The Guilty River

[Ebook] ↠ The Guilty River Author Wilkie Collins –
  • Hardcover
  • 180 pages
  • The Guilty River
  • Wilkie Collins
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9780809599202

About the Author: Wilkie Collins

A close friend of Charles Dickens from their meeting in March 1851 until Dickens death in June 1870, William Wilkie Collins was one of the best known, best loved, and, for a time, best paid of Victorian fiction writers But after his death, his reputation declined as Dickens bloomed Now, Collins is being given critical and popular attention than he has received for 50 years Most of his bo

The Guilty RiverI Acknowledge, At The Outset, That Misfortune Has Had An Effect On Me Which Frail Humanity Is For The Most Part Anxious To Conceal Under The Influence Of Suffering, I Have Become Of Enormous Importance To Myself In This Frame Of Mind, I Naturally Enjoy Painting My Own Portrait In Words Let Me Add That They Must Be Written Words Because It Is A Painful Effort To Me Since I Lost My Hearing To Speak To Anyone Continuously, For Any Length Of Time I Have Also To Confess That My Brains Are Not So Completely Under My Own Command As I Could Wish For Instance, I Possess Considerable Skill For An Amateur As A Painter In Watercolors But I Can Only Produce A Work Of Art, When Irresistible Impulse Urges Me To Express My Thoughts In Form And Color The Same Obstacle To Regular Exertion Stands In My Way, If I Am Using My Pen I Can Only Write When The Fit Takes Me Sometimes At Night When I Ought To Be Asleep Sometimes At Meals When I Ought To Be Handling My Knife And Fork Sometimes Out Of Doors When I Meet With Inquisitive Strangers Who Stare At Me As For Paper, The First Stray Morsel Of Anything That I Can Write Upon Will Do, Provided I Snatch It Up In Time To Catch My Ideas As They Fly

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10 thoughts on “The Guilty River

  1. Jim says:

    Wilkie Collins s The Guilty River was written two years before its author s death By that time, he was suffering from angina, neuralgia, rheumatic gout, bronchitis, and opium addiction The supreme deftness that characterized so much of Collins s earlier work is largely missing here Oh, the novelette has its moments and some delightful atmospherics, but the plotting is somewhat murky.Gerard Royland, a typical Collins outsider, returns from college in Germany to take over as master of his family estate at Trimley Deen and inappropriately falls in love with Cristel Toller, daughter of one of his tenants There is a mysterious deaf lodger never named who also is after Cristel After many strange events, the story ends somewhat inconclusively But then the phrase And they lived happily ever after is not found in any of the author s works.

  2. Marts (Thinker) says:

    Enter Gerard Roylake, returning from Germany after his father dies, for his inheritance at Trimley Deen awaits Whilst on an evening stroll he meets a childhood friend, Cristel Toller, and then their strange resident called The Lodger Well of course Gerard likes Cristel, the Lodger is jealous, and soon a bizarre chain of events occur

  3. Michelle& says:

    When I received The Guilty River in the mail from , I have to say I was a little disappointed with the size, expecting all of Wilkie Collins novels to be the size of a novel and not a pamphlet But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in dramatic and suspenseful content that is full of surprises, and a few unexpected twists near the end.It s a slow roll at first, and I admit that I put it down momentarily to read another book, but when it starts to pick up speed, I can safely say without giving the plot twists away that there is a murder attempt, a boat without any passengers and a missing person it s narrated by the main male character, Gerard Roylake, but there are a few fiery and feisty women in this book and one of them rescues the man and that s not the ending, so how s that for something different The relationships are looser than other Wilkie Collins novels where uptight Victorian ways and manners are often part of the storyline.A quote I like from this book false appearances As we all know, they lie like truth I encourage you to ride it out for the surprises at the end by saying again that it will be worth it This is English literature and it is in the public domain, so it s free to read online at or listen to at, and these sites also have phone apps available It s a short one, so, go to your quiet place and start reading or listening.

  4. JB says:

    EngagingMy favorite of Wilkie s books is the lady in white, however, I thought I would give some of his other books a try This book does not disappoint I found it engaging, well written, you know it s written in the past, but it almost feels like it could have been yesterday Enjoy

  5. Lucy says:

    This novel has his trademark empathy with disability, how deafness can be a terrifying, isolating sadness, but as a story it is aimless, sketchy and thoroughly disappointing The plot just doesn t work Collins must be the most inconsistent of the great 19th century writers.

  6. Barbara says:

    Classic Wilkie CollinsTo me this book wasn t as enjoyable as other works by Collins However, it was short and in the classic Collins style A good read.

  7. Suzanne says:

    My copy of this book was actually printed in the early 1900 s by my best guess The publisher was Harpers It was a good, quick read and I enjoyed it A bit of a mystery and some romance, but no blood or sex That s one reason I like to read the older books much less graphic than most of today s writing.

  8. Julia says:

    Really a letdown in the last quarter of the story It didn t seem to go anywhere after the first part of the book being very intriguing It s like he just decided to quit writing, without furnishing his readers with any closure I have loved all of the other Wilkie Collins books I have read I listened to this as a free audiobook from

  9. Simon newson says:

    trademark coincidences and the novel is to brief to develop characters in any believable way plot is dependent on believing a man is so tormented by going deaf that he is prepared to consider murdering two innocent people, one the girl he loves and the other a complete stranger.

  10. Dziewanna says:

    I m pretty sure I ve now read all the great Wilkie Collins books, cause all that seem to left are formulaic crappy stories like this one Read Moonstone or Armadale and don t bother with this one, Haunted Hotel or Miss Mrs All in one collection in this copy.