Discretion (The Dumonts, #1)

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Discretion (The Dumonts, #1)
  • Karina Halle
  • English
  • 15 May 2019

About the Author: Karina Halle

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Discretion (The Dumonts, #1) Discretion The Dumonts, 1 Ebook Author Karina Halle Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk From New York Times Bestselling Author Karina Halle Comes A Delicious Saga Of Wealth, Luxury, And Scandal And The Wicked Secrets Of Success Behind An Envied Family Dynasty The Riviera Means Indulgence If You Ve Got Money For Sadie Reynolds, A Down On Her Luck Student, The Riviera Means Dingy Hostels And Back Streets When A Wrong Turn Puts Her In Jeopardy, The Last Thing She Expects Is To Be Saved By The Most Handsome Stranger She S Ever Locked Eyes With When She Later Wakes Up In A Luxury Suite With A Mediterranean View, She S In The Tender Care Of Her Rescuer Olivier Dumont, France S Most Eligible Bachelor, Billionaire Hotelier, And Heir To The Dumont Fashion Fortune.Olivier Also Owns His Reputation For Scandal But Sadie Is Unlike Any Woman He S Ever Met Her Humble Persona And Wild Innocence Promise Real Passion He S Promising Sadie Something Too Anything She Wants From Bordeaux To Cannes To Paris, Sadie S Past In America Is Swept Away And Replaced With A Fantasy Too Good To Be True.Pulled Into Olivier S Orbit Of Wealth, Glamour, And Excess, Sadie Discovers That The Dumont Dynasty Comes With A Legacy Of Wicked Secrets And Olivier S Secrets May Be The Most Damning Of All

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10 thoughts on “Discretion (The Dumonts, #1)

  1. Christy says:

    4 stars Discretion is the first book in Karina Halle s new The Dumonts series and color me intrigued This had all the elements of a great romantic suspense It was scandalous, sexy, romantic, and had Karina s insanely talented writing When Sadie finds herself alone backpacking through Europe, the last thing she expects is to be mugged And even surprising is the man that saves her Oliver Dumont Oliver and Sadie couldn t be different Oliver is rich, french, and from an influential family Sadie is a broke college student from Seattle who just went through a breakup They shouldn t work But the heart wants what the heart wants What starts out as Oliver helping Sadie get back on her feet quite literally turns into Oliver and Sadie having loads of hot sex to Oliver and Sadie having true and real feelings for one another Oh, mon lapin, he whispers, kissing me softly, you are the only thing that s good and pure and real in my whole life If only love could be so simple But Oliver s family isn t simple There are people in his family he loves and truly cares about, and there are others Those that are deceitful, manipulative, and have something big they re holding over his...

  2. Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    3.5 rounded up four, dancing stars on olalaaaaa French Riviera, hot, sexy, mysterious, deep family matters, dirty schemes, power games stars I have to confess, I love KH books I admitted thousand times after reading her EIT series, she won my heart so when I start to read any of her books, it s difficult task for me to keep my objectivity But luckily these days I m a little picky and looking for some meaningful, deep, life changing romance stories My picky and critical approach helped me to judge impartially And surprise, surprise At first 100 pages, I was about to give only 2 stars to this book There was nothing wrong with the character Our hero, Oliver seems like a dreamy book boyfriend He is suffering from a burden, keeping a big secret from his family, he s rich, Alpha, kind, protective, making unbelievable and quite impressive gestures And Sadie, our heroine, sweet but a little insecure which is normal because her last boyfriend cheated on her and now she s flirting with a man who has a bad reputation as womanizer but she is a...

  3. Jessica (Angie & Jessica& says:

    I m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Karina Halle so it ll come as no surprise that I couldn t wait to read this book Unfortunately, it just did not work for me I m pretty devestated to admit it but I just didn t enjoy it I never felt the magic between Olivier and Sadie Of course I felt the sexual chemistry but I never bought into the rushed insta love, I never got what made Sadie THE ONE for Olivier I also found the drama so completely Over The Top It was all just too crazy to be believed It simply didn t feel like Karina Halle to me and I felt both disconnected and indifferent the entire time I m heartbroken over it honestly as I m ALWAYS swept away in her stories, captivated by the fierce romance and the captivating storylines I just didn t feel any of that with Discretion Im so unaccustomed to NOT enjoying this auth...

