Their Last Breath

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  • Their Last Breath
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  • 09 December 2019

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Their Last Breath Detective Carter Knows All About Torture But He S Never Known A Case As Dark As This OneThe Six An Abandoned Building Goes Up In Flames Six Women Are Chained Inside And Left To Die The Truth Is Left To Burn With Them Only One Piece Of Evidence Remains, But Will It Be Enough To Find Their KillerThe Detective Retired Detective Warren Carter Has Been Suffocated By Grief For His Wife And Is Looking For A New Start But When He Gets A Call That Cuts To The Heart Of The Force, Investigating A Corrupt Police Officer, He Has To Accept This Time, Though, He S Going To Have To Face His Demons And Work Out Who To Trust When The Truth Is Guarded By His Own Colleagues. The Bad Cop It Was Supposed To Be The Perfect Crime They Knew The System Well Enough To Beat It And Get Away With Murder But They Didn T Know Detective Carter, And How Far A Man Will Go When He Has Nothing Left To LoseTheir Last Breath Is The Gripping New Thriller Perfect For Fans Of Line Of Duty, From The Bestselling Author Of Duplicity And Into The Darkness.

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10 thoughts on “Their Last Breath

  1. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice* says:

    EXCERPT I smile as I take in the room There is a bed in the centre A doorway to a small bathroom to my right There are curtains at the window, which are closed And thenI am confused There is a chain attached to the wall with a cuff on one end I turn to look at him, my eyes wide What is But I do not get to finish He pushes me roughly forwards I stumble and stagger until I fall face forward onto the bed His weight is on top of me, and I think he will rape me I scream, but my voice is muffled between the mattress and the sheets I feel his body jerking Then I feel something cold and hard wrapped around my wrist When his weight lifts away I look at the cuff on my arm What No I cry But he is already backing out of the room No I twist around on the bed and look at him, tears in my eyes, my stomach as cold as the winter desert winds Please come back ABOUT THIS BOOK Detective Carter knows all about torture but he s never known a case as dark as this one.The Six An abandoned building goes up in flames Six women are chained inside and left to die the truth is left to burn with them Only one piece of evidence remains, but will it be enough to find their killer The Detective Retired detective Warren Carter has been suffocated by grief for his wife and is looking for a new start But when he gets a call that cuts to the heart of the force, investigating a corrupt police officer, he has to accept This time, though, he s going to have to face his demons and work out who to trust when the truth is guarded by his own colleagues.The Bad Cop It was supposed to be the perfect crime they knew the system well enough to beat it and get away with murder But they didn t know Detective Carter, and how far a man will go when he has nothing left to lose MY THOUGHTS Sibel Hodge has written another winner Despite a bit of a slow start, I was soon immersed in this multi faceted story that kept me off balance right to the end.The story is told mainly from the point of view of Detective Warren Carter, brought out of retirement to run an investigation for Professional Standards His methods of working are definitely unorthodox to the point where, should some of his procedures be discovered, he would be out of a job He fights for what is right, and bugger the politics and consequences.Hodge has written in the past about human trafficking, and it is something she does very well This time she combines the refugee crisis with another, the increasingly common problem of infertility This is a topical and engaging piece of fiction that has strong roots in reality TheirLastBreath NetGalley .5THE AUTHOR Sibel Hodge is the author of the 1 Bestsellers Look Behind You, Untouchable, and Duplicity Her books have sold over one million copies and are international bestsellers in the UK, USA, Australia, France, Canada and Germany She writes in an eclectic mix of genres, and is a passionate human and animal rights advocate.DISCLOSURE Thank you to Publishing UK via NetGalley for providing a digital ARC of Their Last Breath by Sibel Hodge for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions For an explanation of my rating system, please refer to my profile, or the about page on This review and others is also published on Twitter, and my webpage

