Sojourn in Calidia

[Download] ➾ Sojourn in Calidia  Author Niama Leslie Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 180 pages
  • Sojourn in Calidia
  • Niama Leslie Williams
  • English
  • 13 May 2019
  • 9781435726789

About the Author: Niama Leslie Williams listen to her audiobooks at or read the latest of her personal story at

Sojourn in Calidia She S On The Run And She Doesn T Quite Know Who Is Pursuing Is It The Man With The Unrecognizable Face The Boy With The Eyes That Terrify The Man Dressed As A Campesino Who Doubles As The Interrogator S Assistant Who IS Pursuing Cassie Daniels And What Is Her Real Mission In Calido Sojourn In Calidia Takes Us Through Urban Landscape, Steamy Jungle And A Variety Of Human Consciousnesses Some Of Which We Hope Never To See Again As We Tease Out This Young Black Woman S Journey In A Land Not Of Her Birth But Definitely Of Her Spirit

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9 thoughts on “Sojourn in Calidia

  1. Jade says:

    I received this book for free through First Reads I want to be kind to this book, I do It has a Black, mentally ill woman as a main protagonist It talks about spies and uprisings Its premise has a lot going for it And yet.I haven t read enough self published books to say this with complete certainty, but I feel like this one is particularly riddled with spelling and punctuation mistakes, as well as inconsistencies in the italicisations and Spanish spelling is it Adan or Ad n It s hard to get into a book when you re constantly being pulled out of it by battle instead of bottle or solder instead of soldier, to quote only these two It doesn t help when you ve already got the impression to be reading a third draft instead of a finished novel.See, I get the impression that the plot was very clear in the author s mind when she wrote this She knew exaclty who each character was, she probably saw them in her mind But it didn t get through to me There are very few descriptions of the characters physical appearance, of the rooms they re in, of the cities and towns and forests and deserts they go through so you re left to imagine everything, and it s hard not to get everything mixed up when you have so little to go on This is to the point that when descriptions are made, you wonder why they re even ...

  2. Nita says:

    I am so intrigue about being one of Ruiz s , and wondering if there s something like that in such country. I am also kinda confused with the ending, I m expecting a different one and it seems there s a sequel and book 2 for the continuation of the end...

  3. gemsbooknook Geramie Kate Barker says:

    Won this Through Goodreads First Read.Not sure what to say I just couldn t get into it I didn t feel connected to any of the characters I feel that I was trying to play catch up, the book was moving to fast...

  4. Consuelo Murgia says:

    I was literally captivated by the plot of this book The Latin American guerrilla setting reminded me of old movies from the past decades and the hint to a possible real illicit relationship that may have inspired part of the story is really intriguing