Peggy of the Cove

[Read] ➬ Peggy of the Cove ➵ Ivan Fraser –
  • Paperback
  • 124 pages
  • Peggy of the Cove
  • Ivan Fraser
  • English
  • 25 January 2019
  • 9780973687224

About the Author: Ivan Fraser

Ivan Fraser is an established artist and photographer born and raised in Nova Scotia His latest endeavors include writing a song and authoring books about a little girl who became known as Peggy Of The Cove after surviving a shipwreck It s his desire that Peggy touches your heart as you read about her life from being shipwrecked, taken into a new home and ultimately discovering who she really

Peggy of the CovePeggy Of The Cove Is The Legend Of A Young Girl Who Was The Only Survivor Of A Shipwreck At Halibut Rock, Nova Scotia In The Mid S Live Through Her Ordeal From Storm To Shipwreck To Rescue During The Terrible Storm Discover How Peggy S Cove Was Named Also Available Is An Illustrated Version Of The Story With Stunning Full Colour Drawings By David Preston Smith

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10 thoughts on “Peggy of the Cove

  1. Cabiria Aquarius says:

    This was a splendid little tale of Peggy of the Cove It s close to home as I have family in Nova Scotia and have visited Peggy s Cove many times I love it there I loved the story of Peggy though I have found some grammatical and spelling errors But also I was a little confused as one chapter spoke of Christmas and the following chapter spoke of Halloween a few weeks after she arrived to the family so I m assuming it meant the Halloween before the Christmas spoken of in the chapter before Besides those the story was wonderful and touching I loved it.

  2. Reba says:

    So, my mom and sister were in Canada this summer, and came across this author, and this story They are amazing doll faces, and were thinking about me, so they brought it for me I have just started it today, and it s funny how unfamiliar I am with first person narration It s a bit of an adjustment in my reading style Not unpleasant, just different.This doesn t really read like a cohesive narrative, a story in sequential order It s almost as if each chapter is a little vignette of life in this small village in Nova Scotia It reminds me a little of L.M Montgomery s books.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Peggy touches your heart as you read about her life from being shipwrecked, taken into a new home and ultimately discovering who she really is I found this book was about the local gossip that was told to Peggy than about her life itself view spoiler Also maybe Peggy does ultimately discover who she really is but that isn t relayed on to the reader, which I found was disappointing We are lead on with the fact Peggy can t remember much of her past, hoping that means we will find out later on as to who she really is aka who she was before No by the end we are just as clueless as the beginning except a faint memory has awakened in her which doesn t get explained Very frustrating hide spoiler

  4. Pat Williams says:

    I visited Peggy s Cove, a tiny community on the edge of Nova Scotia Beautiful spot I bought this book after driving past the author s home, which is painted in a mural of the cove itself I wanted to like this book, because I find the author and all his enthusiasm remarkable Ivan Fraser is an artist and has wonderful paintings to his name The problem is that he writes on a 5th grade level Obviously a self published book I got half way through and decided to stop wasting my time.

  5. Susie Pozzobon says:

    Sadly, I don t think it will let me give this book zero stars It was a cute idea but it written very poorly I think my 11 year old could have written this book While the opening sequence of the storm and the lone survivor of the shipwreck was quite exciting the rest is just a choppy mess of stories , most of which are not even all that clever or interesting.

  6. Peg says:

    Good stories bad writing