  2. Sue says:

    THEIR LAST BREATH is a gripping new thriller by bestselling author Sibel Hodge, author of Duplicity and Into The Darkness.Gillian Lane arrived home earlier than expected from a business trip and must have disturbed the killer A light was left on upstairs, that her husband Neal always left on to deter burglars Her husband, Neal and an unknown woman, had been brutally killed in the house On the side wall was a message DIE PIGGY DIE Gillian was confronted by a person, dressed in black wearing a balaclava She ran for her life, fleeing the scene, but was hit by a vehicle and was sent to hospital with a concussion.In the early morning, the fire department received a call from a woman reporting a fire at Brampton Hospital Inside the property, they discovered six women held captive in individual rooms, locked in and chained to the walls Only one survivor, and she was taken to the hospital, unconscious The last woman had a warrant card next to her body Windows had been boarded up HAYAT was scored in the floor, with the edge of the warrant card Six women left to die.Retired Detective Sergeant Warren Carter suffered from insomnia after the death of his wife, and was looking for a new start when he gets a call to investigate a corrupt police officer, he has to accept But who can he trust Detective Carter is an excellent investigator, having worked on some complex cases His methods were unorthodox, thinking outside the box, but they worked for him.Are these two cases linked This was a well written fast paced police procedural, with a believable plot, and memorable characters which I was unable to put down Looking forward that this will be the beginning of a gripping series.Many thanks to the author for my digital copy.

  3. Mandy White says:

    Their Last Breath by Sibel Hodge is a dark police procedural that keeps you guessing I am a big fan of this author and jumped at the chance to read her latest book She is absolutely a go to writer for me This one was a little slower than usual but I still really enjoyed it Great characters with a twisty story.There are some familiar characters in this story but it is definitely a stand alone We see the return of Warren Carter out of retirement when 2 murder cases have the teams working overtime There is the murder of 6 women in an abandoned house fire and the murder for a couple who are tied up in their home Are the 2 cases connected Why was a police warrant card found at one murder scene This is a story of police corruption and human trafficking at its darkest Not for the faint of heart.Thanks to Publishing and Netgalley for my advanced copy of this book to read All opinions are my own and are in no way biased.

  4. Mark says:

    Sibel Hodge is an author who you know when you pick up one of her books it s going to be also know that there will be a on point, relevant theme Their Last Breath is no differentA sturdy police procedural that cleverly tells the story of 2 separate murder investigations, 1 a brutal double killing, the other a fire where 6 women, chained up, are killedEnter Detective Carter fans will know him from Duplicity and Into the Darkness retired but now back in action and Detective Harris, fans will remember her from The Disappeared who cover the cases, separately at first is there a link, what is the link and is their a possibility, disgusting as it is to believe that the baddies in these cases are actually working for the goodies All this is woven into the story of a young girl desperate to leave a Syrian refugee campMore than that and its so difficult in reviews not to give things away I am saying no It is a well told, dark, informative and procedure packed story that held my interest throughout and with all the authors books gave food for thought on a subject we try to pretend isn t happening As expected the writing is geared to the reader, explains all parts of the story excellently and is story telling, based on the world at its bestIf you love Sibel s previous work you will again love this and if you have never read one of her books this is a fab one to start with10 10.5 Stars

  5. Linda Strong says:

    Six women were chained inside an abandoned building and left to die when the building burned down Next to one body was the charred remains of a policeman s warrant card.Retired Warren Carter is given the chance to come back to work in order to investigate this crime that involves a corrupt police officer But who can he trust Meanwhile, a man and woman were tortured then killed in the man s home When the wife comes home, she finds their bodies tied to chairs and a man wearing a balaclava who then chases her out the house until she runs in front of a moving car.It s when the two cases start merging that Carter is aware that he must step outside the box to bring justice to all these victims.This is a well written thriller filled with non stop action a real page turner The characters have been carefully structured as to be credible The story premise is solid and I m hoping this points to another book in the near future featuring Carter.Many thanks to the author TBC Reviewer Request Group Publishing UK Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

  6. Pauline says:

    Detective Carter is brought out of retirement to help with the investigation into an building where six women are left to die in a fire.There is also another murder investigation that may be linked to this case.A police procedural story that keeps you guessing.Thank you to NetGalley and Publishing for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

