The Feast

[Ebook] ↠ The Feast Author Margaret Kennedy –
  • Hardcover
  • 308 pages
  • The Feast
  • Margaret Kennedy
  • English
  • 15 May 2017
  • 9780718208110

About the Author: Margaret Kennedy

Serena Mackesy is her grand daughter.

The FeastInitially Was Published In A Shortened Form In A 1949 Ladies Home Journal Magazine Under The Title Of Never Look Back A Cornish Cliff Collapses On Top Of A Seaside Resort Hotel, Squashing Everybody But Those Lucky Enough To Be Away On A Picnic The Story Tells Why Some Were Spared And Some Were Not The Germ Of The Idea For The Feast Margaret Kennedy S Ninth Novel And Perhaps Her Most Ingenious, First Published In 1950 Came To The Author In 1937 When She And A Social Gathering Of Literary Friends Were Discussing The Medieval Masque Of The Seven Deadly Sins The Talk Turned Excitedly To The Notion That A Collection Of Stories Might Be Fashioned From Seven Different Authors, Each Re Imagining One Of The Sins Through The Medium Of A Modern Day Character That Notion Fell Away, But Something Considerable Stayed In Margaret Kennedy S Mind Over The Next Ten Years, And So She Conceived Of A Story That Would Gather The Sins All Under The Roof Of A Cornish Seaside Hotel Managed By The Unhappy Wife Of Sloth.Among The Feast S Entertaining Cast Of Characters Are A Clergyman, A Gaggle Of Adolescents And Children, A Quarter Of Lovers, And A Clutch Of Frustrated Husbands Wives All Serving Kennedy S Dark And Witty Moral Fable, Which Bears Out The Biblical Adage That Many Are Called But Only A Very Few Chosen.

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10 thoughts on “The Feast

  1. Hana says:

    Revising my rating up to five stars My default rating for a terrific book is four stars and I m pretty grudging about giving five stars Generally I know the minute I turn the last page that it s a five star, but some books creep up on me, take time for the artistry to really sink in This one I read way back in October of 2014 and I m still thinking about it and longing to read it again Clever Margaret Kennedy Is it a thriller Is it a morality play or an exploration of divine justice Or is it a family village saga and maybe even a romance Check all of the above The Feast is also terrifically readable with a marvelous cast of characters I was caught up right from the start when a conversation between two clergymen reveals the end of the story the collapse of a cliff that buries a guest house and many of ...

  2. Dorcas says:

    If you look at the dust jacket you ll see a small hotel at the base of a huge cliff The cliff has been undermined by an errant mine that washed into a cave at its base and exploded No ill effects are noted for some time But then cracks appear at the top edge of the cliff and they get wider..and widera note is sent to the owners of the hotel urging them to abandon the building for safety but the letter goes unopened in a pile of correspondence and rubbishMeanwhile, life goes on in the little hotel There s the petty squabblers,the mopers, the heroes, the innocents as well as the seriously deranged monsters and even a love interest or two Margaret Kennedy develops characters with such depth of insight into the human psyche that I felt that if she was sitting in a room with me she could pick my brain apart and tell me a thing or two...

  3. Tweety says:

    4 1 2I can t think of anything to say that someone else hasn t already voiced But I can say that The Feast was a thoroughly engrossing read revolving around a little hotel set up on a cliff, the disfunctional family who ran it aand their horrid mix of guests.From the gossipy cook to the half mad with worry young lady and her father as well as the master of the house who never does anything of use to the children running wild about the place something is bound to happen And a feast may just decided who that something is goi...

  4. Bree (AnotherLookBook) says:

    A novel about a group of people at a cliffside hotel on the Cornish coast in the days leading up to the hotel s destruction 1949.Full review at Another look bookI was really, really impressed with Lucy Carmichael I ordered my own copy I added it to my favorites list And then I read The Feast And it s the best book I ve ever read Yes, I know that s a big statement Margaret Kennedy is quickly becoming my all time favorite author The way she put together The Feast, I m conv...

