike accounts in the first person narrative for that reason But I have to say, Vasoli s skill made first person the right choice it got us deeper into the story, intimately than third person would have Spoiler alert I m about to get a little specific about certain choices the author made, stop reading now if you prefer to be swept along by the tale Vasoli was also able to overcome my tendency to dismiss accounts that in any way go against my long seated beliefs she managed to not only keep me hooked but even open my mind Specifically, I have always believed that Anne did not cede her virginity to Henry until they were in Calais even after her ennoblement as Marquess of Pembroke But Vasoli created a compelling alternative and made me see how Anne could have given into the temptation right before they left for Calais, then agreed to live as husband and wife with him in Calais and beyond.Most important, Vasoli is the first author I ve read who made Calais as magical as it deserved to be No one else has ever come close Of course, this required that she gloss over the insult of Francois suggesting that his mistress greet Anne, since his wife and his sister had refused or were unavailable But Vasoli was right to do so As readers, we would not have been able to suspend our indignation enough to appreciate the grand scale of Anne s triumph.My one complaint That the sequel was not immediately at hand I cannot wait to immerse myself in the next installment of this compelling story

  2. Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his) says:

    I m stopping this one while I m ahead Aka 3% into this.I loved Vasoli s analysis of Anne s supposed letter from the Tower, and I just don t want to start reading this one since I had an issue literally a few pages into it There seems to be a disconnect for me Love the nonfiction for authors who are interested in Tudor history, but the second I attempt their fiction work, there s a huge disconnect with language, sentence structure, and characterization Some people just shouldn t write fiction.Declining to rate this one because I m sure it s a good interpretation, the writing is just holding me back.

  3. Adrienne Dillard says:

    Anne Boleyn has captured the imagination of writers and the hearts of readers since her death over 400 years ago Unfortunately, she has most often been depicted as one dimensional with the author highlighting only those personality traits that seem the most dramatic In Sanda Vasoli s hands, the true Anne finally comes to life as a fully developed and fully complex woman.Vasoli creates a vivid portrait of the early days of the love affair between the vivacious and exotic Anne and her paramour, the glorious King of England, in stunning detail Each scene is carefully crafted to bring the heady atmosphere of the English Court alive without the clutter of info dumps or over elaborate descriptions Anne is shown to be witty and intelligent, charismatic and enchanting, but Vasoli never shies away from the less attractive characteristics and behaviors that she and many of her contemporaries were guilty of The king, himself, is once again the golden prince of Christendom rather than the oafish tyrant he is portrayed as in many retellings.Vasoli s painstaking research is obvious and she has treated this historical love story with great care I found this novel to be both delightful and thought provoking and I look forward to the end of Anne s story in the second novel Truth Endures.

  4. Sarah Joy says:

    I won this book thanks to the website On The Tudor Trail and Sandra Vasoli.I want to write an honest review without offending the author hopefully.Overall the book was wonderfully written from the point of view of Anne Boleyn and her experiences up until her marriage to Henry VIII It started off a bit slow but became enjoyable as I read on At the beginning of the book there were quite a few errors An example of this would be saying Henry VIII had brown eyes when he had blue There were some other errors that also kind of threw me off of the story It was a bit of a distraction However once you get into the book it s very enjoyable You can almost imagine the gowns Anne is wearing and everything she is feeling I cannot wait for the next book in the series.My only suggestion to Sandra would be to have someone proofread the next one Perhaps someone else that she knows with Tudor Anne Boleyn knowledge too Most of the facts in this book were accurate however just a couple inaccuracies Other than that it was a wonderful read that I really enjoyed.I hope others enjoy it as much as I did.

  5. Patty Mccormick says:

    There were no ratings and no reviews for this book on Goodreads or LibraryThing Why Must have been a lack of publicity This book is a great book about a great love affair I liked hearing Anne s thoughts and feelings as she is falling in love I thought that this book was well done and moved quickly It kept my interest and was not boring I enjoyed reading and learning about the hunts I thought that this was a very romantic story This might be fancy than fact, but it makes for a good story It would have made sense to read this before I read the Lady in The Tower, but too late for that Review on that to come soon I liked this book better than some of the other Tudor books that I have read I give this one a 4 out of 5 stars I will be looking out for the next book also

  6. Deborah Bogen says:

    I liked this despite its audacityWe re severely limited in knowing what went on in the mind of most players in the Tudor dramas but access to the extant correspondence might help In any case Vasoli can make an argument from her reading of the letters that she has some special insight I agree that the idyllic relationships between Anne and her parents appear unlikely at besteven H and A should have had rough times than indicated here but the politics seem well represented What comes next of course will let us know if Vasoli s picture of Anne s temperament has any chance of holding up The side HX is worthy.

