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  • リ・モンスター
  • Kogitsune Kanekiru
  • Japanese
  • 13 May 2019
  • 9784434201882

About the Author: Kogitsune Kanekiru

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the リ・モンスター book, this is one of the most wanted Kogitsune Kanekiru author readers around the world.

リ・モンスターReading By Kogitsune Kanekiru Survivingtheholocaust.us Tomokui Kanata Has Been Re Incarnated In The Weakest Goblin, Named Rou, After Having Undergone An Unfortunate Death However Goblin Rou Has Retained His Previous Life S Memories, An Unusual Evolution, As Well As Becoming Strong Enough To Gain Status Boosts From Eating.In This Alternate World Of Survival Of The Fittest, Events Unfold With Competent Subordinates And Comrades, Delightful Case Of The Tail Wagging Dog Long Awaited Survival Fantasy By Komikaraizu

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10 thoughts on “リ・モンスター

  1. Doc says:

    Re Monster is rated Older Teen so parents looking to get this book be sure you are alright with Goblin hobgoblin pant bulges, insinuations of non consensual intercourse with women who are kept to breed goblins, some cannibalism, references to booze, some strong language, murder, an.okay wait a sec there Now that I think of it although it doesn t really show the worse of the above things but maybe you better leave this book to the big kids.Tomokui Kanata is not your average human but that does not stop him from meeting an untimely death at the hands of someone he considered like a sister and before he knew it he is reborn into the body of a lowly goblin in another world unlike his old sci fi like world However he has retained his memories from his previous life and he still has one of his rarest skills that will help him rise in the ranks and change how things have been going on the old goblin den Join Tomokui now known as Gob Rou and his new friends as they spin their li...

  2. Rachel says:

    I read all the currently available chapters of this I kind of hate myself for it Re Monster started out kind of interesting and could have been a fun world civilization building series, but it turns into a let s see what stupidly strong monster will go down after a single encounter with the main OP character, plus obligatory harem nonsense where we don t know the names of 5 out of 6 girls festival Not at all my style There s minimal plot, things go too ...

  3. Elinor Master of Gifs says:

    Tr s agr ablement surprise par ce premier tome On m en avait dit du bien mais je n tais pas s re d aimer au final c est vraiment sympa bien qu un peu verbeux, mais au final a fonctionne bien quand m me L histoire prend un point de vue original en suivant cet homme r incarn en goblin J aime beaucoup son intelligence et son c t strat ge, et sa fa on de faire voluer sa tribu.Le rythme n est pas des plus soutenus mais il se pass...

  4. John Beliveau says:

    Re Monster as of how much is out now, is a decent Isekai series with just about the same concept as That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime where a kirby like seemingly underdog character reincarnates in a fantasy world as a weak monster and quickly works their way up with a combination of plot armor and their completely over powered ab...

  5. Samantha Brooks says:

    As the series progresses, I continue to question the teen rating.

  6. Jennette says:

    Love it

  7. Darnell says:

    Though horribly over narrated, the visuals make the story somewhat less lifeless That isn t enough to save it.

  8. Bob Ly says:

    This was very interesting I like the characters, and how this has in depth details than the graphic novel versions Which I also read This is interesting to me because I am interested in reincarnation aspect of games, people, and books.

  9. Séverine says:

    Kanata est un humain Renforc par plusieurs op rations, il poss de aussi un pouvoir d absorption il gagne des comp tences en mangeant des objets, animaux, humains et cr atures Mais un soir, apr s une beuverie, Kanata est tu par une de ses amies et se r incarne dans le corps d un b b gobelin qui va vite grandirAdaptation d un light novel, autant le dire tout de suite, je ne suis pas convaincue et j ai bien l impression d tre pass c t de l histoire Cela vient surtout du fait que je me suis demand e pendant toute ma lecture Et maintenant, il va se passer quoi Kanata se r incarne, devient Gobu R , un gobelin qui va tr s vite voluer, il va chasser, se faire des v tements, gravir les chelons Mais c est tout Quel est son but Que va t il faire de concret, d int ressant En r alit , il ne se passe pas grand chose en dehors de a Et je ne suis pas convaincue non plus par le fait qu il garde son pouvoir d absorption alors qu il a perdu tout le reste sa mort, ni qu une voix dans sa t te lui indique qu il gagne un niveau quand il volue l , j ai pas compris pourquoi , ou quand il a de nouvelles comp ...

  10. Rebecca says:

    This is definitely one of the odder taken to another world stories, and unfortunately I feel like the manga version is not doing it justice The plot, which revolves around a super powered human who is killed and reborn as a goblin in a fantasy world, is interesting, if only for its focus on goblins The hero, renamed Gob rou in his new life, is grossly overpowered but efficient, and doesn t appear to be a typical LN or harem lead The problem is that it feels like a lot of world building, specifically about Gob rou s human life, has been left out, so we have no real idea of what his work was or why it required him to have powers, both of which feel important in terms of his new life An even bigger issue is that the adapters appear not to have understood what show not tell means the whole volume is narrated in text boxes by Gob rou, making it feel like an abridged...