Strength & Compassion: Photographs and Essays

[KINDLE] ❥ Strength & Compassion: Photographs and Essays ➛ Eric Greitens –
  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Strength & Compassion: Photographs and Essays
  • Eric Greitens
  • English
  • 10 February 2018
  • 9780971007802

About the Author: Eric Greitens

Strength and Compassion , grew from his humanitarian work His doctoral thesis, Children First, investigated the ways in which international humanitarian organizations can best serve war affected children He has worked as a humanitarian volunteer, documentary photographer, and researcher in Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, the Gaza Strip, Croatia, and Bolivia.

Strength & Compassion: Photographs and EssaysThis Collection Brings Together The Best Of Eric Greitens Award Winning International Humanitarian Photography Work With A Striking Series Of Essays Engaging Photographs From Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, The Gaza Strip, Croatia, And Bolivia Are Combined With Bold, Intelligent Essays On Strength, Pity, Dignity, Courage, Faith, Time, Hope, And Compassion Though The Photographs For This Book Were Taken In Different Countries And Amid Different Struggles, A Common Theme Emerges Even In Times Of Great Hardship And In The Face Of Great Evil, People With Strength And Compassion Can Live With Courage.

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10 thoughts on “Strength & Compassion: Photographs and Essays

  1. Tammy says:

    Published in 2008 long before Eric Greitens became the Governor of Missouri, this title not only shows the reader some of his award winning photography, but also gives you a glimpse into how he views the world and all of its people and the experiences that led him to this viewpoint As the title implies he believes that one needs both strength and compassion to not only be a good leader and person, but in some cases just to survive horrible events The photos are from his research and documentary photography work with children and families in Rwanda, Albania, Mexico, India, Croatia, Bolivia, and Cambodia and even though some show the horrible side of humanity there is also hope Awards New York Book Festival, Winner for Photography and Grand Prize WinnerForeword Magazine Book of the Year, Gold Medal for Photography2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Winner for PhotographySilver Medalist for the Nautilus Book Awards for Art Photog...

  2. Mario says:

    A sincere portrait of humanity The photos are stunning and the essays are enlightening.

  3. Emylie says:

    I felt like this was a lighter version of The Heart and The Fist I liked it, but I wanted pictures and essaysmaybe I ll re read his other book

  4. Jennifer says:

    Amazing photographs.

  5. Stina says:

    Book 46 for 2018Old Firehouse Books Summer Bingo Square A Book of NonfictionThe Messy Middle Summer Reading Challenge A book by someone you might not spiritually agree withGoodreads Summer Reading Challenge Won t Be Long Read a collection of short stories or essaysBooks Inter Alia A book that challenges your opinion that Eric Greitens is a piece of shit While I Was Reading Read a book written by an author from the state where you grew upAbandoned Book Rescue A book you didn t want to read in the first placeBetter World Books A book by a politician not in officeYes, I sought this out specifically to celebrate the resignation of Eric Greitens from the Missouri governorship No, I didn t actually want to read it But it did turn out to be interesting in some ways I ll start out with the text, some of which was contributed by Paul Rusesabagina and Bobby Muller Rusesabagina s foreword made me realize that I know practically nothing about the Rwandan genocide I really need to do something about that I wonder if Hotel Rwanda is where I should start, or if I should work up to that As far as I can tell, Rusesabagina and Muller who wrote the introduction and is a Vietnam vet and a pacifist are genuine good guys and haven ...