The Raid (Ryan Decker #2)

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  • The Raid (Ryan Decker #2)
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  • 07 January 2018

About the Author: Steven Konkoly

The Raid (Ryan Decker #2) A Border Patrol Murder Exposes A High Level Conspiracy In USA Today Bestselling Author Steven Konkoly S Explosive ThrillerAfter Exposing And Dismantling A Deep State Conspiracy That Nearly Destroyed His Life, Ryan Decker Finds His Covert Skills Have Put Him On The Radar Of Influential Senator Steele Now Steele Needs His Help Two Patrol Agents Were Killed In A Bizarre Explosion Near The US Mexico Border And The Evidence Doesn T Line Up With The Official StoryEnlisted By Steele To Run An Undercover, Off The Books Investigation, Decker And His Partner, Harlow, Head To The Border Town Of Tecate But When They Re Caught In An Ambush, Decker Realizes They Ve Stumbled Onto Something Far Dangerous Than Any Of Them UnderstoodThe Cover Up Is Rooted Deep In The Department Of Defense Itself Fearful For Their Own Lives And Unable To Trust Anyone Outside Their Small Circle Of Skilled Associates, Decker And Harlow Set In Motion A Risky Plan To Stop A Criminal Conspiracy

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10 thoughts on “The Raid (Ryan Decker #2)

  1. PamG says:

    The Raid by Steven Konkoly is the second book in the Ryan Decker series While this book worked as a standalone novel, I feel that it would have been better to have read the series in order There are references back to events that occurred in the first book.This action thriller is well written Senator Steele asks Ryan and the team to take on an off the books mission along the US Mexican border that involves drug cartels and unscrupulous people in the US government.The story takes us from California to the border with Mexico to Colorado to Washington D C but most of it takes place along the border It is exactly what you would expect from an action thriller with lots of concern over who can be trusted as well as plenty of information on weapons and covert gear.There are a few twists to the story, but nothing that was too hard to deduce There is a little character development, but I did not get a significant sense of what the main characters would be like in their down time outside of missions Nonetheless, it was so full of action and excitement that it kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next I was fully engaged in the mission becoming a success.What is going on at the border What are the cartels up to and why are some elements of the US government providing support to one or of them Who is masterminding the efforts I recommend this book to those that like thrillers with a lot of action Thanks to Netgalley, Thomas Mercer and Steven Konkoly for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This did not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

  2. Chloe Cuthbert says:

    Continuing where The Rescue left off, The Raid is the second book in the Ryan Decker series You do need to read The Rescue in order to know exactly what is going on in this novel.Steven Konkoly is a master when it comes to military thriller based novels, and this one is no different It appears that some folks took issue with the amount of foul language in The Rescue, based on reviews, which caused them to give lower starred ratings Apparently, these folks have never been in the military, been around military, nor ever been in any situation similar to Decker and Company Oh fudge, just doesn t cut it However, because Konkoly is such an awesome guy, he did cut back on the language quite a bit in this novel It s there, but it is quite reduced To remain true to the former military life, there are still witty, smart assed comebacks and nicknames to make your day, if you re into that kind of thing and this reviewer is KILLER BEE is nowhere near as funny as the previous call sign guys, just saying.Getting back to the story, it s fantastic There are some spit your drink out one liners, a tiny bit of romance don t worry guys and gals, it won t make you gag , thrills and chills to keep your heart pumping, and the patented dry humor between Decker and Pierce that hopefully, you ve come to expect and love.If you re disappointed, honestly, I don t know what to tell you.Decker and his team are back, this time, investigating what may be human trafficking at the US Mexico border Border Patrol agents, on regular patrol, happen across something they are not meant to see in a military exclusion zone where they are not supposed to be What appears to be immigrants, crossing the border, except, they aren t Hispanic They are European children The agents are murdered, and the bunker in the area is blown to pieces immediately One agent manages to get out one last transmission that is heard over the agency frequency This information gets to Senator Steele, who you ll recognize from The Rescue Anything related to possible human trafficking is an automatic investigation for Steele, and involving Decker and his team is a no brainer.But with the border, and trafficking, nothing is what it seems Harcourt, a player from the original novel, and nemesis extraordinaire for Decker and Steele, may be involved The stakes are higher than anyone could imagine Decker and his team must play their cards right, and use everything at their disposal, including all that Senator Steele can offer them, in order to make it through whatever lies ahead.If intense action, suspense, conspiracy, fire fights, and thrills are your favorite type of books then this is the series for you.

