RAV 1st Collection

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  • Paperback
  • 276 pages
  • RAV 1st Collection
  • Mickey Zacchilli
  • English
  • 01 June 2017

About the Author: Mickey Zacchilli

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the RAV 1st Collection book, this is one of the most wanted Mickey Zacchilli author readers around the world.

RAV 1st Collection RAV Is An Action Adventure Romance Drone Comic That Has Been Likened To Such Epic Works As Alice In Wonderland And UlyssesFollow Juice, Sally, The Snake Prince, A Mystery Cat, And Other Bizarre Friends As They Navigate An Esoteric Whirlwind Of Dorks, Punks, Passive Aggression, Kisses, Weird Basements, And Bad Breakfast SpotsThis Tome Collects The First Five Issues Of Mickey Zacchilli S Enigmatic And Hilarious Series, As Well As Drawings Ephemera

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10 thoughts on “RAV 1st Collection

  1. André Habet says:

    This comic was bonkers From page to page I didn t know what was going to occur, but it all landed right as far as who Zacchilli establishes each character to be I loved reading about these folks and how they navigated the literal underground and seemingly supernatural locales they find themselves in This book was sold out and I got it through my university library s inter library loan program So grateful to get access to this book, and now gonna pick up the 2nd to continue these RAV adventures with these divine hooligans.

  2. Maggie says:

    A really cool, but difficult art style that is really satisfying once you get into the rhythm of it Follows the bizarre adventures of Juice and Sally as they get separated while hanging out in a cemetery filled with cultists.Quirky Characters, Magical Realism, Punk Aesthetic, Mature Content, Comic Book

  3. E says:

    This is so wild and unexpected and the art is beautiful and uncontrolled and perfect, and there s a reference to Bataille milk dip or at least I think it s a reference I love Mr Juice s adventures and Sally s adventures I love that there are cultists I love that there s a cat This is like some comic I wished existed without knowing that I wished it Surreal but in the best way I understand enough and don t have to have anything else explained to get what s happening And totally weird and wonderful.I really like comics that don t fuss too much about everything looking polished, but focus on the expressiveness of the art In RAV I like that dialogue bubbles have extra bits added on for words that got cut off and then other places where words are cut off I like that the form and the content match so well.I like the way the dialogue is like listening to two people talk at a party but the narrative is like a Grimm s fairy tale one of the surreal violent ones like Herr Korbis crossed with some kind of manga romance adventure story crossed with crust punks crossed with I don t know, Dante s Divine Comedy or something With bits of Greek mythology and The Odyssey thrown in.Like I said, wild And super magical Read immediately.

  4. Andy says:

    Highly experimental, RAV looks on the surface to be a hurried, frenzied surreal nightmare narrative There s going on than that, much , but so much of the art is difficult to take in In so many places, it s simply hard to tell what s going on Maybe that s the point I will say that after reading it, I couldn t stop thinking about it RAV won t be for everyone, but it certainly deserves a look I plan to give it a second look in a week or two Currently nominated for an Ignatz Award for Outstanding Graphic Novel.

  5. Erik Wirfs-Brock says:

    For adventurous comics fans only,as this pushes the edge of what a page of comics can look like and still be understood as a coherent piece of sequential art It can be exhilarating, as I sometimes marveled at what weird alchemy made my brain able to comprehend something so chaotic, but like many experimental pieces of art it s a very mixed bag overall Gary Panter and Fort Thunder dudes cast a long shadow over this as well.

  6. Derek Royal says:

    An interesting work, and by an author I wasn t familiar with until I saw this year s Ignatz Award nominees The art is fascinating, but at times the detail of the art, at times almost frantic, make it a little difficult to decipher This might appear a simple story at first, but the art requires you to read closely literally, holding the book close so as to take in everything in order to get what s happening.

  7. Liz Yerby says:

    It s pretty wild and I m not sure how to feel about it.