Headless Males Make Great Lovers: And Other Unusual Natural Histories

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  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Headless Males Make Great Lovers: And Other Unusual Natural Histories
  • Marty Crump
  • English
  • 03 April 2018
  • 9780226122021

About the Author: Marty Crump

Marty Crump is a behavioral ecologist who works with tropical amphibians in the areas of parental care, reproduction, territoriality, cannibalism, and tadpole ecology She has published several books on her research and experiences in tropical areas such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina One of these books, In Search of the Golden Frog University of Chicago Press, 2000 chronicles her

Headless Males Make Great Lovers: And Other Unusual Natural HistoriesThe Natural World Is Filled With Diverse Not To Mention Quirky And Odd Animal Behaviors Consider The Male Praying Mantis That Continues To Mate After Being Beheaded The Spiders, Insects, And Birds That Offer Gifts Of Food In Return For Sex The Male Hip Pocket Frog That Carries His Own Tadpoles The Baby Spiders That Dine On Their Mother The Beetle That Craves Excrement Or The Starfish That Sheds An Arm Or Two To Escape A Predator S Grasp Headless Males Make Great Lovers And Other Unusual Natural Histories Celebrates The Extraordinary World Of Animals With Essays On Curious Creatures And Their Amazing Behaviors In Five Thematic Chapters, Marty Crump A Tropical Field Biologist Well Known For Her Work With The Reproductive Behavior Of Amphibians Examines The Bizarre Conduct Of Animals As They Mate, Parent, Feed, Defend Themselves, And Communicate Crump S Enthusiasm For The Unusual Behaviors She Describes From Sex Change And Free Love In Sponges To Aphrodisiac Concoctions In Bats Is Visible On Every Page, Thanks To Her Skilled Storytelling, Which Makes Even Sea Slugs, Dung Beetles, Ticks, And Tapeworms Fascinating And Appealing Steeped In Biology,Headless Males Make Great Lovers Points Out That Diverse And Unrelated Animals Often Share Seemingly Bizarre Behaviors Evidence, Crump Argues, That These Natural Histories, Though Outwardly Weird, Are Successful Ways Of Living Illustrated Throughout, And Filled With Vignettes Of Personal And Scientific Interest, Headless Males Make Great Lovers Will Enchant The General Reader With Its Tales Of Blood Squirting Horned Lizards And Intestine Ejecting Sea Cucumbers All In The Service Of A Greater Appreciation Of The Diversity Of The Natural Histories Of Animals.

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10 thoughts on “Headless Males Make Great Lovers: And Other Unusual Natural Histories

  1. dejah_thoris says:

    This was a really fun book to read Sections are short to moderately long and written for the layperson There are a few new words, but they re biological terms, so you can easily keep reading Features tons of freaky animal b...

  2. Cat says:

    Fine and fairly funny look at some weird bits of nature my favorite is the orgy snail slugs

  3. Marsha says:

    Any careful and patient observation will reveal the behavioral patterns of any creature But true scientists dig deeper and learn, literally, the ins and outs of the wild and wacky behavior of nature There are males out there that die before they re ever born, males who die before, during or after mating, males who lock horns or bare tusks and risk violent injury or even death just to keep their harems There are females who take care of their young, others who abandon them soon after birth and others that die just br...

  4. Kyla says:

    So far it s wonderful Very informative, but not dry or overly technical Interesting studies of mating, food finding, communication and other behaviors in various animal species, and intermixes entertaining and sometimes blush worthy comparisons with human behaviors.

  5. Melody says:

    Fun, accessible recounting of dozens of fascinating facts about animals Covers some of the behaviours we think odd or creepy, and some that are traditionally fascinating Veers into cuteness, but only rarely Though it s not deep, it s very wide, and full of lots of interesting anecdotes.

  6. Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides says:

    I mostly only looked at the first two chapters In Chapter 1, this book doesn t cover much in the way of new ground in Chapter 2 there are some examples I hadn t seen before Mostly these chapters dealt with insects and reptiles, though.

  7. Carolyn says:

    You d think with such a boffo title, it would be a laugh a minute, wouldn t you But instead it manages to be Gobi level dry and technical, even while the author sounds so thrilled by it all he might as well be breathing helium OK, but not great.

  8. Megan Barnes says:

    Way too many examples I am not that interested in the sex lives of reptiles.

  9. Julia says:

    Great book for teachers and anyone wanting to learn a bit about the incredible diversity in nature.