Low Voltage (Between the Lines #2)

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  • ebook
  • 254 pages
  • Low Voltage (Between the Lines #2)
  • Jocie McKade
  • English
  • 08 March 2019
  • 9781502465160

About the Author: Jocie McKade

Jocie McKade is an bestselling author, scriptwriter, and journalist She lives in the Midwest with her family and Diesel the Wonder Dog I write romantic comedy because, well, most of my real life could be a comedy, so I go with what I know I am a grower of ArnoldSchwarz a weeds, which I call my garden guardians no one wants to raid a garden with THOSE kind of weeds and I am a camping god

Low Voltage (Between the Lines #2) EPUB Low Voltage Between The Lines 2 Author Jocie McKade Terrapin Info.co.uk Investigative Journalist Lauren Jacobs Has A Key That Could Unlock Secrets To The Indefinite Energy Research Of Nikola Tesla She S Being Followed, However, By The World S Most Relentless Tabloid Reporter, Dashingly Handsome Yet Highly Annoying Derek Rourke.In Colorado Springs To Seek Answers About Tesla From A Noted History Professor And Author, Lauren Soon Finds Herself As The Prime Suspect In A Murder Investigation Now Faced With Clearing Her Name, She Dodges Zealous Attendees At A Romance Writers Convention, Enthusiastic Crowds At A Male Strip Club, And Her Long Standing Nemesis, Helga The Horrible.To Complicate Matters Further, As She Searches For The Lock That Fits The Key, A Clandestine Terrorist Organization Has Latched Onto Her And Rourke Together, They Must Team Up To Find Tesla S Files And Keep Them Out Of Terrorist Hands.With Help From Her Con Man Father, A Couple Of Well Connected Druids, Skillful Male Pole Dancers, And A Local Cop From Lauren S Secret Past, They Might Manage To Prove Her Innocence And Save The World.

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14 thoughts on “Low Voltage (Between the Lines #2)

  1. Cindy ~ says:

    What a wild ride this second installment in the series was You are engaged from beginning to end with the characters and the story line And what a story line it is, the gang having to either stay a step ahead of the Colorado Police or the CIA and also try and stay alive from a secret terrorist organization while also trying to prevent them from trying to take over the world again This book picks up not long after the first one with Lauren in Colorado following up on clues she got in the first book She is meeting an author at a romance convention who she thinks can help her find clues to something she is looking for I have to say there were plenty of funny moments here being a person that has attended some conventions the author was spot on in her portrayal It s not long before Derek shows up and the two are butting heads again but also Derek is saving her butt than once again too I love Lauren Jacobs and Derek Rourke These two are a hoot to read and add in her father and some druids along to help you got a great cast of characters you enjoy reading We learn about the secret terrorist organization that ...

  2. Christine Montroy says:

    Low Voltage picks up the story of investigative reporter Lauren Jacobs in her quest to uncover the truth about Nicola Tesla s secret files The book reunites Jacobs with favorite High Frequency characters roguishly handsome Derek Rourke, her dad and infamous con man Frank Robeson, and eccentric Druid Bennie Carr Together the group embarks on a fast paced, action packed adventure to outwit the law and outsmart the terrorists I have to admit, I m a sucker for McKade s humor and I absolutely LOVE her characters Lauren, still shoe and doughnut obse...

  3. Sam says:

    Low Voltage is a must read Book two in the Between the Lines mystery doesn t dissapoint Packed with action and leaving you wanting , this book is definately a re read 3