Kant's Analytic

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  • Paperback
  • 267 pages
  • Kant's Analytic
  • Jonathan Francis Bennett
  • English
  • 26 July 2017
  • 9780521093897

About the Author: Jonathan Francis Bennett

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Kant's Analytic book, this is one of the most wanted Jonathan Francis Bennett author readers around the world.

Kant's AnalyticMr Bennett, As Was To Be Expected, Has Written A 1st Rate Book On Kant S Analytic It S Vivid, Entertaining Extremely Instructive It Will Be Found Of Absorbing Interest Both By Those Who Already Know The Critique By Those If There Are Any Such Who Have A Developed Interest In Philosophy, Yet No Direct Acquaintance With Kant These Last It Will Surely Drive To The Text , As Surely, Will Drive Them To Approach It In A Truly Philosophical Spirit Bennett S Kant Isn T A Giant Immersed, Or Frozen, In Time He S A Great Contemporary A Little Out Of Touch, Admittedly, With Recent Developments In Mathematics Physics But One With Whom We Can All Argue, Against Him, At His Side, Or Obliquely To Him So Bennett Does Argue, Continuously, Fiercely Fruitfully Summons To Join In The Argument, At Appropriate Moments, Those Older Contemporaries, Locke, Leibniz, Berkeley Hume, Those Younger Contemporaries, Wittgenstein, Ryle, Ayler, Quine, Quinton, Warnock Etc This Is Splendid, A Necessary Corrective To That Extraordinary Isolation In Which Kant Tends To Be Islanded, Partly Indeed, By His Own Unique Qualities, But Partly By Oceans Of The Wrong Kind Of Respect Bennett, Continuously Engaging His Great Antagonist, Shows The Right Kind.

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10 thoughts on “Kant's Analytic

  1. David Sarkies says:

    Je Suis Charlie10 January 2015 Okay Kant may not be satire, nor is he French, but as I was finishing off this academic analysis of the second half of his A Critique of Pure Reason I could not help but think that there is some connection between his writings from two hundred years ago and the tragic events in Paris over the last week I guess in many ways it has a lot to do with freedom of speech and with the idea of censorship, which may not be what Kant was necessarily writing about, but he does explore the idea of freedom, especially freedom to be able to think outside of the dogmatic circles of his day In another way many of us here are writers and while we may not be paid for the writing that we do, those of us who write reviews, blog posts, or even academic essays are still writers and as such the brutal murder at Charlie Hebdo no doubt struck a chord it did so with myself However, moving on I should say a few things about this particular book Bennett outlines the reason for writing this book to make the second half of Critique of Pure Reason accessible to many of us Personally I didn t really think that he was all that successful in that regards because, to me, it seemed to be little than another dry academic text to go along with the plethora of other academic texts on the subject In a way I felt that maybe I would get a lot out of reading Kant as opposed to reading a book about him It is interesting though to examine the philosophy of ...

  2. Tyler says:

    This Kant scholar approaches the Critique of Pure Reason like a housekeeper walking into a room wrecked by last night s party It s going to take effort to put this mess in order, but the tart tongued Bennett knows how Here, even than usual, he says, respect for Kant s genius requires an irreverent approach to his text The author finds much of the Critique a botch Some lines of reasoning are just wrong Bennet deplores Kant s dreadful appeals to geometry in trying to subordinate time to space Parts of Kant s work stand in dire need of clarity The schema of necessity he finds indistinguishable from that of substance Substance itself has two meanings The concept of an object is likewise ambiguous Representation, too, could refer to intuitions or concepts And the entire Refutation of Idealism is, quite simply, a wretched piece of exposition There s Kant shifts his preposterous terminology indifferently He uses sense, imagination and apperception in one place, then shifts a few pages later to apprehension, reproduction and recognition, then later still to perception association apperception Finally, Kant appears to subsume all three concepts under im...

  3. Erik Graff says:

    Having read most of Kant, most of the stuff that s still read at least, I started delving into the secondary material, starting with Bennett I was not impressed in the literal sense of not recalling anyt...

  4. Kristina says:

    As Bennett s former student and my advisor Jim Cargile told me, It s his best book.

  5. Edward Moran says:

    He s very critical of Kant and doesn t simply kneel and worship him.