Devils Bargains

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  • Devils Bargains
  • Hal K. Rothman
  • English
  • 01 March 2017
  • 0700610561

About the Author: Hal K. Rothman

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Devils Bargains book, this is one of the most wanted Hal K. Rothman author readers around the world.

Devils Bargains The West is popularly perceived as America s last outpost of unfettered opportunity, but twentieth century corporate tourism has transformed it into America s land of opportunism From Sun Valley to Santa Fe, towns throughout the West have been turned over to outsiders and not just to those who visit and move on, but to those who stay and control.Although tourism has been a blessing for many, bringing economic and cultural prosperity to communities without obvious means of support or allowing towns on the brink of extinction to renew themselves the costs on intangible levels may be said to outweigh the benefits and be a devil s bargain in the making.Hal Rothman examines the effect of twentieth century tourism on the West and exposes that industry s darker side He tells how tourism evolved from Grand Canyon rail trips to Sun Valley ski weekends and Disneyland vacations, and how the post World War II boom in air travel and luxury hotels capitalized on a surge in discretionary income for many Americans, combined with newfound leisure time.From major destinations like Las Vegas to revitalized towns like Aspen and Moab, Rothman reveals how the introduction of tourism into a community may seem innocuous, but residents gradually realize, as they seek to preserve the authenticity of their communities, that decision making power has subtly shifted from the community itself to the newly arrived corporate financiers And because tourism often results in a redistribution of wealth and power to outsiders, observes Rothman, it represents a new form of colonialism for the region.By depicting the nature of tourism in the American West through true stories of places and individuals that have felt its grasp, Rothman doesn t just document the effects of tourism but provides us with an enlightened explanation of the shape these changes take Deftly balancing historical perspective with an eye for what s happening in the region right now, his book sets new standards for the study of tourism and is one that no citizen of the West whose life is touched by that industry can afford to ignore. Free Download Devils Bargains [ By ] Hal K. Rothman [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

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10 thoughts on “Devils Bargains

  1. Mathew Powers says:

    He states that tourism is post industrial what does that mean, exactly andin line with Gates than Ford odd analogy However, later he notes that part of the reason Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon were successful was because of their ties to industrialization and the industrial world economy He does good work for most of this book, but his broad arguments and assertions are horribly inconsistent and lack clarity and evidence Far too many generalizations and subjective arguments to He states that tourism is post industrial what does that mean, exactly andin line with Gates than Ford odd analogy However, later he notes that part of the reason Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon ...

  2. Brian says:

    Am interesting review A bit too dense in some places I also think the author is a little too much of the opinion that change in the American West is bad.

  3. Jessica says:

    This volume offers a good a introduction into tourism history and is one of the first monographs to bridge the gap between tourism and environmental history The most interesting argument made by Rothman is that tourism represent postmodern capitalism, as in the move away from the production and selling items to the production and selling of experience The way in which he portrays tourism as an extension of colonialism and hegemony is also important Like others, I find his port...

  4. Sam says:

    This author offers a historical take on the expansion of tourism in the American West He critiques people who purport to travel in better ways, claiming that all tourism follows a model that compromises ide...