Summer Spice (Scarlet Bay #3)

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  • Summer Spice (Scarlet Bay #3)
  • Kris Pearson
  • English
  • 07 August 2017

About the Author: Kris Pearson

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Summer Spice (Scarlet Bay #3) Meifeng Chan Is Fleeing From Her Abusive Lover And She Needs The Help Of Wealthy Oliver Wynn She Was Too Much Of A Realist To Ever Accept A Date With Him When They Were Teenagers The Trust Fund Hunk And The Chinese Girl From The Takeaway Shop Never Going To Happen, No Matter How Much She Might Have Secretly Imagined It.But After Fifteen Long Years He S Back In Her Life, Agreeing To Hide Her Away In His Family S Beautiful New Scarlet Bay Beach House And Keep Her Safe.Ollie Is Furious And Protective And Spoiling For A Fight Mei Is Wary And Defensive And No Way Ready To Let Any Man Take Charge They Have Three Long Days To Try And Keep Their Hands Off Each Other.

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7 thoughts on “Summer Spice (Scarlet Bay #3)

  1. Linda Walters says:

    This book has a slow start but it does take the time to make a pretty good foundation A good foundation of both of the M.C s lives both past and present And there is quite a wide amount of difference in their growing up as kids The author does a good job of showing that.The attraction is still there for both of them but Oliver has to take things slowly and carefully because Mei s trust in men has been damaged There is also a wide divide standing between them not only because of their differences in culture but because Mei s dad hates Oliver s family Mei has fought to be independent but she also doesn t want to hurt her mother and father either Her parents are still old world China in their ways and have been pretty inflexible about it And add into all of that the fact that Mei s mother is pretty sick too That s quite a few hurdles Well, I ve said quite a bit about Mei and now it s Oliver Ollie s turn He s kind, tender, and he s protective of those he loves He s also skilled as an airplane engineer and always there to help family and friends Add to that he is handsome and a lot taller than he was in school, where he got bullied a lot for being a short nerd He also treats Mei l...

  2. Marie says:

    Flickers become flamesagain I love every visit back to Scarlet Bay, both the chance to catch up with old friends and couples but also to join new friends on their sometimes bumpy journey searching for love and a HEA.We have briefly met Mei and Ollie in previous books, but this is the first time we really get to know them, the Red Baron and his fierce Dragon Lady Neither can deny or resist the sparks between them but with some huge hurdles and a whole mountain of an unknown past event between them and any sort of future this was never going to be an easy journey But whilst Mei is resigned to have the future her family expects of her, Ol...

  3. Julie says:

    I received an ARC and an voluntarily leaving a review.I really enjoyed reading this book about Meifeng and Oliver True love survives through the years and waits until you are both ready to be together.