  5. Jane says:

    I might describe The Feast, Margaret Kennedy s ninth novel in many ways a character study, a morality tale, a social comedy, an allegory But, above all of that, I would describe it as very readable novel.The setting is a cliff top hotel on the north coast of Cornwall, not long after the war It is a hotel that will be destroyed when the edge of the cliff crumbles These things happen there s coastal erosion, and in this case there was a washed up mine too I knew all of this because two clergymen, meeting for their annual holiday, told me so in the prologue.And so this is the story of the last seven days of the hotel at Pendizack Point.There s not much plot, but the story is driven very well by the disparate band of characters visitors, hoteliers, and locals.Mr and Mrs Siddal are the proprietors, and she s nearly worn out trying to keep things going, because her husband is bone idle She couldn t manage without her boys, but they re grown now, and ready to strike out on their own once the season is over They do have a housekeeper, an impoverished gentlewoman, but Miss Ellis is a terrible snob, a vicious gossip and very selective about what she will and will not do But they also have Nanciblel, who comes in daily from the village, and is a lovely girl, a real treasure.Lady Gifford had sent very detailed instructions before she arrived,...

  6. Sharon Barrow Wilfong says:

    Two Anglican Priests get together once a year to visit, play chess and otherwise enjoy each other s company This year it is not to be Father Bott must write a funeral oration Father Seddon does not understand why this particular funeral should intrude upon their annual visit Father Bott sits down with his old friend and explains the peculiarity of this funeral.A once wealthy family owns a mansion at the foot of some cliffs, near the sea It is 1947 and the Second World War has put many families in dire straits The Siddal family has since had to convert their home into a guest house for tourists The war has also left something else mines drifting along sea currents One finds its way into a cave under the cliffs near the Siddal mansion Fissures have been detected and inspected by government officials A letter has been sent out to Mr Siddal but no response has been received.It has not been received because none has been sent The warning letter was never read Mr Siddal is an indolent man who can t be bothered to read his mail No warning is ever heeded and finally the cliff comes crashing down, burying the mansion and the people in it.Of the guests and hosts, of which there are twenty three, some are going to be burie...

  7. Lora says:

    I am abandoning this as never finished because I can t stand most of the characters and while I know they end up buried in rubble, that seems to be enough for me at this time Maybe later I don t know.

  8. Ali says:

    I was forced to read this lovely novel quite slowly, I was very, very busy last week and my reading time was frustratingly limited The only upside of that was I got to spend far longer with The Feast Margaret Kennedy s eighth novel, set in a Cornish hotel in 1947 than I may have done otherwise.The novel opens with a prologue, two clergymen settling in for a few days holiday together, one is paying a visit to his old friend Revd Bott of St Sody, North Cornwall The Revd Bott has a sermon to write despite having supposed to have taken time off to entertain his friend The sermon is for a funeral service a funeral service with a difference A dramatic cliff fall recently swallowed up a local hotel, burying everyone inside in a pile of rocks The dead were unable to be recovered There were however some survivors, those fortunate enough to be attending a picnic and the story which follows is the story of the final week of life in that hotel, of all the people who were staying or working at the hotel at the time of the disaster Who died who survived The fallen cliff had filled up the entire cove, like stones i...

  9. Susan says:

    I read this for Margaret Kennedy Week it s a real thing somewhere on the internet and really enjoyed it It s an odd book, combining Margaret Kennedy s usual delightfully deft psychological realism or at least usual in the three books of hers I ve read so far with super heavy handed and straightforward Pilgrim s Progress type symbolism As in seven characters literally representing the seven deadly sins, complete with names that alliterate with the sins, and in some cases Lust Lechene, Wrath Wraxton quite sound alike.The treatment of morality reminds me oddly of Agatha Christie sharp and dark and uncompromising and the post WWII ration card setting reminds me a lot of Christie as well But the book offers much pleasures than a Christie novel, especially in the delightful portrayal of the child characters some strongly reminiscent of Mitford s Hons and Rebels , but also in the growth and development the non evil characters undergo What might be...

  10. Cirtnecce says:

    The story begins with Father Bott putting off his age old ritual of playing chess when his dear friend Reverend Seddon visited him Father Bott explains that he has to prepare for an unexpected Funeral for 7 people, who died when the edge of the cliff collapsed over Pendizack Hotel The narrative then reverses back to the last 7 days preceding this event Pendzac kHotel is run by the Siddals rather Mrs Siddal who is a lady and forced to convert her husband s property into a hotel to educate her sons because her husband, though perfectly intelligent, with all functional limbs is incapable of earning or maintaining his family s livelihood It becomes apparent right at the very start, that Mrs Siddal though proclaiming that the conversion of the house to the hotel is an effort to improve the lives of all her three sons, it is actually to put her youngest and favorite son Duff through to Oxford that is her primary concern In fact she is so determined and engrossed in making this happen, that she is ready to sacrifice the lives of her other sons including her eldest son s marriage to...