  7. Maria says:

    This was Sandra Vasoli s first novel and I must applaude her , for the task she took on was by no means an easy feat The story of Anne Boleyn has been told in every which way possible except from the perspective of Anne Boleyn This is exactly what Sandra Vasoli has done here in this eloquently written, well researched historical book of fiction She will dazzle you with wit and charm and the romantic intricacies and delights shared between Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII It is almost told in journal form straight from the mouth of Anne Bravo Look forward to the next book in this series

  8. Sarah Bryson says:

    Sandra Vasoli s fictional novel is an elegantly woven story which explores the life of Anne Boleyn from the moment she first lays eyes upon King Henry VIII to her long awaited marriage to one of England s most notorious monarchs Vasoli writes her story from the perspective of Anne Boleyn and this allows the reader to immerse themselves fully in Anne s world This novelisation is written in such a way that the reader cannot help but feel for Anne, to experience her joys, her triumphs as well as struggle with her frustrations and sadness as she moves through various events in her life leading up to her marriage to Henry VIII This story steers away from other fictional novels which depict Anne Boleyn as a woman after the English throne that just also happens to fall in love with Henry along the way Vasoli s story is a love story from the very moment that Anne Boleyn lays eyes upon her King the reader can feel the passion and desire that starts to grow within Anne We see this desire turn into lust and then a passionate, all consuming love which encompasses Anne and keeps her entwined with Henry VIII even though the most difficult of times There is no malice, no hidden intent to steal the crown from Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII s first wife Instead there is the simple desire of a woman who has fallen madly in love with a man and wishes for nothing than to marry him This is a refreshing look at Anne Boleyn s life as the reader is not shown a vindictive side to Anne but rather heartfelt and honest feelings of love that drive her forward Vasoli weaves a picturesque and detailed world in which Anne Boleyn lives She gives of the intricate details of the dresses and accessories worn by Anne, Henry VIII and those at court, she describes the palaces, houses and rooms in which each person resides and even describes how Anne bathed and prepared herself for presentation at court and of her husband It is clear through reading this book that a great deal of reading and research has gone into the writing process Sandra Vasoli follows accurately the time line of Anne Boleyn s life and her seven year courtship with Henry VIII These accurate details I feel help to add a depth to the story Sandra Vaoli s story of Anne Boleyn is emotional and captivating and I look forward to the second volume and to see the great triumphs and devastating lows that Anne Boleyn will face before her final, tragic execution in May 1536 This book is a must have for anyone who is interested in Tudor history, Anne Boleyn or simply a passionate love story.

  9. Deborah says:

    I tried and tried to get into this book I really love Anne Boleyn but this one just wasn t for me.

  10. James says:

    Anne Boleyn admittedly has been done to death when it comes historical fiction, their are a ton of books out of there featuring her in some way, and i must admit, their was a slight part of me that was a little apprehensive before reading this book, however not long after starting it i realised i had no reason to feel apprehensive at all What i really liked about this book was it s told purely from Anne s view not an easy portrayal for any writer, but Sandra Vasoli gets it perfectly spot on in my view, because Anne does not come across as a completely innocent 100% perfect person, which of course would be the easiest thing to do Here however, we see Anne s fiery temper, her sharp tongue and her ability to use her alluring and captivating charisma to her advantage We also however, see her admit her faults, realise her errors and try to control her sharp tongue and hot temper We also see Anne in a caring capacity, such as when one of her servants is dying of the sweating sickness epidemic We see her devotion to religion, and her support of William Tyndale, who is considered a heretic for his challenging of the Catholic Church And we also the family orientated Anne, upset at the rud whispers that surround her sister Mary, her close relationship with her brother that was twisted against them, and a seemingly sweet relationship with her mother Who knows if these where the case but it s a refreshing contrast, to the cold, cruel and distant portrayal we get of Anne s parents of The Other Boleyn Girl or The Tudors The story takes place between Henry first becoming properly aware of Anne, through to their marriage, on the way we see their relationship grow from strength to strength, the rise of the Boleyn faction, the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey,and the break with Rome, The story touches upon her education at the court of Margaret of Austria, her service to Queen Claude of France and her relationship and admiration for one of the finest figures of the French Renaissance and one of the large players in the Reformation Marguerite of Navarre Another aspect of this book that i thoroughly enjoyed was the mention of Henry s Bayne Tower at Hampton Court Palace, the bath he had installed their and the sophisticated water system he in placed their for someone who works in heritage, this is a lovely bonus.This book alongside Sarah Morris s Le Temps Viendra Vol I and II are some of the best historical fiction books written at least where Anne Boleyn is concerned I eagerly await part 2