  3. John says:

    I received this book through Net Galley Read Now program If you enjoy action, then this is definitely a book for you It starts with Russian Human Trafficing and then hits on the Border Patrol, finally ending with Mexical Cartels.Ryan Decker is a civilian contractor working with Senator Steele trying to put a stop with Human Trafficing Ryan, along with Brian Pierce, Heather and other members have starting investigating the disappearnce of two Border Patrol agents who reported see what they thought was Human Trafficing Pierce abd Decker were sent to check out a bunker to find out why it had been blown up Their investigation led to discovery of a crate for the Javelin missile Further investigation put them in the crosshair of an individual identified as Jupiter Jupiter was working an operation with two conressen Senators and individuals in the military called Southern Cross.If you want to find out who the individual callled Jupiter is and what Southern Cross refers to, then you need to read this book which I highly recommend.

  4. Lynn Hallbrooks says:

    This book will be available October 8, 2019 Just know that it is a kick butt and ask questions later type of story.Upfront information This is the second book in the series I highly recommend reading the first book so that you get a better background on the situations and characters There is violence as well as adult language and mild mention of abuse A border patrol stumbles onto an unclear situation and things go crazy before they can make a full report After learning the available information, Senator Steele requests Ryan and Harlow s assistance in investigating the situation What no one knew was the dangers involved Now with their lives at risk again, will they be able to solve the mystery and have everyone come back alive This book had plenty of twists, turns, and unexpected events to keep me turning the virtual pages Disclaimer I was provided an advance copy of this book courtesy of Thomas and Mercer via NetGalley I voluntarily read and above are my honest thoughts.

  5. Jud Hanson says:

    After surviving an unsuccessful hostage rescue and being made the fall guy, former CIA operative Ryan Decker plans to be very careful about the jobs he takes on He is very suspicious when he s hired to investigate the death of two Border Patrol agents It is thought that one or of the drug cartels are responsible While investigating, Decker and his partner, Harlow, realize that what they find just south of the Mexican border makes no sense at all How would a cartel get their hands on robotic spider drones It soon becomes clear that pursuing the truth will pitt them against the highest levels of the U S Government Worse still is the fact that an old enemy has resurfaced and may be behind it all, including the death of Decker s wife.The Raid by Steven Konkoly is the second book in the Ryan Decker series If you enjoy the stories of Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney but lack the time for a 600 page adventure, you should try Steven Konkoly Konkoly weaves a plot that flows well, blending the reality of the world today with some literary license His characters are well developed and at the end you will be left wanting I plan to go back and read the preceding book, The Rescue, and look forward to future books in this series I also plan to try his successful Alex Fletcher and Black Flagged series A copy of the ebook is the only compensation received in exchange for this review.

  6. Debra Dowling says:

    Another fantastic Ryan Decker book Full of action, suspense, and even a murder plot thrown in Decker, Pierce, Harlow and their team are on another mission for Senator Steele Two Border Agents were killed and they are trying to determine what the agents saw that led to their deaths What the team stumbles across leads to drug cartels, weapon smuggling, corruption and murder The ultimate goal for these criminals is to undermine the largest cartel of Mexico and collect in the profits But these weapons are coming from America, and it is up to Decker and his team to determine who the traitor is and stop them.Great plot and characters as only Steven Konkoly can write Highly recommend both books in the series I am looking forward to and hoping their will be a third

  7. Jeff says:

    The Raid is the second book in the Ryan Decker series, and it does not disappoint Our favorite characters are back, with Ryan on another mission that involves the Mexican drug cartels and shady elements within the US government The action is non stop if not a little over the top , as Decker and his crew wage battle No surprises here, just a good action thriller Great, likeable characters, evil wrongdoers, and than enough action to support the plot, which is not overly complicated like some other novels in this genre Definitely looking forward to in this series, which is now a must read for me This ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  8. Doug Yonce says:

    Former CIA operative Ryan Decker is back Called to help with a delicate situation at the US Mexico border, he finds that situation is much involved than what appears on the surface Once again, in this second book in the series, he doesn t know who can be trusted Relying on his own exceptional skills seems to be the best course I received an advanced digital copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  9. Paul says:

    Excellent Decker is a cool character, and this book kept me engaged The author is talented and writes a solid plot with interesting characters and dialog and good action sequences Good stuff Recommended.I really appreciate the ARC for review

  10. Michael says:

    Fantastic continuation of the Decker books I already can t wait to get my hands on book 3.