  7. Louise Wilson says:

    Retired Detective Carter is still in mourning for his wife and wondering what to do with all the spare time he now has when he gets a phone call from his old boss He s asked to investigate the deaths of six women who were chained to the wall of a building that had gone up in flames A police officers warrant card had been found at the scene Then they realise another Detective working on a separate case, could be connected.The characters are complex I this in this well written, fast paced police procedural that I found hard to put down I just needed to know what had happened A story of human trafficking and corruption in the police force The two crime stories are woven beautifully together seamlessly The story is told from Carter and Harris s point of view, but we also get told a heartbreaking story from a woman called Hay I did figure out some of the story but this never spoils it for me With plenty of twists, this story had me on the edge of my seat I could not read it quickly enough.I would like to thank Netgalley, Publishing Uk and the author Sibel Hodge for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  8. The Cats’ Mother says:

    Their Last Breath is a well written police procedural set in Southern England by a new author to me, but one whose name I was familiar with It is mainly told from the perspective of detective Warren Carter, but other chapters follow DS Becky Harris both of the characters have appeared in earlier books but confusingly this was not billed as a series.When the bodies of six women are found in an isolated abandoned hospital, and a force warrant card is found on site, the Caroline Barker, chief of the Professional Standards Department who investigate suspected police corruption cases asks Carter to come out of retirement to help Grieving for his wife, and guilt ridden over his secret role in a previous case, he agrees, but as he discovers what happened to the victims he is determined to seek justice for them Meanwhile his former colleague Becky risks her marriage to the increasingly impatient Ian, when she investigates the murder of a man at home, with a woman who is not his wife, in identical circumstances to a previous case, but something tells her this is not a serial killer her new boss insists.The plot raises the plight of Syrian refugees trapped in massive camps in Jordan who have lost everything and will do anything to escape, leaving them completely vulnerable to despicable exploitation We meet Hayat, a young woman whose whole family are dead, telling her story to a journalist as she dreams of working as a hotel maid in the UK Quite a lot of harrowing information is woven in without becoming preachy or detracting from the story The author is clearly knowledgeable on this subject and has written other books about it While we hear a lot generally about people trafficking, the particularly sinister fate of these women was something new to me, but felt plausible.I liked Carter as a hero but found the repeated mentions if his previous case frustrating, as had I known that there was a previous book Into the Darkness I would ve made time to read that first, but by the time I got to it my review was already overdue I don t like reading series out of order although do plan to read the earlier one as I m intrigued by the Vigilante character Similarly Becky s situation would ve made sense if I d read her prior book, The Disappeared I also wanted to find out the significance of the writing on the wall in both cases, it s unclear whether this was explained in a previous book.This story does stand alone but I still think they should be labelled properly.This wasn t so much of a mystery and there are no major twists the identity of the baddies was heavily signposted from early on with some attempts at obfuscation but the suspense was mostly around how they would be caught and who would survive I liked the ending but felt some minor characters fates were left unresolved, like Gillian I assume we will meet Becky and Carter again so will eventually find out whether she told her grumpy husband to get lost.While it has dark themes, there was little overt violence and minimal swearing, and while terrible things have happened to the victims, we hear about it only in hindsight so it s not as gruesome as you might think from the blurb The story was well paced and the characters interesting Overall I enjoyed it and would be keen to read from this author My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc which allowed me to give an honest review, and apologies that it is a few days late Their Last Breath is available now.

  9. Jill McGill says:

    Review to Come

  10. peggy says:

    Each time I read a new book by this author I know that I am in for a real rollercoaster of a read A fire at a disused hospital is being investigated by the police In burnt out rooms they find young women chained by their ankle and the chained to the wall When removing the bodies a burnt warrant card is found near one of the women Retired Detective Warren Carter gets a phone call late at night asking for his help as the police suspect corruption they need to find out who and why and how far it reaches I was gripped from the first to the last page and finally turned the last page in the wee hours A DARK tale of trafficking, what these women were used for was abhorrent and shocking The depth of depravity these people are willing to go made me angry I spent most of this read sat on the edge of my seat and tapping my kindle faster and faster Another five star read from this amazing storyteller A definite MUST READ and so highly recommended I would like to thank the author, Publishing UK and Netgalley for the ARC in return for giving an honest review.