  4. ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ& says:

    The South of France.Sadie is traveling through Europe She s about to leave for Barcelona, but on the way to the train station she almost gets her purse stolen by a creepy guy and maybe something even worse would ve happened But she s saved by a mysterious, sexy stranger.Olivier takes Sadie to the hospital and then home with him to his luxury hotel Yup His hotel He s one of the Dumont siblings cousins THE Dumonts.He s pretty happy with his bachelor lifestyle and his hotel business But ten years ago he made a stupid mistake and his creepy uncle is about to call in the debt that s why it s not a good idea to fall for this sweet American girl Well I liked that I really did.I loved the whole french, sunny, billionaire y atmosphere.Olivier is adorable The typical poor rich boy One with a past that will come calling soon.And Sadie She wanted out of her life for a while and Europe was amazing, until she found out that her idiot boyfriend cheated on her But then she met Olivier and life is looking really good again But she can t stay She has to go back home Her mom needs her.Plus the whole Dumont family and their money and secrets are really scaring her But of course we all know that love has other plans But Olivier and Sadie have to fight for their happily ever afterI really adored reading this It was sweet and funny and exciting and heartbreaking.I didn t really love love the whole bad guy thing No, it was tha...

  5. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ says:


  6. Sandra Cortez says:

    So freaking good This was a very early draft, I ll post my rating when I get that final draft in my hands but it gave me some crazy good SN car chasing vibes.

  7. Ꮗ€♫◗☿ says:

    Very good Romance with a bit of drama and suspenseARC provided by Nertgalley for an honest review.I liked the thorough background and build up of the characters and storyline as well as the romance between the two main characters This starts out with a forewarn ten years prior where the main character Olivier Dumont, a rich playboy does something terrible that his uncle finds out about but Olivier doesn t want the rest of his family, especially his father to know He seems afraid of his uncle like he is some sort of Mob boss or fearsome guy, so he agrees to sign some sort of contract for his uncles silence.Forward ten years and Olivier rescues a girl, Sadie, from a mugging Sadie is backpacking through Europe on her own after being finding out her ex was cheating on her She is nearly broke and has hurt her ankle Olivier takes her to the hospital and since she missed her train, he puts her up at one of the hotels he runs for his family s business The budding romance between Olivier and Sadie is set against the background of France and Olivier s family issues as the time to make a decision on the contract he signed ten years ago is up soon His uncle is pressuring him and he is feeling guilt...

  8. Anna says:

    Thanks to author for providing this copy through Netgalley.I have mixed feelings regarding this book The heroine was painted like strong but sometimes I felt like she was too nervous, too downplaying herself when a man gives you a compliment, don t downplay yourself, girl , too bad organized to be strong character for me I think it s meHero was amazing person thoughtful, caring, faithful, alpha male, protective, hot But I don t get why he let his bad side of family ...

  9. Jennifer says:

    A review copy was provided by the author publisher via Netgalley OMG I absolutely LOVED this book Discretion is the first book I have read by Karina Halle and it won t be my last I don t know what has taken me so long to pick up her books I have many sitting on my kindle.This book had a little bit of everything in it, there was romance, humor, heartache and suspenseful drama I loved the characters we met in this story Although she did give us some that I didn t like so much, but that s what adds the tension and drama to the story I thought the flow and pace of this story was perfect The secrets were revealed at the perfect time Just when the reader is getting comfortable the author springs something new on us.This book held my attention all the way through It was a fairly quick read but that is only because I didn t want to stop reading once I started.I really hope we ge...

  10. Bookgasms Book Blog says:

    I adore Karina Halle s magical storytelling ability as with each of her stories I get swept away by the romance, passion between her characters and the absolutey gorgeous emotional connection between them The feels alone always have me addicted by the first chapter I felt this exact way when reading Discretion as Olivier and Sadie have a whirlwind romance filled with steamy sex and secrets that had me addicted from their first glimpse of one another Without giving away any spoilers when the mysterious Olivier Dumont meets Sadie Reynolds in a dangerous situation, he is completely taken with the young American traveler But as they get closer and spend time with one another, Sadie figures out who Olivier Dumont really is and the dark secrets in his past and the family skeletons some members of his family are hiding Overall, I enjoyed this story a lot I enjoyed the chemistry and passion between Olivier and Sadie but di...